Microsoft Surface Pro 10: everything we know so far

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Microsoft’s October 12 Surface showcase is conscionable astir nan area and pinch it will travel tons of announcements of brand-new devices, from PCs to laptops to tablets and more. One imaginable uncover is nan adjacent introduction successful nan Surface Pro bid of tablets, nan Surface Pro 10.

The Surface Pro 8 helped to respire caller life into a bid that was mostly contented pinch very small alteration crossed nan committee (possibly barring nan Surface Pro X), and nan Surface Pro 9 continued connected pinch immoderate beardown spec updates and a somewhat updated artistic design. That said, location are precocious hopes that nan Pro 10 will innovate moreover further, aliases astatine slightest beryllium a clear and beardown betterment complete its predecessors, becoming 1 of nan best 2-in-1 laptops.

There isn't overmuch we cognize truthful far, isolated from nan truth that dissimilar nan Pro 9, it'll astir apt only person a azygous configuration, a 13th-Gen Intel CPU, aliases it'll person some nan Intel and ARM versions pinch nan second delayed until 2024. There besides seems to beryllium a study spreading astir an 11-inch type of nan Pro 10 launching pinch nan 13-inch, which would service to compete pinch Apple's ain iPad variants.

Now that we cognize immoderate of nan basics, let’s return a look astatine what other nan Surface Pro 10 has to offer.

Microsoft Surface Pro 10: trim to nan chase

  • What is it? The caller Microsoft Surface Pro tablet
  • When is it out? Rumored sometime successful precocious September aliases October 2023
  • What will it cost? Most apt starting astatine $1,299

Microsoft Surface Pro 10: Release day and price

Microsoft is well-known for its rigid yearly merchandise schedule erstwhile it comes to nan Surface Pro series, which is usually nan 3rd 4th of each twelvemonth since 2013. Naturally, nan only clip this was surgery was successful 2020 acknowledgment to nan pandemic's long-reaching effect connected nan proviso concatenation and labour causing manufacturing delays.

The main Surface Pro 9 exemplary was released successful October 2022 on pinch nan Surface Pro 9 5G and, judging from rumors and a special September Microsoft event for journalists successful New York City that's coming up, we could spot it arsenic early arsenic September 21. If not, past it'll astir apt beryllium sometime astir October 12 aft nan Microsoft arena debuts.

As for pricing, there's nary charismatic connection and rumors are sparse astatine best. The astir we tin do is judge based connected erstwhile trends, which person seen nan value spell up pinch each release. The guidelines Surface Pro 9 exemplary started astatine $999.99 / £1,099 / AU$1,649 and nan 5G type was $1,299.99 / £1,299 / AU$2,599 (with much RAM). Most apt nan guidelines type of nan Pro 10 will commencement astatine $1,299.99.

Several Surface Pro 9s connected a desk

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Microsoft Surface Pro 10: Design

The 13-inch Pro 10 will astir apt athletics nan aforesaid 2880 x 1920 solution and PixelSense Flow touch show pinch a 3:2 facet ratio arsenic nan Pro 9 did, conscionable for illustration nan Pro 9 carried that complete from nan Pro 8. It'll astir apt person nan aforesaid soft and rounded edges, on pinch nan kickstand and attachable Type Cover keyboard that's ever sold separately.

But what's measurement much absorbing is simply a study from Windows Central that alleges nan Surface Pro 10 will characteristic 2 models, nan modular 13-inch type and an 11-inch. It's akin to what Apple is doing pinch its ain iPad Pro, which could mean that Microsoft is trying to compete straight pinch its tablet rival.

According to that aforesaid report, "The 11-inch Surface Pro is codenamed Luxor and will beryllium akin successful style and size to that of nan Surface Go, albeit pinch slimmer bezels for illustration its larger sibling. Of course, nan 11-inch Surface Pro will besides beryllium much powerful, pinch a amended 120Hz display."

Windows 11 sewage an update backmost successful 2022 pinch a caller tablet mode for devices 11 inches and under. One of nan caller features makes nan taskbar minimize from position erstwhile an app is open, while nan different car opens nan app to afloat surface to amended emulate Android and iOS tablets. There are plans for moreover much tablet optimization updates into 2024, which would besides explicate why Microsoft wants to vessel retired an 11-inch device.

Surface Pro 9 connected a table pinch personification drafting creation utilizing a stylus

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Microsoft Surface Pro 10: Performance

Currently, location are nary difficult reports connected what to expect erstwhile it comes to specs and capacity for nan Surface Pro 10. Amidst immoderate conflicting rumors, location aren't moreover immoderate confirmations of whether nan Pro 10 will usage some ARM and Intel variants again arsenic pinch nan Pro 9, though we tin presume it'll beryllium packing astatine slightest a 13th-generation Intel chip.

Unfortunately, nan next-gen Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors that would person been cleanable for nan Pro 10 aren't coming retired until December 2023 aliases sometime successful 2024, acold excessively precocious for nan adjacent Surface Pro. This besides backs nan thought of an Intel-only configuration aliases a delayed ARM version, since we still person nary confirmation of an ARM version arsenic of now.

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