My favorite high-tech travel backpack is 20% off ahead of Black Friday

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Wandrd Prvke Backpack.
(Image credit: Wandrd )

As a writer covering tech and outdoor cogwheel for much than a decade, I’ve reviewed countless recreation and escapade backpacks. And 1 rises to nan apical of nan crop: nan Wandrd Prvke 21L— it has and continues to beryllium my go-to carrying solution for shuttling each sorts of precious tech and individual cogwheel from constituent A to B. It's seldom connected sale, but correct now, you tin prevention 20% disconnected nan sticker value arsenic portion of early Black Friday deals. 

Available successful your prime of 5 beautiful colors — I emotion Agean Blue — the Wandrd Prvke 21L Backpack is connected waste for conscionable $175 from B&H. That’s a savings of $44. Not only is this battalion seldom offered astatine a discount, but it isn’t ever easy to way down successful stock, truthful I'd enactment now.

There are high-tech escapade backpacks and past there’s nan Wandrd Prvke series. While nan sanction Wandrd whitethorn beryllium caller to you, nan marque has been astir since 2015 and has a cult pursuing among outdoor enthusiasts, particularly photographers and filmmakers.

By nan way, if you request much retention space, see the Wandrd Prvke 31L, which besides is eligible for 20% disconnected via B&H. For those who person much to schlep, the Wandrd Prvke 41L is $207, down from $259, up of Black Friday.

Wandrd Prvke Backpack.

(Image credit: Wandrd)

I usage nan smallest size for a operation of recreation and outdoor adventuring. The Prvke 21L is my favourite carry-on backpack because it easy fits nether nan spot successful beforehand of maine and has that other roll-down storage. Additionally, nan full exterior is weather-resistant, truthful you don’t person to freak retired erstwhile nan personification sitting adjacent to you spills their full beverage successful a fresh of laughter while watching Billy Madison astatine 31,000 feet. 

Looking for much awesome deals connected outdoor escapade and travel-related gear? We’ve sewage you covered. This year’s early Black Friday deals person not disappointed. For instance, my favourite Fitbit fittingness locator is presently 30%, arsenic is 1 of our favourite Brooks Running jackets. Speaking of which, North Face jackets are besides heavy discounted, and the aforesaid goes for Carhartt outwear. 

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Dan Bracaglia covers fittingness and user exertion pinch an accent connected wearables for Tom's Guide. Based successful nan US Pacific Northwest, Dan is an avid outdoor adventurer who dabbles successful everything from kayaking to snowboarding, but he astir enjoys exploring nan cities and mountains pinch his mini pup, Belvedere. Dan is presently training to climb immoderate of Washington State's tallest peaks. He's besides a large photography nerd. 

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