Repairing Your iPhone 15 Pro is Going to Be Much Cheaper

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No much paying respective 100 bucks connected surgery glass.

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Apple has been making immoderate much-needed improvements to nan iPhone repair experience. Last year, nan institution made wide-ranging improvements to nan iPhone 14's hardware creation make it much repairable, a move that signaled that Apple was starting to actually attraction astir easier iPhone repairs. Now, nan institution has made moreover much improvements to nan iPhone 15 Pro — and arsenic a consequence of these caller improvements, charismatic repairs done Apple are much, overmuch cheaper.

Apple has touted that nan caller iPhone 15 Pro is overmuch easier to repair acknowledgment to a "new soul chassis architecture" that simplifies nan replacement of nan backmost glass. This alteration is besides reflected successful nan costs of charismatic repairs, truthful nan reduced complexity successful backmost solid repairs is passed onto you arsenic sizeable savings. For nan iPhone 15 Pro, repairing damaged backmost solid now comes astatine a costs of $169, while nan larger 15 Pro Max exemplary is priced astatine $199 for nan aforesaid repair. These prices are identical to those for replacing nan backmost solid connected nan iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 15, and 15 Plus models, each of which stock nan aforesaid removable solid back. In contrast, nan iPhone 14 Pro's backmost solid costs $499 to repair, while nan iPhone 14 Pro Max's backmost solid is $549.

And if you want to salary for an AppleCare+ scheme for your iPhone, nan complaint is importantly reduced to conscionable $29 for backmost solid replacement if needed. The repair costs without AppleCare+ mightiness still beryllium seen arsenic a small connected nan costly side, but $169 is much, overmuch amended than $499.

Apple precocious decided to support nan Right to Repair Act measure successful California, and betwixt this and nan cheaper iPhone repairs it looks for illustration nan institution is moving towards becoming little dispute towards hardware repairs. The California measure ensures that manufacturers supply nan basal parts and devices for customers and third-party repair providers to hole products, marking a important measurement toward greater instrumentality repairability. But successful opposition to nan affirmative developments regarding iPhone repairs, Apple has raised nan value of artillery replacements for its Apple Watch lineup. Previously priced astatine $79, replacing an Apple Watch artillery now costs $99.

If you're getting an iPhone 15 Pro, you tin remainder easy knowing that repairs won't wholly break nan bank.

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