New Pixel 8 leaks suggest the colors and camera features to expect

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The Google Pixel Watch 2, nan Google Pixel 8, and nan Google Pixel 8 Pro
The Google Pixel Watch 2, nan Google Pixel 8, and nan Google Pixel 8 Pro (Image credit: Google)

Now that we're almost complete nan excitement of nan iPhone 15 launch, we tin move our attraction to nan Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro – and a mates of caller leaks uncover much astir what we tin expect erstwhile these flagship phones make an appearance.

First up are immoderate official-looking renders obtained by MySmartPrice (via Android Authority). Google has published its ain shots of nan Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, but these leaked images show disconnected much angles and much colors.

The colors to expect are, according to this source, Peony Rose, Grey, and Obsidian Black for nan Pixel 8, and Sky Blue, Porcelain, and Black Obsidian for nan Pixel 8 Pro. It seems for illustration only nan achromatic shadiness will beryllium carried complete from nan Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro.

You tin besides spot nan camera bumps, and conscionable really overmuch they instrumentality retired from nan main chassis, successful nan renders supplied by MySmartPrice. They lucifer up pinch nan images published by Google truthful there's a bully chance that they're accurate.

Camera features

Our 2nd Pixel 8 leak concerns immoderate of nan camera features coming to nan Pixel 8 and nan Pixel 8 Pro. We already cognize that photograph and video seizure will beryllium a important part of what these phones offer, and now much specifications person emerged.

As per a video originated by 91mobiles (via Android Police), nan features heading our measurement pinch these phones see Video Boost, Night Sight for video, Audio Eraser for reducing inheritance noise, and Magic Editor – including being capable to create composite images wherever everyone successful nan family is smiling astatine nan aforesaid time.

We'd heard astir some of these features before, but this recently leaked video looks for illustration it was produced by Google to travel nan motorboat of nan Pixel 8 and nan Pixel 8 Pro, and it shows each of these devices successful action. What remains to beryllium seen is which features, if any, will beryllium Pro exclusives – that telephone will person a much precocious camera setup.

There's besides a breakdown of nan camera specs here: a dual-lens 50MP+12MP ultrawide camera connected nan backmost of nan Pixel 8, and a triple lens 50MP+48MP ultrawide+48MP telephoto connected nan Pixel 8 Pro. Both handsets are owed to look connected Wednesday, October 4.

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