Rivian’s Latest Update Breaks The EV's Infotainment Display

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The EV shaper owned up to its mistake, but a hole isn't going to beryllium easy.

Rivian R1S successful metallic parked connected ungraded successful beforehand of a lakeTyler Hayes / How-To Geek

We person immoderate bad news if you're nan proud proprietor of nan Rivian R1T electrical motortruck aliases R1S SUV. This week, Rivian released a insignificant package update that collapsed nan infotainment display, and there's nary easy hole successful sight.

The update successful question, package type 2023.42, started rolling retired connected Monday, November 13th. Unfortunately, nan institution fat-fingered nan keyboard and thing went wrong, which bricked nan screens and systems for nan R1S and R1T. Rivian's VP of package confirmed nan rumor connected Reddit and shared a fewer different specifications for owners.

Rivian's package update has since been pulled and is nary longer going retired to vehicles, and it'll resume erstwhile a hole is successful place. However, we don't cognize erstwhile that'll happen. While cars are still operational, nan infotainment show goes wholly black, cutting disconnected entree to respective cardinal options, settings, and personification controls.

For example, successful galore electrical vehicles (including some Rivian models), nan infotainment show gives you entree to nan ambiance controls and heater. Thankfully, Electrek reports that owners tin alteration those pinch nan app until Rivian tin hole nan grounded package update. The fantabulous news is that backup cameras, doorway locks, and move signals still work, truthful you tin thrust nan conveyance without worry.

Here's nan latest update from Rivian, "The rumor impacts nan infotainment system. In astir cases, nan remainder of nan conveyance systems are still operational. A conveyance reset aliases slumber rhythm will not lick nan issue. We are validating nan champion options to reside nan rumor for nan impacted vehicles. Our customer support squad is prioritizing support for our customers related to this issue. Thank you."

Currently, we're unsure really Rivian plans to resoluteness nan situation. The institution suggested that it whitethorn require a beingness fix, meaning affected owners whitethorn request to return vehicles to a work center. Obviously, pinch those fewer and acold between, that's surely not ideal.

Rivian said it'll beryllium contacting customers, and we expect different update successful nan coming days. If Rivian tin push an over-the-air (OTA) update that would beryllium ideal, but we'll person to hold and see.

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