Oh no, your subscription fees for Max and other streamers sound like they'll be going up again

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JB Perette stands successful beforehand of nan caller logo for nan Max streaming service
Max and different large streaming services could raise subscription interest prices again successful nan adjacent future. (Image credit: Jeff Kravitz/HBO)

It sounds for illustration nan world's biggest streamers will only go much costly successful nan future, if comments made by a Warner Bros. executive are to beryllium believed.

According to Warner Bros' main financial serviceman Gunnar Wiedenfels (per The Hollywood Reporter), nan world's best streaming services person been "giving away" contented for paltry amounts of rate successful caller times. And, while Wiedenfels doesn't outright corroborate that much value rises are imminent, he suggests that users will person to portion pinch much of their hard-earned money if they want to watch movies and TV shows connected Netflix, Max, and much successful nan coming years.

"For a decade, successful streaming, an enormously valuable magnitude of value contented has been fixed distant good beneath adjacent marketplace value," Wiedenfels said during a virtual quality astatine nan the Bank of America Securities Media, Communications & Entertainment Conference. "And I deliberation that’s successful nan process of being corrected. 

"We’ve seen value increases crossed fundamentally nan full competitory set. We’ve accrued prices, particularly internationally, wherever a batch of nan HBO Max launches were very, very overmuch targeted astatine nan maximum imaginable subscriber number, not needfully nan maximum imaginable economics from nan launch."

Cord cutting, but astatine what cost?

A female watches Netflix connected her TV pinch a vessel of popcorn successful her hand

Netflix users person go accustomed to value increases successful caller times (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Wiedenfels' quotes surely service arsenic a informing to streaming superfans astir nan imaginable for much value increases to come. In February 2023, HBO Max – nan Warner Bros. Discovery-owned (WBD) streamer that evolved into Max successful May – saw its first-ever value rise, pinch subscribers asked to fork complete an other dollar per month.

In July, Netflix silently killed disconnected its cheapest ad-free scheme for US and UK viewers, which intends caller users tin now only take betwixt its much affordable ad-supported tier, aliases salary complete doubly arsenic overmuch for a modular subscription. One period later, nan Walt Disney Company confirmed that it would beryllium raising nan value of Disney Plus and Hulu from October onwards arsenic it looks to equilibrium nan books pursuing a play of excessive spending.

Being subscribed to 2 aliases much streaming platforms is already a financial load for astir users. However, if and erstwhile further value increases are announced, moreover much households will find it progressively difficult to stay signed up to 1 service, fto unsocial 2 aliases moreover three. In short: galore of you will find yourselves wondering how to cancel Netflix aliases different services you're signed up to.

A mobile telephone showing nan Disney Plus logo and immoderate of its subsidiary studios

Disney has sparked a backlash from its fanbase complete expanding prices and its ain password crackdown strategy (Image credit: Shutterstock)

That's if group haven't already started leaving nan biggest streamers successful their droves. With password-sharing crackdowns taking effect, beloved TV show cancellations, and nan imaginable dearth of caller streaming contented successful nan months up because of nan ongoing writers and actors strikes, users are already getting little bang for their buck. 

In fact, nan costs of Netflix and Disney Plus intends streaming is now much costly than cablegram TV is. Cord cutting mightiness person taken disconnected complete nan past decade, but it's starting to look for illustration a acold little appetizing action for anyone wanting to watch new movies and TV bid connected immoderate number of streaming platforms.

So yes, Netflix mightiness spot a bump successful subscribers erstwhile massively successful shows for illustration Stranger Things play 5 and Squid Game play 2 drop. Equally, Disney Plus will clasp immoderate fans who proceed to bask its TV offerings from Marvel and Star Wars. As for Max and different starring streamers, nan return of celebrated shows, and summation of critically-acclaimed movies to their libraries, will boost personification bases, too.

In nan grander strategy of things, however, customers will only put up pinch value rises for truthful long. And if, to usage Weidenfel's words, nan "quality content" these services supply isn't considered bully capable for viewers, they won't request different excuse to cancel their plan. Eventually, thing will person to springiness – and I fishy it won't beryllium nan entertainment industry's biggest studios that'll driblet nan value of their streaming subscriptions retired of nan goodness of their hearts.

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