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Introduction to PHP formatter

In each programming language, we person a codification building that we request to follow, which maintains nan readability of nan codification to different developers. This is thing called coding modular successful general. Like different programming languages, we person galore online devices wherever we tin format our codification by applying immoderate styles to them. Formatter is thing but utilized to format our code, making it easy to understand and readable by nan caller programmers by pursuing nan coding modular of language. In this topic, we are going to study astir PHP formatter.

PHP Formatter

Table of Content
  • Introduction
  • What is simply a PHP formatter?
  • Importance of Code Formatting
  • Key Features of PHP Formatters
  • How does PHP formatter work?
  • Examples
  • Integrating PHP Formatters into Workflows
  • Popular PHP Formatters
  • Comparison of PHP Formatters
  • Choosing nan Right PHP Formatter
  • Benefits

What is simply a PHP formatter?

A PHP formatter is simply a package instrumentality aliases inferior that automatically applies accordant formatting rules to PHP codification to heighten readability and maintainability. It adheres to coding standards and guidelines for naming conventions, codification structure, and formatting. Following these standards ensures uniformity and easiness of understanding. Using a PHP formatter successful collaborative projects pinch aggregate developers provides a azygous codification appearance, minimizing conflicts caused by different coding styles and preferences. This makes codification reviews, debugging, and attraction easier.

Importance of Code Formatting

  • Enhanced Readability and Understanding: Appropriately system codification is easier to publication and understand. Consistent indentation, capable spacing, and clear statement make it easier for developers to understand nan logic and travel of nan codebase.
  • Efficient Code Reviews: Consistent formatting speeds up codification reviews. Reviewers tin ore connected logic and functionality alternatively of being distracted by formatting flaws. This expedites nan reappraisal process and results successful much useful feedback.
  • Reduced Debugging Time: Neatly formatted codification reduces nan chances of syntactical errors aliases hidden bugs caused by incorrect indentation aliases mismatched brackets. Developers walk little clip hunting for specified issues.
  • Unified Coding Style: Code formatting enforces a azygous coding style crossed nan team. This promotes a consciousness of cohesion and prevents codebase fragmentation caused by differing individual preferences.
  • Maintenance and Refactoring: It is easier to support and refactor well-formatted code. Changes tin beryllium done pinch confidence, knowing that accordant formatting reduces nan anticipation of introducing errors.
  • Codebase Scalability: Keeping a accordant formatting style becomes progressively difficult arsenic projects go larger. Well-formatted code, however, remains some manageable and easy to read, moreover arsenic nan codebase grows.
  • Onboarding New Team Members: New developers tin quickly grasp its building and logic if nan codebase is consistently formatted. This accelerates their integration into nan squad and increases their productivity.

Key Features of PHP Formatters

Here are nan cardinal features of PHP formatters:

1. Formatting Code

PHP formatters automatically format and shape PHP codification based connected predefined coding standards aliases customizable rules. Here’s really they work:

  • Indentation: PHP formatters modify nan indentation of codification blocks, statements, and nested structures. This ensures that nan codification wrong loops, conditionals, functions, and classes is decently aligned, making nan codification building much visually apparent.
  • Consistent Spacing: One of nan functions of these devices is to guarantee accordant spacing astir operators, parentheses, brackets, and different codification elements. They tin adhd aliases region spaces to support a readable and organized layout.
  • Line Breaks and Wrapping: PHP formatters insert statement breaks betwixt codification sections to forestall lines from becoming excessively long. Long usability calls aliases arrays are wrapped and aligned to beforehand a cleanable codification layout and forestall horizontal scrolling.


// Unformatted code if($condition){echo 'EDUCBA';} // Formatted code if ($condition) { echo 'EDUCBA'; }

2. Removing Unnecessary Whitespace

PHP formatters region unnecessary spaces, tabs, and statement breaks. This characteristic results successful a cleaner and much compact codebase:

  • Whitespace Trimming: We optimize abstraction usage by removing starring and trailing whitespace wrong lines done whitespace trimming.
  • Empty Line Handling: To make nan codification visually concise, we often destruct other blank lines betwixt codification segments done quiet statement handling.
  • Multiple Spaces and Tabs: To guarantee uniformity, formatters switch inconsistent spacing and tabs pinch a accordant number of spaces, frankincense avoiding aggregate spaces and tabs.


// Unformatted code if   ($condition)   { echo 'EDUCBA'; } // Formatted code if ($condition) { echo 'EDUCBA'; }

3. Enforcing Coding Standards

PHP formatters play an basal portion successful ensuring that coding practices are accordant crossed a codebase:

  • Standardized Styles: Formatters guarantee that codification follows a accordant style and building by adhering to coding standards specified arsenic PSR-1, PSR-2, aliases PSR-12.
  • Naming Conventions: Formatters amended codification clarity by enforcing accordant naming conventions for variables, functions, classes, and methods.
  • Coding Practices: Consistently applying rules related to power structures, comments, and codification statement encourages champion practices.


