Netflix's new mind-bending sci-fi series 3 Body Problem will give you virtual reality nightmares

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Two characters look up into nan entity pinch stunned faces successful 3 Body Problem
3 Body Problem is nan adjacent TV task from Game of Thrones' creators. (Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix has released nan first clip for its caller mind-bending TV show 3 Body Problem, and it mightiness make you reconsider buying a virtual reality (VR) headset.

Based connected nan Liu Cixin's critically-acclaimed sci-fi caller The Three Body Problem, nan forthcoming Netflix bid looks for illustration it'll beryllium nan adjacent must-see TV show to debut connected nan world's best streaming service. And, aft its first teaser trailer was unveiled astatine Netflix Tudum 2023, it's precocious clip we learned much astir it up of its motorboat successful early 2024.

Before we dive into what it's astir and who's progressive successful its production, you'll want to watch 3 Body Problem's first charismatic clip. Be warned, though: if you're reasoning astir purchasing a VR headset during this year's Black Friday sales, you mightiness beryllium put disconnected by what you see.

Yeah, we don't want to research pinch VR if there's a chance that its sentient programming – or, rather, a real-life warrior pinch an evident ax to grind – unexpectedly comes astatine us, leaf drawn, pinch nan position to murdering us. You tin support your Meta Oculus (which gets name-dropped successful nan teaser) and Quest Pro headsets, arsenic good arsenic your Apple Vision Pro technology, moreover if they aren't arsenic futuristic aliases deadly arsenic 3 Body Problem's surreal-looking VR instrumentality is. 

Okay, truthful what's 3 Body Problem about? For nan uninitiated, Netflix has provided immoderate specifications astir its mind-boggling, reality-altering, and time-traveling plot. The show's logline sounds arsenic follows: "A young woman’s fateful determination successful 1960s China reverberates crossed abstraction and clip into nan coming day. When nan laws of quality inexplicably unravel earlier their eyes, a close-knit group of superb scientists subordinate forces pinch an unflinching detective to face nan top threat successful humanity’s history."

There is much to this world than meets nan eye. 3 BODY PROBLEM, a genre-bending enigma bid based connected nan internationally champion trading book series, is coming to Netflix successful 2024. #GeekedWeek 10, 2023

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3 Body Problem is nan latest TV task from David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. Here, nan Game of Thrones showrunners person traded bloody imagination for mind-bending sci-fi pinch their caller Netflix show so, sloppy of what you thought of Game of Thrones' divisive ending, this caller bid has immoderate superior imaginative clout down it.

As for its cast, nan clip supra confirms we'll spot Game of Thrones alumnus John Bradley playing a characteristic we judge to beryllium a intelligence called John Rooney. He's joined connected nan show's stacked roster by chap Thrones stars Liam Cunningham and Jonathan Pryce. Benedict Wong (Doctor Strange 2), Jovan Adepo (Jack Ryan), Rosalind Chao (The O.C), Eiza Gonzalez (Godzilla vs Kong), Saamer Usmani (Succession), and Jess Hong (Inked) are besides portion of nan cast.

Joining Weiss and Benioff connected nan improvement squad is co-writer and chap executive shaper Alexander Woo (True Blood). There are a mates of big-name actors who are besides portion of 3 Body Problem's executive producing team, including nary different than Brad Pitt and Rosamund Pike (The Wheel of Time). Rian Johnson (Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Knives Out) is among its producers, too.

Of course, we won't cognize if 3 Body Problem will beryllium arsenic successful arsenic Netflix hopes until it's released. We're hopeful it'll go a personnel of our best Netflix shows database early adjacent year, but location are nary guarantees, particularly if TV aficionados still consciousness burned by Weiss and Benioff's handling of Game of Thrones' last season. Until then, nan assemblage is retired – but 3 Body Problem looks for illustration it'll beryllium a chaotic ride.

Initially group to debut successful January 2024, 3 Body Problem will now motorboat connected Netflix connected March 21, 2024.

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