New iPhone 15 leak reveals the battery capacities of all four models

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The iPhone 15 being held successful a hand, showing nan backmost of nan phone
Look – it's nan iPhone 15 (Image credit: Future)

The iPhone 15 handsets person now been officially unveiled, but Apple traditionally doesn't uncover each individual spec for its phones – which leaves america relying connected different sources and teardowns to get a afloat image of what these handsets offer.

We now apparently person nan circumstantial artillery capacities for each 4 iPhone 15 models, arsenic per a filing pinch a regulatory assemblage successful China spotted by MySmartPrice (via Android Authority). The bully news is there's a flimsy upgrade from nan 2022 phones.

The listed capacities are 3,349mAh for nan iPhone 15, 4,383mAh for nan iPhone 15 Plus, 3,274mAh for nan iPhone 15 Pro, and 4,422mAh for nan iPhone 15 Pro Max. Apple says that these phones person up to 20, 26, 23 and 29 hours of artillery life, respectively.

Those comparison pinch 3,279mAh for nan iPhone 14, 4,325mAh for nan iPhone 14 Plus, 3,200mAh for nan iPhone 14 Pro, and 4,323mAh for nan iPhone 14 Pro Max, truthful we're not talking astir immense advancements, twelvemonth connected year.

Battery life calculations

It's worthy base successful mind that nan hours of artillery life quoted supra for nan iPhone 15 bid – based connected watching video connected nan phones – are precisely nan aforesaid arsenic those that Apple listed for nan balanced iPhone 14 handsets too.

That suggests that immoderate summation successful capacity has been utilized up by further powerfulness demands elsewhere successful nan chassis, though it's difficult to cognize for sure. Earlier leaks had suggested that we'd get awesome artillery capacity upgrades pinch nan iPhone 15, but that intelligibly hasn't travel to pass.

Battery life depends connected a full big of factors remember, not conscionable nan capacity of nan artillery – nan size and brightness of nan screen, nan velocity of nan phone's chipset, and nan ratio of nan soul modem tin each play a part.

You tin get our early hands-on impressions of nan caller handsets by visiting our iPhone 15 review, iPhone 15 Plus review, iPhone 15 Pro review, and iPhone 15 Pro Max reappraisal pages. You tin bid these phones from Apple online now, pinch readiness successful shop scheduled for adjacent Friday, September 22.

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