// Unformatted code function calc($n){return$n*$n;} // Formatted code function calculate($number) { return $number * $number; }

How does PHP formatter work?

We cognize that formatter is utilized to format our code, and online we tin find galore formatters. We tin either usage a visual studio for this aliases immoderate online formatter that provides bully support for PHP. First, we will spot really to format our codification utilizing Visual Studio and what settings to make this.

Visual Studio

Visual Studio provides bully support for PHP, wherever we tin format our codification by applying immoderate style, but we request to make immoderate settings into it. Using it, we tin execute bracket matching of methods aliases classes; we tin item syntax, region other space, and align nan codification wherever needed. In addition, it will unit america to travel nan due indentation and make our codification look much beautified and presentable to others.

The ocular workplace uses nan PHP linter to supply nan improvement. But to usage this, we person 3 different kinds of settings to power nan liner of PHP :

  • This mounting will trigger nan validation connected nan prevention of immoderate record wrong Visual Studio. This intends erstwhile we prevention nan file, past it will commencement validating. We tin besides disable this setting, but its default worth is onSave only. It tin trigger validation connected typing od codification aliases connected redeeming nan file. In astir of nan editors, it is typed only.
  • validate.enable: This key, we tin say, enables nan linter, and if we check, this is enabled by default successful nan editor.
  • validate.executable.path: This cardinal checks that wheatear nan executable of PHP is connected disk aliases not. It keeps connected monitoring that.

In Visual Studio, supply immoderate of nan disposable snippets for PHP to cheque this; we person a short-cut cardinal ctrl+space for illustration immoderate different editor wherever we tin spot nan disposable options.

Like nan ocular studio, we person galore different formatters disposable for PHP. Now we will talk astir nan online formatter, which tin beryllium easy utilized conscionable by copy-paste nan code. – This is nan online disposable formatter for amended understanding. This formatter provides 3 options to format our codification based connected various parameters. Let’s talk each of them successful detail:

  1. Input


This input parameter takes nan input and gives america immoderate output. This inputs our code, which we want to format according to a coding standard. It will region unnecessary spaces, unused packages, if any, and galore much options available. So, successful nan section, we will copy-paste nan codification we want to format.

  1. Style


As nan sanction suggests, it gives, aliases we tin say, adhd style to our codification aliases record and put its due format. In this section, we tin prime different types of styles for our code.

Indentation style: There are different types of styles disposable immoderate of them are mentioned below;

  • K&R style (One existent brace style)
  • Allman &style (BSD style)
  • Whitesmiths style
  • GNU-style
  • PEAR style

Starting Indentation: In this block, we tin springiness an integer value.

Indentation: In this block, we tin springiness worth arsenic an integer by default for PEAR style; it is 4.

Apart from this, we tin execute galore things for illustration connected brackets, move operations, functions, item keywords, and galore more.

  1. Output


This is nan past disposable tab, and it shows america nan output. It will incorporate each nan styles we person applied for a peculiar portion of codification while formatting it. So, from here, we tin transcript our codification and spot this into our workspace without further settings.

We tin download immoderate extensions from nan Visual Studio marketplace to format our codification arsenic needed. We tin besides usage 1 short cardinal for this (ctrl + displacement + X); this will database each nan disposable extensions. We conscionable request to select them retired based connected our key. For example, conscionable type successful ‘PHP,’ you will spot a database of each extensions and adhd them to your workspace.

The database of extensions disposable successful nan ocular workplace is arsenic follows to format our codification :

  • Code runner
  • Prettier
  • HTML CSS support
  • PHP IntelliSense

Examples of PHP formatter

Given beneath are nan examples of PHP formatter:

Example #1


<?php function  my_function($arg1,$arg2) { if($arg1   ==  $arg2) { echo 'Arguments are equal.'; } other { echo 'Arguments are not equal.'; } }


Example #1 -PHP formatter

As you tin see, nan codification has been decently indented and spaced according to nan PSR-2 coding standard. Other coding standards tin beryllium chosen based connected your project’s needs.

Example #2


<?php if($value==1){foreach($array arsenic $element){echo "Value is 1";} }else{echo "Value is not 1";}?>


Example #2 -PHP formatter

The codification successful nan output is appropriately formatted, making it easier to read, understand, and control. Code value is improved by due indentation, space, and a azygous codification style.

