Pixel Watch 2 official as Google drops teaser video — what’s new

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Google’s October event induce is highly vague, simply promising an preamble to “the latest additions to our Pixel portfolio of devices.” But pinch nan iPhone 15 group to launch successful conscionable a fewer days' time, Google has decided to beryllium a spot much explicit, first by teasing nan Pixel 8 yesterday, and now pinch a short teaser for nan Pixel Watch 2.

“You’re successful for a bully time,” promises nan caption of nan 15-second teaser, which we’ve embedded below.

At a glance, you’d struggle to spot nan quality betwixt nan caller wearable and nan original Pixel Watch released past October, but location are subtle differences.  

The astir important of these are visible erstwhile we get a changeable of nan underside of nan watch. For starters, there’s a caller IP68 rating, which promises a tested level of particulate guidance alongside nan 5ATM h2o guidance offered by nan original model. 

But much significantly, nan array of sensors seems to person been redesigned. While location could beryllium immoderate number of reasons for this, it adds credence to the proposal that nan Pixel Watch 2 will inherit nan Fitbit Sense 2’s continuous electrodermal activity sensor for measuring stress.

Finally, nan crown appears smoother, much rounded, and a spot much flush to nan screen. 

Stress sensor aside, these whitethorn not look for illustration peculiarly compelling reasons to walk different $349 connected a smartwatch (even if moving information to your caller instrumentality should beryllium easier), but nan astir important changes whitethorn not beryllium visible to nan naked eye. 

As good arsenic packing immoderate very stylish-looking caller watch faces (which whitethorn aliases whitethorn not make it to nan original wearable), nan Pixel Watch 2 is rumored to athletics a importantly much modern processor. 

While nan original Pixel Watch trim corners pinch nan Exynos 9110 — a chipset that dates each nan measurement backmost to 2018 — nan sequel will reportedly travel pinch nan Snapdragon W5 that came retired conscionable past year. That should not only make nan watch consciousness a spot nipper successful day-to-day use, but besides thief reside nan Pixel Watch’s Achilles bottommost — a artillery life that struggles to spell a time without visiting nan charger unless you trim backmost connected features.

That’s unconfirmed for now, but each should beryllium revealed successful nether a month’s time. The adjacent Made By Google arena is scheduled for Wednesday 4 October, wherever nan caller watch will beryllium showcased alongside nan Pixel 8.

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