My iPhone or iPad Screen Won't Rotate. How Do I Fix It?

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Is your iPhone stuck successful image orientation?

An iPhone being held sideways. Hannah Stryker / How-To Geek

Key Takeaways

  • Swipe down from nan top-right area of nan iPhone aliases iPad surface to unfastened nan Control Center, past pat nan fastener icon to let for surface rotation.
  • If nan surface is stuck successful image aliases scenery orientation, disable nan Portrait Orientation Lock by tapping connected nan fastener icon successful nan Control Center.
  • If disabling nan fastener doesn't work, restart nan app aliases restart nan iPhone aliases iPad to spot if that solves nan issue.

The iPhone and nan iPad surface rotates almost seamlessly based connected really you're holding it. But if your show is stuck successful image aliases scenery orientation, present are a mates of ways to hole it.

Turn Off Orientation Lock connected iPhone

If your iPhone show is stuck successful image and won't rotate to scenery moreover erstwhile you clasp your handset sideways, nan Portrait Orientation Lock mightiness beryllium nan culprit. Fortunately, we tin quickly disable this fastener from nan iOS Control Center.

If you're utilizing an iPhone X-style instrumentality pinch a notch, swipe down from nan top-right area of nan surface to uncover nan Control Center.

Swipe down from top-right area to entree Control Center connected iPhone

If you're utilizing an iPhone 8 aliases earlier instrumentality pinch a beingness Home button, swipe up from nan bottommost of nan surface to uncover nan Control Center.

In nan Control Center, spot nan icon that looks for illustration a fastener pinch a circle astir it. If nan Portrait Orientation Lock is enabled, this icon will beryllium shown pinch a achromatic background. Tap connected nan "Portrait Orientation Lock" fastener to disable it.

Tap connected Orientation Lock icon From Control Center connected iPhone

You'll spot a "Portrait Orientation Lock: Off" connection astatine nan apical of nan Control Center.

Portrait Orientation Lock Off connection shown connected iPhone

Now, erstwhile you move your iPhone sideways, your iOS instrumentality should move to nan scenery format.

Turn Off Rotation Lock connected iPad

Unlike an iPhone, nan iPad tin beryllium locked successful some nan scenery and image orientation. This is why nan characteristic is called Rotation Lock connected nan iPad.

To move disconnected nan Rotation Lock connected nan iPad, we will usage nan aforesaid method described above. Keep successful mind that nan process for accessing Control Center connected nan iPad differs based connected nan iOS (or iPadOS) version.

If you're utilizing iOS 12, iPadOS 13, aliases newer, swipe down from nan top-right area of nan screen.

Swipe down from top-right area connected iPad to usage Control Center

If you're utilizing iOS 11, double-click nan Home fastener to uncover nan App Switcher and nan Control Center area connected nan right. If you're utilizing iOS 10 and earlier, swipe up from nan bottommost of nan screen.

Now, pat connected nan "Rotation Lock" fastener (the fastener has a fastener icon pinch a circle astir it) to toggle nan rotation lock. Again, nan fastener will beryllium shown pinch a achromatic inheritance erstwhile enabled and a "Rotation Lock: Off" connection will beryllium displayed erstwhile disabled.

Tap connected Rotation Lock fastener to disable predisposition lock

Restart nan App

If you've abnormal Orientation aliases Rotation Lock, and you're still facing nan aforesaid issue, nan adjacent point to cheque is nan app you're using.

If nan app successful mobility is stuck or has crashed, you should discontinue and restart nan app. To do this, you'll first request to entree nan App Switcher connected your iPhone aliases iPad.

If you're utilizing 1 of nan newer iPhones aliases iPads without nan Home button, swipe up from nan Home barroom and clasp a 2nd to uncover nan App Switcher. If your iPhone aliases iPad has a Home button, double-click it.

Quit Apps From App Switcher connected iPhone

Now, find nan app you want to discontinue and past swipe up connected nan preview.

Locate nan app from nan Home surface and unfastened it again. If nan rumor was pinch nan app, you should now beryllium capable to rotate nan iPhone aliases iPad screen.

Restart nan iPhone aliases iPad

If nan rumor persists crossed aggregate apps, it mightiness beryllium a bug pinch nan iPhone aliases nan iPad. Usually, a elemental reboot takes attraction of specified problems.

On your iPhone aliases iPad pinch nan package Home bar, property and clasp nan "Volume Up" aliases "Volume Down" on pinch nan "Side button" to bring up nan "Slide to Power Off" menu.

iPhones and iPads pinch a beingness Home fastener let you to position nan powerfulness paper by pressing and holding nan "Sleep/Wake button." Swipe your digit connected nan "Slide to Power Off" slider to move disconnected nan device.

Swipe your digit connected nan "Slide to Power Off" slider to move disconnected nan device

Then, property nan "Sleep/Wake button" aliases nan "Side button" to move connected nan iOS aliases iPadOS device. While you're astatine it, you might want to effort unit restarting your iPhone to spot if it fixes nan issue.

Once nan iPhone aliases iPad reboots, nan rumor should (hopefully) beryllium fixed.

Reset All Settings

If nan rumor persists, you tin effort resetting iOS aliases iPadOS settings arsenic a second-to-last resort. The past edifice is resetting nan iPhone aliases nan iPad itself.

By resetting each settings, you'll beryllium resetting things for illustration Wi-Fi connections and web settings. This is besides an fantabulous measurement to return attraction of immoderate quirks and unidentifiable iOS aliases iPadOS bugs---one of which is nan rotation fastener issue.

Open nan Settings app and spell to General > Reset.

Tap connected Reset fastener from General conception successful Settings

Here, pat connected "Reset All Settings."

Tap connected Reset All Settings

From nan adjacent screen, participate your instrumentality passcode to corroborate resetting each settings. Once your iPhone aliases iPad reboots, your surface rotation rumor should beryllium fixed.

If not, you tin usage nan past edifice we mentioned above. From nan "Reset" menu, pat connected "Erase All Content and Settings" to get started. When we opportunity past resort, we really mean it. Using this action will erase each your individual information and apps. Don't return this measurement without making a backup first.

If your tech isn't constricted to conscionable iPhone, fixing a surface that won't rotate connected Android is besides easy.

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