Microsoft Surface Go 4: everything we know so far about the rumored 2-in-1

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Microsoft Surface Go 3
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If you were to inquire those successful nan know, they'll show you that nan Microsoft Surface Go 4 is  pretty overmuch a judge point erstwhile Microsoft launches caller devices astatine its upcoming "special Surface event" connected September 21, on pinch nan Surface Pro 10. 

While you should still return that pinch a atom of salt, it does look for illustration an evident move for Microsoft. After all, nan Microsoft Surface Go 3 did motorboat connected September 22, 2021, and aft its not-so-favorable reviews, it makes consciousness for nan shaper to activity redemption.

The Microsoft Surface Go instrumentality has ne'er really reached nan heights of nan best 2-in-1 laptops and best touchscreen laptops connected nan market, owed mostly to nan low-end components nether nan hood. However, 2020's Microsoft Surface Go 2 still proved to beryllium a awesome affordable Windows 10 action for users who don't request a batch of powerfulness and admit having to prevention money connected their laptop.

Sadly, its successor, nan Microsoft Surface Go 3 conscionable couldn't support up pinch nan title owed to its debased powerfulness and short artillery life. The Microsoft Surface Go 4 is, therefore, nan cleanable opportunity for Microsoft to beryllium that it is tin of making a 2-in-1 instrumentality that's some affordable and reliable, if not 1 of nan best Windows tablets. And pinch Microsoft postponing nan motorboat of its ARM-based Surface Go and rumors pointing to an Intel-powered exemplary instead, it's looking promising for nan somewhat cursed line.

Will a amended and much-improved Surface Go show up astatine nan event? More importantly, tin it really support up pinch nan remainder of nan offerings from different brands? We person to hold for Microsoft's arena to cognize for sure, but if you're a instrumentality of nan statement aliases funny astir what's to come, we've sewage nan specifications for you below.

Microsoft Surface Go 4: trim to nan chase

  • What is it? The adjacent Microsoft Surface Go device
  • When is it out? Possibly Q3 2023
  • What will it cost? May beryllium astatine a higher value constituent than its predecessor

Microsoft Surface Go 4: Price and merchandise date

Both nan Surface Go 2 and nan Surface Go 3 started astir nan aforesaid value point, pinch nan erstwhile sitting astatine $399 / £399 / AU$547 and nan second asking $399 / £369 / AU$629 for their respective guidelines configurations. That puts this 2-in-1 successful nan fund marketplace – a uncommon dainty for hybrid laptops, which typically put a premium connected their versatile shape factor.

This clip around, however, it's apt that nan Surface Go statement is going to beryllium astatine a higher value point. According to Windows Central, nan Surface Go 4 mightiness group you backmost astir nan $500 (about £500, AU$775) mark. That's because it's apt that "the institution is omitting nan 4GB RAM exemplary from nan lineup," a sensible move seeing arsenic 8GB of representation is nan period for laptops successful this time and age.

Windows Central besides asserts that nan Surface Go 4 "will beryllium announced connected September 21, and statesman shipping sometime successful October." So those who've been holding disconnected for 2 years to switch their aged Surface Go won't person agelong to wait.

Microsoft Surface Go 3

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft Surface Go 4: Design

Despite nan Surface Go 3 having little favorable reviews, mostly owed to it being underpowered, it was praised for immoderate of nan creation choices for illustration a 1080p webcam (a large woody backmost successful 2021), its very portable shape factor, and a microSD paper scholar thrown in. And we'd emotion to spot nan Surface Go 4 inherit those features, which according to Windows Central is beautiful overmuch what is expected to happen.

However, we'd emotion to besides spot nan Type Cover included successful nan box, particularly if Microsoft is going to summation its value of entry. The accessory is what makes nan Surface Go a laptop, alternatively of a specified Windows tablet, but astatine $129.99 / £124.99 / AU$199.95, it does adhd to nan wide cost. And if Microsoft doesn't see it successful nan container this time, you're fundamentally paying astir $500 (about £500, AU$775) for a Windows 11 tablet.

Another point we'd for illustration to spot is simply a much modern-looking screen. The Surface Go 3 has heavy bezels, which not only made it consciousness outdated but besides gave you considerably little surface existent property to activity with. Hopefully, nan Surface Go 4 will person bully bladed bezels truthful that moreover if its wide dimensions stay nan same, you're getting a bigger screen.

One promising point Window Central has said is that Microsoft whitethorn make it easier to repair and switch its components: "The instrumentality will characteristic a replaceable battery, kickstand, display, and moreover motherboard." Also, for illustration nan rumored Surface Laptop Go 3, which whitethorn besides make an quality astatine nan event, it mightiness boast AI features specified arsenic Voice Clarity.

The Microsoft Surface Go 3 connected a bluish background

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Microsoft Surface Go 4: Specs and performance

One large logic for nan Surface Go 4 getting a value summation is that Microsoft is rumored to beryllium phasing retired its 4GB RAM devices, which intends that nan guidelines configuration for this upcoming Surface Go will apt person 8GB of memory, arsenic good arsenic 128GB of storage. Android Authority besides said that nan instrumentality will beryllium Intel N200-powered, which intends that its guidelines exemplary will besides beryllium much tin than nan Surface Go 3's apical Intel Core i3-10100Y-powered configuration.

While there's thing actual astatine this point, we're really hoping that Microsoft improves nan capacity of nan adjacent installment to its 2-in-1 line. That's particularly since 1 of nan biggest complaints astir it is really underpowered it is, moreover astatine its highest configuration. 

Another opportunity for alteration present is successful nan artillery life. We only managed to compression retired a small complete six hours from nan Surface Go 3 successful our tests, which was embarrassing moreover successful 2021 standards. And pinch galore laptops and tablets these days offering astatine slightest 10 hours of juice, there's really nary logic for nan Surface Go 4 to beryllium if it can't support up pinch nan rest.

We'll stock much accusation astir nan upcoming Surface Go 4 arsenic soon arsenic it lands connected our desks, but pinch nan Microsoft arena conscionable astir nan corner, you won't person agelong to hold to cognize more.

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