Microsoft wants people to love Windows 11's Outlook app again - even if they have an iPhone

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Microsoft has fixed Windows 11’s desktop email app, Outlook, a awesome revamp pinch nan summation of Apple iCloud functionality for group who usage iPhones aliases different Apple devices, positive different features. This upgrade is disposable to each Windows 11 users and you tin adhd your iCloud relationship to your Outlook app by doing nan following: 

1. Click nan cog icon successful your Outlook menu, which should unfastened your Email accounts setting. This is wherever you tin spot each of nan accounts that are connected to your Outlook and negociate them. 

2. Select Add account and motion into your Apple iCloud account. This should link your iCloud account. 

The Outlook app had supported Apple’s email work successful nan past earlier Windows 11’s launch, but according to Windows Latest, Microsoft is successful nan process of deploying a caller Outlook app successful spot of nan aged one. Apparently reception has been lukewarm from users, but Microsoft is adding tons of caller features pinch each caller version.

One of nan biggest complaints users person pinch nan renewed Outlook app has been that it launches successful a web wrapper. The aged app was a afloat functional UWP app, pinch some online and offline support. However, nan caller app only sewage offline support very recently. User complaints astir nan caller app persist, and Microsoft is continuing to create nan app to hopefully amended users’ experiences and amended their sentiment of nan caller app.

The latest successful a drawstring of caller developments

This improvement follows soon aft Microsoft besides added compatibility pinch Gmail, Google Calendar, and contacts to Outlook. iCloud support is besides now disposable to each Windows 11 users, and Microsoft is reportedly moving connected extending offline support for much parts of nan Outlook app, including events and Calendar. 

One characteristic that users person to look guardant to arsenic portion of Microsoft’s caller Outlook is being capable to RSVP to meetings. Windows Latest spotted this arsenic an upcoming update in nan Microsoft 365 roadmap, which specifications what Microsoft has successful shop for various Microsoft 365 apps. This will thief users person accusation astir nan quality of immoderate circumstantial gathering and amended determine if they would for illustration to attend. This improvement is expected to debut successful March 2024.

Another characteristic that has been added will thief users understand their meetings and schedules. Microsoft explained connected its Tech Community blog that users will beryllium capable to way declined meetings amended successful nan Outlook calendar. This will beryllium useful  for galore users, particularly those who person overlapping aliases densely-packed meetings, and want to amended understand what they are and aren’t attending.


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How to move connected visibility for declined meetings

The supra is now disposable wrong nan astir up to day type of Outlook, but is abnormal by default. You tin alteration it done nan pursuing steps: 

1. Open nan Outlook app. 

2. Go to: Settings > Calendar > Events & Invitations > Save declined events

3. Tick (Click) nan Show declined events successful your calendar box. 

This should move connected nan characteristic and declined meetings should statesman to beryllium displayed successful your Calendar. 

In bid for a gathering to beryllium classified arsenic declined, you will person to person declined nan gathering successful each Outlook clients and Teams, pinch nan objection of nan original Windows Outlook client. 

It’s going to return a small much to triumph complete Windows users it seems, but these look for illustration immoderate coagulated steps. These are disposable to each Windows 11 users pinch a valid transcript of Outlook arsenic acold arsenic we cognize and if you don’t person these features yet, you whitethorn request to update your Outlook app. It is to beryllium confirmed if this extends to free users who usage Outlook online.


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