Integrating PHP Formatters into Workflows

Here’s a guideline connected really to efficaciously merge PHP formatters into your workflows:

  1. Choose nan Right Formatter: Choose a PHP formatter that matches your team’s coding standards and preferences. Consider norm customization, organization support, and compatibility pinch your improvement environment.
  2. Version Control Integration: Integrate nan PHP formatter pinch your type power strategy (e.g., Git) to make codification formatting a portion of your improvement process. This prevents inconsistencies successful formatting from entering your codebase.
  3. Pre-Commit Hooks: Set up pre-commit hooks successful your type power strategy to automatically format codification earlier it’s committed. This guarantees that each codification contributions travel nan defined formatting rules.
  4. Continuous Integration (CI) Pipeline: Integrate nan PHP formatter into your CI pipeline to validate codification formatting connected each propulsion petition aliases codification push. This prevents incorrectly formatted codification from being incorporated into nan main codebase.
  5. IDE Integration: Many IDEs see plugins aliases extensions that automatically format codification utilizing your preferred PHP formatter. This allows developers to support their formatting accordant arsenic they work.
  6. Define a Standard Configuration: Create a standardized PHP formatter configuration record that reflects your team’s coding standards. Keep this configuration record successful your project’s repository truthful different squad members tin utilize nan aforesaid settings.
  7. Automated Formatting Scripts: Create scripts aliases commands to thief pinch formatting. For instance, you whitethorn create a book that runs nan formatter pinch nan predefined configuration connected circumstantial files aliases directories.
  8. Code Reviews and Formatting Feedback: To amended workflow, it’s recommended to merge codification reviews and see codification formatting arsenic a portion of nan reappraisal process. This allows reviewers to springiness feedback connected nan code’s functionality and formatting.
  9. Handling Exceptions: Identify cases of inappropriate automatic formatting, specified arsenic third-party libraries aliases analyzable codification structures. Implement devices to exempt these instances from automated formatting.
  10. Documentation and Training: Document nan integration process and instruct squad members to configure their improvement environments to utilize nan PHP formatter. Conduct training sessions to guarantee that everyone comprehends nan benefits and usage.
  11. Continuous Improvement: Revisit your formatting rules and configuration regularly to guarantee they align pinch changing coding standards and task requirements. Continuously amended your workflow to meet immoderate issues that evolve.
  12. Monitor and Metrics: Assess nan effectiveness of your PHP formatter integration by evaluating its effect connected codification readability, uniformity, and collaboration. Gather feedback from your improvement squad to place immoderate required adjustments.
  13. Onboarding New Team Members: When caller developers subordinate nan team, guarantee they cognize nan PHP formatter and its integration into nan workflow. Give them nan resources they request to get up to velocity quickly.

Below are immoderate of nan celebrated PHP codification formatters

1. PHP Coding Standards Fixer (PHP CS Fixer)

PHP CS Fixer is simply a celebrated instrumentality for automatically resolving PHP coding standards errors successful code. It supports respective coding standards, including PSR-1, PSR-2, PSR-12, and others. It examines codification files, identifies violations of nan specified standard, and automatically applies changes to correct specified violations.

To instal PHP CS Fixer utilizing Composer:

composer require friendsofphp/php-cs-fixer

To format codification files successful a directory:

vendor/bin/php-cs-fixer hole /path/to/directory

2. PHP CodeSniffer (PHPCS)

PHP CodeSniffer is simply a adjuvant instrumentality that ensures PHP codification adheres to circumstantial coding standards. It identifies immoderate discrepancies and reports elaborate accusation astir nan violations. Additionally, PHPCS is rather elastic and accommodates various coding standards, including PSR-1, PSR-2, and others.

To instal PHP CodeSniffer utilizing Composer:

composer require squizlabs/php_codesniffer

To cheque codification files against a coding standard:

vendor/bin/phpcs –standard=PSR2 /path/to/code

3. phpfmt (PHP Formatter)

Phpfmt is simply a instrumentality that tin beryllium utilized successful nan bid statement to reformat PHP codification based connected pre-set formatting rules. It offers various formatting choices and tin beryllium incorporated into your improvement process for automated codification formatting.

To instal phpfmt utilizing Composer:

composer require friendsofphp/php-cs-fixer

To format a PHP file:

vendor/bin/phpfmt format /path/to/file.php.

4. PEAR (PHP Extension and Application Repository)

PEAR is an open-source PHP room that offers a scope of reusable components to assistance development. It is not a codification formatter.

