Memory Error Code 2000-0122, 2000-0123, or 2000-0251 [Solved]

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By Amy | Follow | Last Updated October 10, 2023

You whitethorn person nan memory correction codification 2000-0122, 2000-0123, aliases 2000-0251 while utilizing computers. What causes nan rumor and really to lick it? Well, you tin find nan answers successful this station of MiniTool Partition Wizard.

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Due to various reasons, you tin person representation correction 2000-0122, 2000-0251, aliases 2000-0123. Some communal reasons are summarized arsenic follows. Once you get nan correction code, find nan guidelines origin by referring to them.

  • RAM fails to execute immoderate test.
  • RAM is bad aliases faulty.
  • There is nary beingness representation successful your system.
  • You footwear your instrumentality excessively.


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Way 1: Check and Remove nan RAM Module

The RAM whitethorn neglect and extremity moving because of immoderate method faults. Besides, nan faulty RAM could trigger immoderate different errors connected your Windows 10/11 computer. After you person representation correction codification 2000-0122, 2000-0123, aliases 2000-0251, you should cheque nan RAM module and region it if necessary. Here are nan elaborate steps.

Step 1: Open nan Settings app by holding nan Windows and I keys.

Step 2: In nan main interface of Settings, click System.

Step 3: Scroll down nan near sheet until you find About. Then move to nan correct broadside of nan model to cheque your PC’s RAM usage nether Device specifications for Installed RAM.

check RAM module

Step 4: If nan RAM usage is displayed accurately, corroborate if nan correction still persists. On nan contrary, restart your machine and cheque nan RAM usage. If it’s still inaccurate, proceed pinch nan instructions below.

  • Open nan laptop aliases desktop PC case.
  • Locate nan RAM modules and make judge it’s decently seated aliases connected to nan slot.
  • Remove nan RAM modules 1 by one. For instance, if you person 2 sticks of RAM installed, put 1 successful and time off nan 2nd out. If it fails, effort it again.

Way 2: Perform a Memory Test

The representation correction codification 2000-0122, 2000-0123, aliases 2000-0251 whitethorn bespeak thing incorrect pinch nan RAM. So, it is basal to execute a representation trial erstwhile you person 1 of these representation correction codes. To do that, simply travel nan steps below.

Step 1: Press nan Windows and R keys simultaneously to telephone retired nan Run window.

Step 2: Type mdsched.exe successful nan Run model and click OK to unfastened Windows Memory Diagnostic.

open Windows Memory Diagnostic from Run window

Step 3: In nan pop-up window, click connected nan Restart now and cheque for problems (recommended) option. Then your machine will restart automatically.

restart nan machine and cheque for problems

Step 4: After your PC restarts, nan Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool will commencement to trial nan RAM. You tin spot nan advancement and RAM position connected nan prompted screen.

view nan trial progress

Step 5: Once nan trial process ends, your machine will load up automatically. Press nan Windows and X keys to unfastened nan Start paper and past click Event Viewer. Then you tin position nan specifications of nan trial result. Once you find issues pinch your RAM, upgrade aliases switch RAM immediately.

Way 3: Run Hardware Diagnostics connected nan Computer

If you tin entree nan Dell scatter screen, tally a built-in aliases offline diagnostic trial astatine pinch nan Dell Support Assist. To tally a hardware trial pinch nan embedded utility, commencement your machine and support pressing nan F12 cardinal to entree nan one-time footwear menu. Then take Diagnostic connected nan paper to tally nan hardware scan.

Alternatively, tally nan diagnostic by pressing and holding nan Fn cardinal and turning connected nan strategy astatine nan aforesaid time. Once nan diagnostic scan starts, merchandise nan Fn key. According to nan diagnostic result, return corresponding actions to hole representation correction 2000-0122.

Way 4: Update BIOS

If representation correction codification 2000-0122, 2000-0123, aliases 2000-0251 still persists, update your BIOS manually. You request to reset nan BIOS to nan default settings first if you person made changes to nan BIOS settings. The ways to update BIOS alteration depending connected nan PC brands. Here are nan BIOS update tutorials of immoderate celebrated PC brands.

  • HP BIOS update
  • ASUS BIOS update
  • American Megatrends BIOS update
  • Flashing Gigabyte motherboard BIOS pinch Ubuntu

How to get free of representation correction codification 2000-0251, 2000-0122, aliases 2000-0123? Well, this station offers you 4 ways. Pick 1 method from them to troubleshoot nan issue.

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