Microsoft internal emails reveal plans to stream PC games through Xbox Cloud Gaming

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According to soul emails revealed during the FTC v. Microsoft case, Microsoft has been readying to watercourse PC games done Xbox Cloud Gaming. 

As The Verge reports, nan soul emails show that nan institution has been readying connected expanding its Xbox Cloud Gaming work by adding PC games, a determination that was primitively successful consequence to Google Stadia's existence. 

Xbox's work presently allows you to play games connected Xbox Game Pass done aggregate devices - for illustration Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, and mobile and tablet devices from Apple and Android - but is presently constricted to Xbox titles only.

The soul emails show conversations astir Stadia from July 2021 betwixt Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Xbox main Phil Spencer, caput of Cloud Gaming Kareem Choudhry, and caput of Xbox creator acquisition Sarah Bond. 

"Seems for illustration they will person a limb up because their worldly is much generic Linux VMs + Network... But I americium assuming we will do nan aforesaid for Game Pass PC – right?” asked Nadella. 

Spencer responded and confirmed that Microsoft is moving connected a measurement to watercourse autochthonal PC games done nan cloud, and said: "Google has nan expertise to reuse their Linux unreality hardware and yes arsenic we watercourse PC autochthonal games from an Azure GPU SKU we would person much re-use scenarios to recoup costs."

"Phil is correct. Sarah [Bond] and I successful business pinch Jason’s [Zander] squad are driving a suitable Azure SKU... arsenic portion of a bid that will service nan customer request we spot externally for IAAS and to tally our xCloud PC streaming stack," Choudhry added.

The move seems to person been arsenic a measurement to compete pinch Stadia - which has now shut down - arsenic Spencer wrote: "Google is successful nan process of conscionable trying to move Stadia into a Google Cloud SKU and do distant pinch their first statement user service."

The Xbox leader besides explained that though Google is simply a "massive and fierce competitor" he was "surprised by their deficiency of advancement pinch Stadia", earlier adding that Microsoft's number 1 competitor to Xbox Cloud Gaming is presently Nvidia’s GeForce Now. 

"But we support our oculus connected some Google and Amazon pinch Luna (also struggling)," Spencer said.

Even though nan soul emails show that Microsoft was moving connected implementing autochthonal PC games for its unreality work successful July 2021, location has been nary charismatic connection connected nan matter from nan company. 

More specifications person been revealed from nan FTC v. Microsoft case, including caller documents that authorities that The Elder Scrolls 6 is expected to beryllium released sometime during aliases aft 2026.

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