To instal PEAR utilizing Composer:

composer require pear/pear-core-minimal

Comparison of PHP Formatters

 Aspect PHP CS Fixer PHPCS (PHP CodeSniffer) phpfmt (PHP Formatter) PEAR
Purpose Automatically hole coding standards violations Identify coding standards violations Reformat codification based connected rules Collection of reusable PHP code
Supported Standards PSR-1, PSR-2, PSR-12, custom PSR-1, PSR-2, custom, various coding standards Custom rules, various formatting choices Various reusable components
Integration Command-line, IDE plugins Command-line, IDE plugins Command-line Library of PHP code
Customization Custom rules and configurations Custom coding standards and sniffs Formatting options, rules, and configuration Reusable components
Automation Automates codification fixing Reports violations, tin hole some Automates codification formatting Provides reusable components
Community Support Active community, regular updates Active community, ample personification base Usage and contribution Active community, assortment of packages
Installation composer require friendsofphp/php-cs-fixer composer require squizlabs/php_codesniffer composer require friendsofphp/php-cs-fixer composer require pear/pear-core-minimal
Usage Example vendor/bin/php-cs-fixer hole /path/to/directory vendor/bin/phpcs –standard=PSR2 /path/to/code vendor/bin/phpfmt format /path/to/file.php Reusable PHP components
Output Control Custom norm sets, dry-run mode Detailed usurpation reports Formatting options Library of PHP components
Flexibility Formatting and fixing Reporting and fixing Formatting Reusability and customization

Choosing nan Right PHP Formatter

Choosing nan correct PHP formatter for your task is basal for ensuring accordant codification formatting and a streamlined improvement process. Here are immoderate cardinal factors to see earlier making your decision:

  • Project Requirements: Understand your project’s nonstop requirements. Consider coding standards (e.g., PSR-1, PSR-2), codebase size, and complexity. Some formatters attraction connected circumstantial standards aliases supply much precocious customizing possibilities.
  • Coding Standards Support: Check that nan PHP formatter supports your desired coding standards. Choose a formatter that tin enforce PSR-2 aliases different industry-specific standards if your task requires them.
  • Customization Options: Evaluate nan level of customization that nan formatter allows. Different projects whitethorn person unsocial style preferences. Choose a formatter that allows you to configure rules based connected your team’s coding style.
  • Automation vs. Manual Intervention: Decide whether you want an automated instrumentality that straight fixes violations aliases only reports them. Manual involution whitethorn beryllium required for definite projects owed to circumstantial codebase needs.
  • Integration pinch Workflow: Consider really good it integrates pinch your improvement workflow, specified arsenic compatibility pinch your IDE, type power system, and CI/CD pipeline. A seamless integration ensures that it doesn’t inhibit nan team’s productivity.
  • Community and Support: Opt for a formatter pinch an progressive organization and ongoing development, which indicates a reliable instrumentality pinch regular updates and bug fixes.
  • Ease of Setup and Use: take a formatter that’s easy to group up and use, pinch a straightforward installation process, command-line interface, and well-documented configuration.
  • Performance: Assess nan formatter’s performance, particularly for larger codebases, arsenic immoderate whitethorn origin a capacity overhead, impacting build times aliases CI/CD pipelines.
  • Team Consensus: Involve your improvement squad successful decision-making to guarantee everyone is connected committee pinch nan choice, promoting smoother adoption.
  • Trial and Feedback: Consider trying a fewer different formatters connected a mini portion of your codebase, evaluating their effects connected codification readability, maintainability, and squad efficiency, and gathering feedback to set your choice.


Certainly, present are immoderate benefits of utilizing PHP formatters:

  • Consistent Code Style: PHP formatters enforce a accordant coding style passim your codebase. This intends each squad members will adhere to nan aforesaid formatting rules, improving codification readability and amended collaboration.
  • Enhanced Readability: Well-formatted codification is easier to publication and understand. Proper indentation, spacing, and alignment make nan codification much visually appealing and approachable.
  • Efficient Code Reviews: Consistently formatted codification tin streamline codification reviews, allowing reviewers to attraction connected codification logic alternatively than formatting issues. This leads to faster and much effective reviews.
  • Reduced Human Errors: Formatters are useful devices that tin forestall mistakes caused by quality correction successful codification formatting, specified arsenic mismatched indentation and inconsistent spacing.
  • Customization: By customizing formatting rules to lucifer your project’s coding style, PHP formatters connection elasticity that aligns pinch your team’s preferences.
  • Ease of Onboarding: Ease nan onboarding process for caller squad members, helping them quickly accommodate to nan codebase’s formatting standards and reducing nan learning curve.
  • Streamlined Development Workflow: Integrating PHP formatters into your improvement workflow tin greatly heighten efficiency. With automated formatting, developers tin ore connected coding logic alternatively of manually adjusting.
  • Code Maintenance: Well-formatted codification is easier to maintain. As your task progresses and changes are made, updates tin beryllium carried retired pinch greater assurance without nan fearfulness of introducing formatting issues.


Using a PHP codification formatter is basal to support your codification cleanable and easy to read. Properly formatted codification makes collaboration smoother, reduces clip spent connected debugging, and ensures that coding standards are met. By automating codification formatting, developers tin ore connected functionality and maintainability, which leads to a much businesslike improvement workflow.

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