Nvidia's RTX 4070 GPUs Are Dropping in Price

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The AMD effect.

Nvidia GeForce RTX logo connected a 4070 Ti gaming GPUJustin Duino / How-To Geek

Nvidia's RTX 4000 GPUs are among nan champion graphics cards your money tin buy, but AMD's caller lineup of RX 7000 graphics cards are putting immoderate magnitude of unit connected Nvidia. The latest models to arrive, the RX 7800 XT and nan RX 7700 XT, are peculiarly problematic for nan chipmaker, since they're putting immoderate superior title performance-wise connected 1 of Nvidia's astir celebrated cards, nan RTX 4070. The contiguous effect of that, astatine slightest for now, seems to beryllium coming successful nan shape of an across-the-board value simplification for nan card.

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