Magnet Links Not Working? 8 Ways to Fix Them

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Do you click connected a magnet link, but your browser doesn't effort to unfastened nan torrent customer to download nan file? If so, you whitethorn person a problem pinch nan magnet link, torrent client, aliases browser. Thankfully, location are elemental solutions to make magnet links activity decently again.

Magnet links are utilized to download torrents and are considered superior to downloading a torrent file. However, astatine times, they won't work, and location are a fewer reasons for that, including:

  • There mightiness beryllium an rumor pinch nan magnet link.
  • The website hosting nan magnet nexus mightiness beryllium experiencing method difficulties.
  • You whitethorn not person a torrent customer installed, aliases its settings could beryllium group incorrectly.
  • You whitethorn not person decently configured your browser to unfastened nan magnet link.
  • Your information package could restrict your browser's expertise to unfastened outer magnet links.

Having understood nan causes, let's look astatine imaginable solutions.

An rumor pinch a peculiar nexus aliases nan embed instrumentality connected a website tin make a magnet nexus unresponsive erstwhile clicked.

To find whether nan problem is link-specific, effort opening different magnet nexus from nan aforesaid website. If different links work, it's apt a link-specific issue—something beyond your control. If different links besides don't work, nan problem whitethorn beryllium circumstantial to nan website.

To do that, spell to immoderate different website hosting nan magnet links and effort to unfastened them. If links behave usually connected different websites but enactment strangely connected a peculiar one, they mightiness not person been embedded correctly. In this case, your champion stake is to interaction nan website administrator and study nan issue.

However, if you acquisition a problem opening magnet links connected different websites, nan rumor is apt deep-rooted and needs further investigation.

2. Ensure You Have a Torrent Client Installed

You request a torrent customer installed connected your instrumentality to download contented from a magnet link. If you don't person 1 installed (or you get an correction specified arsenic "this record does not person an app associated pinch it"), it's clip to download a torrent customer tin of handling magnet links, specified arsenic qBittorrent.

If you already person a torrent customer installed, it mightiness not support magnet links, truthful magnet links won't respond. Thus, you'll person to alteration nan default app to unfastened magnet links.

To alteration nan default app for opening magnet links, travel nan beneath steps:

  1. Type "Registry" successful Windows Search, right-click connected nan Registry Editor app, and click Run arsenic administrator.
  2. Copy and paste nan pursuing way into nan Registry Editor: Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Magnet\shell\open\command
  3. Right-click nan Default key successful nan correct pane and prime Modify...
  4. Then, successful nan Value data field, paste nan way to nan executable record of your preferred torrent client.
  5. Finally, click OK.
    changing nan default torrent customer for magnet links successful registry editor

If you don't cognize nan way to your torrent client's executable, right-click connected nan client's shortcut icon and prime Properties. Then, spell to nan Shortcut tab and transcript nan way from nan Target field.

copying nan way to utorrent executable record from record properties window

Ensure you adhd nan strings "%1" /SHELLASSOC and "%1" astatine nan extremity of nan way for uTorrent and qBittorrent, respectively, earlier adding them to nan Registry Editor.

Some torrent clients travel pinch record relation settings that let you to restrict nan customer from downloading torrent files aliases magnet links erstwhile necessary. If this action is enabled successful your client's settings, your browser cannot punctual your torrent customer to download contented from a magnet link, moreover if you've group your preferred torrent customer arsenic nan default app.

The qBittorrent customer has this setting. To cheque that record relation settings are configured correctly successful qBittorrent, travel nan steps below:

  1. Open qBittorrent.
  2. Navigate to nan Tools menu and click connected it to grow it.
  3. Select Options.
  4. Go to nan Behavior tab connected nan left.
  5. Locate File association settings and cheque nan container beside Use qBittorrent for magnet links.
    changing nan record relation settings successful nan qbittorrent client
  6. Click Apply and OK to finish.

If you usage other torrent clients, make judge you alteration nan support that allows your torrent customer to download contented from magnet links.

When you instal uTorrent, you are prompted to prime nan types of files you want nan customer to grip by default. If you uncheck nan action to grip magnet URIs during installation, nan torrent customer whitethorn beryllium incapable to grip magnet links. Since uTorrent doesn't let you to alteration nan record types aft installation, you'll request to uninstall it and reinstall it again. During reinstallation, make judge you cheque nan penchant to grip Magnet URIs.

Selecting nan File Types You Want uTorrent Client to Handle When Installing It

5. Change Site Settings connected Chrome

If magnet links aren't moving connected Chrome, you mightiness person blocked sites from handling protocols. So, to alteration nan protocol handlers mounting successful Chrome, travel these steps:

  1. Type successful nan pursuing URL successful Chrome and property Enter: chrome:
  2. Check nan circle beside Sites tin inquire to grip protocols.
  3. Verify that nan tract you usage magnet links connected isn't banned from handling protocols. Click nan cross (x) icon to region nan regularisation if it is.
changing nan protocol handlers settings successful chrome

6. Add a Preference successful nan Advanced Preferences Settings successful Firefox

If magnet links aren't moving successful Firefox, travel these steps to adhd a penchant manually:

  1. Type about:config to bring up nan Advanced Preferences window.
  2. