Remember LimeWire? It's just bought one of the most popular free AI art generators

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Examples of AI creation connected nan BlueWIllow homepage
(Image credit: BlueWillow)

Say nan sanction ‘LimeWire’ to web users of a definite procreation and it’ll conjure up memories of pirated movies and forbidden euphony downloads. 

All that changed successful 2022, erstwhile LimeWire was revived arsenic a music-based NFT platform, pinch nan institution seeking to go a creators’ studio. 

Now, it's gone 1 measurement further successful that goal, pinch nan firm’s caller owners buying up celebrated AI creation generator BlueWillow.  

What does this mean for contented creators? 

Compared to nan likes of Midjourney, BlueWillow is simply a caller kid connected nan block. Founded successful January 2023, it’s already proved a celebrated prime for AI artists chiefly acknowledgment to its committedness to accessible AI creation technology.  

The level itself is somewhat different to galore text-to-image AI generators. As an aggregator of aggregate AI models, it tests various diffusion models, including Stable Diffusion, to find nan apical models for a user’s prompts. It besides maintains a dense beingness connected its Discord server, wherever organization members stock images and ideas. 

Don’t expect that to alteration pinch nan LimeWire acquisition. For now, it seems nan scheme is to let BlueWillow to proceed flourishing connected Discord, while integrating nan instrumentality into LimeWire Studio. 

LimeWire's AI creation studio

(Image credit: LimeWire)

LimeWire already includes a contented creation abstraction connected its website. In its Explore section, users tin bargain music, videos, and images generated by artificial intelligence. Creators tin group up rank subscriptions for fans and waste their creations connected nan site.

According to nan company, “Every station you stock connected LimeWire automatically becomes a integer collectible for each of your subscribers to own. If you person 300 subscribers, each station will dwell of 300 integer collectibles. As your fans waste and acquisition your collectibles, you gain a 2.5% royalty interest connected each resale.” That NFT origin, then, is clear, pinch each alleged collectibles minted connected nan blockchain, though nan BlueWillow buy-out is thought to beryllium portion of nan company’s plans to displacement its main attraction distant from non-fungible tokens while broadening its user-base..

However, dip into nan AI Studio conception of nan tract and users tin besides create their ain content. For now, only text-to-image generators are available, pinch nan action to prime different AI-powered models, including BlueWIllow. Video and Audio creations are said to beryllium coming soon.

It’s not yet known really overmuch nan institution paid for BlueWillow - though what is clear is that members of nan BlueWillow squad won’t beryllium joining LimeWire. How that impacts nan AI graphic creation software (and its existent pricing model) aft nan modulation play remains to beryllium seen.

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