Prepare for Winter with LEGO's Alpine Lodge Set

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Alpine Lodge is nan latest summation to LEGO's Winter Village Collection.

The LEGO Alpine Lodge group pinch minifigures.LEGO

We're still a fewer months from nan vacation season, but LEGO is swooping successful pinch a caller summation to its Winter Village Collection. The snowy Alpine Lodge set contains respective abstracted structures, including a ample woody cabin, an outhouse, a Christmas character market, and a snowmobile. While this group is reasonably complicated, LEGO says that it's "perfect to build arsenic a family," arsenic adults tin activity connected nan ample parts while children tackle nan smaller stuff. The Alpine Lodge goes connected waste October 4th for $100, though LEGO Insiders tin bid it connected October 1st.

LEGO's Alpine Lodge contains 1,517 individual pieces, including 5 minifigs pinch a batch of personality. This set's defining characteristic is nan ample woody cabin, which contains a bar, a Christmas tree, a fireplace, 2 impermanent rooms, and a balcony. A light-up ceramic wrong of nan lodge adds an other touch of wintertime charm and tin beryllium activated by pressing a fastener connected nan chimney.

The different elements successful this group are a batch smaller than nan cabin. Still, they're amazingly detailed. LEGO made judge to capable nan marketplace and outhouse pinch snow, trees, and mini details, specified arsenic an abandoned brace of skis. And, for a spot of communicative flair, nan snowmobile tin resistance Christmas trees from nan marketplace to different parts of nan set. There are besides respective mini items for nan minifigs to interact with, specified arsenic a gift box, a lucky stick, a cat, and a skis set.

Kids are judge to bask nan LEGO Alpine Lodge set, truthful agelong arsenic you thief pinch assembly. But this and different Winter Village Collection sets are marketed to adults—it's for illustration an up-to-date type of those aged porcelain Christmas Village collectibles. The only downside to these holiday-themed sets is that they request to beryllium put distant and reassembled each twelvemonth (if you're emotion bold, you tin debar disassembling this group by shoving it into 1 of those vacation popcorn tins pinch immoderate leftover wrapping paper).

Again, LEGO's Alpine Lounge costs $100 and goes connected waste October 4th. Join LEGO Insiders for free if you want to bid nan Alpine Village 3 days early (and gain a flurry of gifts and rewards). Alpine Lounge is 1 of galore sets successful LEGO's Winter Village Collection, truthful if you're interested, beryllium judge to cheque retired Santa's Visit and Holiday Main Street.

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