Prime Big Deal Days: How to avoid scams and shop safely during Amazon’s next big sale

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If you were aft immoderate awesome deals and missed retired during Prime Day this year, you’re successful luck arsenic Amazon will clasp different large income arena connected October 10 and 11 called Prime Big Deal Days.

While we expect to spot prices slashed connected nan best TVs and laptops arsenic good arsenic connected Amazon’s ain Kindle and Echo devices, a ample waste for illustration this 1 will apt pull scammers arsenic well. In fact, Amazon is already informing customers astir nan kinds of scams and threats they request to look retired for up of its Prime Big Deal Days.

From phishing to impersonation scams, cybercriminals employment a number of different strategies to instrumentality shoppers into providing them pinch their individual and financial information. This is why you request to beryllium particularly observant erstwhile shopping online during Prime Day, Black Friday and different large income events.

Whether you’re an avid online shopper aliases conscionable looking to prime up a fewer early presents for nan holidays during Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days adjacent month, present are a fewer things you request to watch retired for on pinch immoderate ways you tin thief others if you do travel crossed a scam.

Watch retired for phishing attempts

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One of nan easiest ways for scammers to get your attraction is pinch a matter connection aliases email astir an bid you supposedly placed. This useful a batch for illustration nan PayPal invoice scams we’ve seen successful nan past and unpaid invoices are often utilized arsenic a lure by cybercriminals.

This connection mightiness incorporate a malicious link that takes you to a tract spreading malware aliases location whitethorn moreover beryllium a support telephone number that you request to telephone to clear up nan matter. However, if you do determine to telephone nan scammers directly, they’ll effort to get arsenic overmuch accusation retired of you arsenic imaginable for illustration your email address, Amazon password aliases possibly moreover your Social Security number.

According to a blog post, clone bid confirmations accounted for much than 50% of each of nan Amazon impersonation scams reported by its customers past year. While it’s easy to deliberation you wouldn’t autumn for thing for illustration this, nan cybercriminals down these scams effort to instill a sense of urgency successful their messages truthful that imaginable victims fto their emotions get nan amended of them.

When determining whether aliases not an email really came from Amazon aliases immoderate different institution for that matter, location are immoderate red flags you want to look retired for. These see pronunciation and grammar mistakes but you besides want to cautiously inspect nan sender’s email reside to spot if it’s legitimate. For instance, Amazon wouldn’t email you from a Gmail aliases Outlook reside and would alternatively usage an email that ends pinch “”.

For immoderate much tips connected really to show whether aliases not an email, telephone telephone aliases matter connection really came from Amazon, cheque retired this support document straight from nan company.

Scammers emotion gift cards

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Gift cards tin beryllium convenient erstwhile you don’t cognize what to get immoderate for a coming but they’re conscionable arsenic convenient for scammers who efficaciously usage them arsenic cash. We’ve seen plentifulness of gift paper scams successful caller years and they each activity fundamentally nan aforesaid way.

Instead of paying for an point online utilizing cash, a scammer will effort to person you to acquisition gift cards to salary instead. From here, they’ll person you supply nan gift card’s declare codification by phone, matter connection aliases email, but alternatively of getting your item, you’re near pinch thing astatine all.

You tin find much accusation connected communal gift paper scams connected this support page from Amazon but nan wide gist is this: if personification asks you to salary for an point utilizing gift cards, don’t do it. Besides Amazon, this is thing you’re going to want to watch retired for astatine each online shop you shop at.

Search for nan woody yourself

There are going to beryllium immoderate awesome deals to beryllium had during Prime Big Deal Days and we’ll beryllium covering each of them astatine Tom’s Guide. However, scammers often usage large income events for illustration this 1 to instrumentality users pinch deals that are excessively bully to beryllium true.

They whitethorn acquisition ads connected Google aliases make fake posts connected societal media arsenic a measurement to instrumentality shoppers into clicking connected malicious links aliases sending complete their individual information. This is why I ever urge that if you spot a bully woody online, whether it’s connected a website aliases connected societal media, you should spell look for nan woody yourself alternatively of conscionable clicking connected a nexus that personification other posted. If nan woody is real, you’ll beryllium capable to find it and if it’s not, you tin remainder easy knowing you didn’t autumn for a scam.

Amazon and nan BBB are present to help

If you’re shopping connected Prime Big Deal Days and travel crossed an point aliases thing other suspicious, you tin ever interaction Amazon straight done nan Amazon app aliases connected nan company’s website. 

The ecommerce elephantine has besides collaborated pinch nan Better Business Bureau (BBB) to supply its customers pinch a searchable Scam Tracker. You tin usage this locator to spot whether aliases not thing you find online is simply a scam but you tin besides study immoderate scams you find to thief others debar them.

Shop smart if you don’t want to get scammed

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Hopefully these tips and tricks tin thief you enactment safe during adjacent month’s Prime Big Deal Days arsenic good arsenic during Black Friday, Cyber Monday and different large income events. There’s thing to beryllium said astir getting a awesome woody connected an point that’s been connected your wish database for immoderate clip but falling unfortunate to a scam for illustration nan ones described supra tin lead to cybercriminals emptying your wallet aliases worse, identity theft. This is why you ever request to beryllium observant erstwhile shopping online and erstwhile checking your inbox aliases matter messages. 

Cybercriminals and scammers are perpetually evolving their strategies and we’ll apt spot caller ones utilized this vacation season. However, if you support a level caput and don’t unreserved to click connected links from chartless senders, you should beryllium capable to decorativeness your vacation shopping without putting yourself astatine risk.

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