Planar Magnetic vs. Dynamic Headphones: What's the Difference, and What Should You Buy?

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Key Takeaways

  • Planar magnetic headphones connection highly meticulous audio reproduction pinch elaborate and meticulous sound crossed nan wave spectrum.
  • Dynamic headphones, while little precise, tin still nutrient outstanding sound pinch impactful bass and a lush midrange.
  • Planar magnetic headphones require much powerfulness and thin to beryllium larger and heavier, but advancements successful comfortableness person made them much suitable for agelong listening sessions. Dynamic headphones are much portable and comfortable for extended use.

The headphone world is profoundly divided betwixt 2 driver technologies: planar magnetic and dynamic. Both tin nutrient fantabulous sound, but they do truthful successful very different ways. So, which type sounds amended and is correct for you?

How Planar Magnetic Headphones Work

Audeze LCD-5 Headphones pinch case

First, let's look astatine nan technology powering each type of headphone driver.

Planar magnetic headphones usage a bladed diaphragm pinch an embedded conductive furniture pinch a back-and-forth shape (like nan sound coil successful a move driver). This diaphragm is suspended betwixt 2 powerful neodymium magnets, 1 connected each side. The electrical audio awesome flows done nan conductive furniture connected nan diaphragm. Interacting pinch nan magnetic section creates magnetic forces that origin nan diaphragm to move backmost and distant and nutrient sound waves.

This planar magnetic driver gives much power complete nan diaphragm activity crossed nan full aboveground than accepted move drivers. This helps planar headphones nutrient elaborate and meticulous sound crossed nan wave spectrum.

How Dynamic Headphones Work

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In contrast, move headphones usage a thicker conical diaphragm attached to a sound coil coiled astir nan former. This sound coil and diaphragm assembly is suspended wrong a magnetic section created by a imperishable magnet. When an audio awesome flows done nan sound coil, it creates an electromagnetic section that reacts to nan magnet and causes nan coil and attached diaphragm to move backmost and forth, producing sound.

Unlike nan level planar diaphragm, nan conical style and materials utilized successful dynamics are little rigid and precise successful their movement. This tin perchance limit sohe audio fidelity compared to planar magnetic models. However, move exertion is acold simpler and little costly to manufacture astatine scale.

However, though we're comparing move and planar magnetic headphones, location are many different types of headphone drivers, each of which impact sound value differently.

Planar Magnetic vs. Dynamic: Comparing Sound Quality

When it comes to sound reproduction, planar magnetic headphones are legendary for their expertise to nutrient highly meticulous audio crossed nan full wave range. Their bladed diaphragm reacts lightning-fast to moreover subtle specifications successful nan music. The consequence an is unthinkable hold into nan sub-bass region pinch tight, textured debased frequencies alternatively than boomy bass. Mids and highs are revealing yet smooth, pinch lifelike vocals and sparkling highs.

For example, nan Audeze LCD-5 offers immoderate of nan flattest and astir linear wave consequence connected nan market. Many audiophiles see its reference-level midrange and treble detailibe unmatched by immoderate move headphone, backed up successful our Audeze LCD-5 review.

That said, well-engineered move headphones tin besides nutrient outstanding sound. Models for illustration nan Sennheiser HD650 leverage decades of acoustic investigation to present smooth, enjoyable sound for agelong listening sessions. While they can't lucifer nan low-frequency hold down to 10Hz that immoderate planar models achieve, they still supply impactful bass and a lush midrange. They whitethorn deficiency immoderate item and airiness compared to planar magnetic headphones, but nan wide listening acquisition is still superb.

When it comes to soundstage, planar magnetic headphones thin to person an advantage. Their open-back designs and precision diaphragms springiness a much spacious, 3D audio presentation. This allows for amended instrumentality separation and immersion successful nan operation compared to astir closed-back move options.

Planar Magnetic Power Requirements

Planar magnetic headphones often require much powthan to move headphones owed to their design. While move headphones tin typically beryllium driven efficaciously by devices pinch debased output, for illustration smartphones aliases MP3 players, planar magnetic models whitethorn request further amplification to scope their afloat potential.

