Microsoft ending third-party printer driver support is good news for you

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Microsoft revealed successful a caller archive that it will nary longer work third-party printer drivers connected devices that usage Windows OS, including Windows 11. 

According the article, Microsoft will let IPP Class Driver and Mopria-compliant people devices, nan second of which sewage autochthonal pinch Windows 10 type 21H2. These will beryllium supported alternatively of manufacturer-made drivers via Windows Update. This intends that printer manufacturers won’t person to supply dedicated drivers, which is already a immense use to them.

On nan user end, manufacturers tin still connection people customization via Microsoft Store apps. Thanks to nan overmuch much streamlined and standardized attack to drivers, different user use is that location will beryllium plentifulness of capacity and reliability improvements alongside wide compatibility crossed Windows versions and editions.

The FAQ besides specifications that Mopria certification will beryllium a mandatory request for HLK (Hardware Lab Kit). It ensures printers will beryllium compatible pinch different devices, including PCs, smartphones, tablets, and more: different use for buyers who won’t person to cheque compatibility themselves.

Of course, Microsoft has a planned timeline to slow faze retired v3 and v4 third-party driver support, which will return spot complete respective years until 2027. Below you tin spot nan afloat timetable.

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September 2023Announce bequest third-party printer driver for Windows extremity of servicing plan.
2025No caller printer drivers will beryllium published to Windows Update. Existing printer drivers connected Windows Update tin still beryllium updated.
2026Printer driver ranking bid modified to ever for illustration Windows IPP inbox people driver.
2027Except for security-related fixes, third-party printer driver updates will nary longer beryllium allowed. Existing third-party printer drivers tin beryllium installed from Windows Update aliases users tin instal printer drivers utilizing printer manufactures installer programs.

It’s important to statement that moreover erstwhile nan switchover is complete, buyers will still person entree to immoderate existing third-party drivers. This intends your aged printer that’s still kicking won’t beryllium rendered useless erstwhile support ends and only first-party drivers are updated.

Windows 11 is still bad 

This move is perfectly nan correct determination from Microsoft, arsenic first-party drivers make installation and attraction overmuch simpler. I callback my ain headaches search down and installing aged drivers for my Brother printer; having nan action to conscionable usage 1 from Microsoft would person saved maine plentifulness of trouble.

That said, it would beryllium bully if Microsoft could beryllium truthful considerate erstwhile it comes to  literally thing other involving Windows 11. For instance, its obsession pinch getting users to upgrade to Windows 11 is annoying astatine champion and downright enraging astatine  worst. Also nan tons of bloatware included pinch pre-built PCs and laptops, nan fierce ads successful nan Start Menu, nan celebrated features successful erstwhile versions that were dropped successful Windows 11, etc.

And that’s not moreover nan extremity of nan iceberg, pinch plenty much issues and problems that person been plaguing nan OS. Guess you can’t triumph them all. Or moreover astir of them.

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