Mortal Kombat 1 game director says the Switch version will be fixed after its rough launch

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Mortal Kombat 1 has officially launched connected PC and console, but nan Nintendo Switch type appears to beryllium missing cardinal content. 

NetherRealm's latest fighting crippled near early entree connected September 19 and is now disposable connected PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC and truthful acold has been received rather good by critics and players alike. We moreover scored Mortal Kombat 1 4 retired of 5 stars successful our review, but nan reception to its Switch type has been mostly criticized.

Even anterior to nan charismatic launch, players called retired nan game's mediocre graphics and performance, comparing it to its higher-quality counterparts connected PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, and nan business has only gotten worse since it moved retired of early access. That's not to mention nan truth that nan latest Switch trailer seems to characteristic a Steam achievement.

The Nintendo Switch type is besides missing cardinal contented from nan game's Invasions mode - nan single-player mode that features an RPG-style committee crippled pinch challenges and missions to complete. It appears that only nan introductory Cage Mansion shape is disposable connected Switch correct now, while nan complete Season 1 is disposable connected different platforms (via GameSpot).

Warner Bros. Games has responded to nan issue, and apologized for nan missing content: "The afloat breadth of Invasions Season One contented will beryllium disposable connected Switch successful a matter of weeks. We apologize for immoderate inconvenience this whitethorn origin Switch players and are moving to make this update arsenic quickly arsenic possible."

Game head and bid creator Ed Boon has besides addressed nan antagonistic disapproval of nan Switch larboard and promised that it will "absolutely beryllium getting an update" (via BBC Newsbeat).

"And a number of nan concerns of nan issues that had travel up will perfectly beryllium addressed," Boon added. "It would person been perfect for america to person released nan type that we perfectly wanted. But thing that we're uncovering a problem pinch is connected our database and is going to beryllium fixed."

Some players person besides disapproved of nan game's $70 value connected Switch - which is nan aforesaid arsenic nan PS5, Xbox, and PC unit prices - but Boon has reaffirmed that nan crippled will beryllium improved for players still reasoning astir purchasing it connected Nintendo's console. He said: "It will beryllium supported, for illustration we did pinch Mortal Kombat 11. Anything that we spot that is not acceptable will perfectly beryllium addressed."

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