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The ample diaphragm successful planar magnetic headphones needs a stronger existent to execute precise movements, which intends for optimal capacity (especially astatine higher volumes), galore planar magnetic headphones use from dedicated headphone amplifiers. You'll person to cheque nan headphone's impedance and sensitivity ratings to gauge circumstantial powerfulness needs.

That said, you tin often tally planar magnetic headphones and IEMs utilizing a regular audio output—they'll conscionable sound amended erstwhile fixed much powerfulness to activity nan larger magnets.

Planar Magnetic vs. Dynamic: Comfort Comparison

Due to their powerful magnets and open-back design, immoderate planar magnetic headphones are ample and heavy. For example, nan Hifiman Susvara weighs complete a pound. This tin make them uncomfortable for agelong listening sessions compared to much compact and lighter move headphones.

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However, immoderate planar magnetic models for illustration nan Dan Clark Audio AEON 2 connection specially engineered materials and headband suspension systems to offset their size. Memory foam earpads that mold astir nan receptor besides forestall hotspots and listening fatigue. Overall, planar magnetic headphones are overmuch much comfortable now versus earlier procreation options, moreover for hours-long captious listening.

You tin besides prime up planar magnetic IEMs. For example, our review of nan Audeze Euclid IEMs recovered that you still get an unthinkable scope of sound from a group of planar magnetics packed into a mini package.

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In contrast, smaller move headphones tin beryllium worn comfortably for an full workday. Their closed-back creation besides prevents sound from leaking out, making them suitable for usage successful public. However, immoderate listeners whitethorn acquisition receptor fatigue faster pinch closed move headphones versus open-back planar magnetic models that let much airflow.

Do Planar Magnetic aliases Dynamic Headphones Cost More?

There is simply a important value spread betwixt planar magnetic and comparable move headphones. Due to their magnet arrays, open-back design, and precision drivers, astir value planar magnetic headphones costs $500 to respective 1000 dollars. The Abyss Diana Phi and Hifiman Susvara are some astir $6,000, which is retired of scope for astir folks.

Conversely, astir flagship move headphones apical retired beneath $2,000. Popular high-end models for illustration nan Focal Utopia and Dan Clark Audio Aeon Noire costs astir $1,000-1,500. Audiophile move models tin still scope lofty prices but are obscurity adjacent their planar magnetic counterparts.

The value spread narrows a spot erstwhile looking astatine mid-range options. Planar models from companies for illustration Monoprice, Hifiman, Edifier, and Audeze driblet arsenic debased arsenic $150-400. This pits them against stalwart move models for illustration nan Sennheiser HD600 and Beyerdynamic DT1990. But you are still getting much precocious exertion for nan money pinch planar magnetic headphones successful this bracket.

Planar Magnetic vs. Dynamic: Which Should You Choose?

With specified different exertion and pricing, which is nan correct headphone type for you? Here are a fewer cardinal factors to consider:

  • If you prioritize sound value complete each else, planar magnetic headphones are nan summit. Their unmatched wave extension, detail, and soundstage create nan astir lifelike listening experience.
  • If you do a batch of captious listening astatine location and want reference-level headphones, planar magnetic is ideal.
  • Dynamic headphones make much consciousness if you worth portability, compact size, and a closed-back creation for recreation aliases agency use. Their smaller size and closed earcups are much discreet and isolate sound better.
  • If you want awesome sound astatine a much affordable fund beneath $500, high-performing move headphones springiness you fantabulous value for nan money.

There's nary universally superior technology. It comes down to your budget, preferred sound signature, and usage cases. But pinch their cutting-edge drivers, planar magnetic headphones correspond nan pinnacle of headphone audio—if you tin spend introduction into nan elite tier they occupy.

Just retrieve to beryllium gentle pinch your planar magnetic headphones. They're much vulnerable than a regular group of move headphones!

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