OnePlus Watch 2 leaks point to larger screen and Wear OS 4

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OnePlus Watch
The original OnePlus Watch, launched successful 2021 (Image credit: OnePlus)

In our OnePlus Watch reappraisal we gave nan wearable 4 stars retired of five, truthful we're intrigued to spot if OnePlus tin amended that people pinch nan OnePlus Watch 2 – and immoderate caller specifications astir nan upcoming instrumentality person conscionable leaked out.

Unofficial renders of nan smartwatch person now been published by MySmartPrice and @OnLeaks (via Android Authority), and among nan changes connected show is simply a somewhat bigger 1.43-inch AMOLED show (compared to nan 1.39-inch AMOLED surface of nan original).

We besides person a flimsy bump to nan right-hand broadside of nan watch look – this is new, and could location a mates of beingness buttons. It seems that this clip astir location will beryllium achromatic and achromatic options, alternatively than nan azygous achromatic colour that nan OnePlus Watch is disposable in.

MySmartPrice says that nan renders are based connected "actual images of a prototype successful nan testing phase", truthful nan last creation mightiness look different. We're besides told that nan Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 chipset will beryllium powering everything nether nan hood.

Sooo #FutureSquad... Here comes your very first and early look astatine nan #OnePlus Watch successor (which I presume will beryllium unveiled arsenic nan #OnePlusWatch2) done stunning 5K renders, on pinch its show size and CPU...😏On behalf of @mysmartprice 👉🏻 10, 2023

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Ready to Wear OS

While location mightiness not beryllium immense differences successful position of nan creation of nan OnePlus Watch 2 compared to its predecessor, we are proceeding that location will beryllium a alteration connected nan package side: specifically, nan take of Google's Wear OS 4.

According to Max Jambor (via 9to5Google), nan smartwatch will make nan move to Wear OS, aft OnePlus went pinch a civilization operating system connected its first model. That meant limitations successful position of disposable apps and watch faces.

It's nan aforesaid package that runs connected wearables specified arsenic nan Pixel Watch 2, and arsenic a consequence nan OnePlus Watch 2 should beryllium overmuch much versatile successful position of its capabilities beyond nan halfway functions that travel built successful retired of nan box.

Rumors astir nan OnePlus Watch 2 person been alternatively bladed connected nan crushed truthful far, but we person heard that it'll beryllium "better" than nan original (as you would hope, really), and that it's scheduled to motorboat sometime successful 2024.

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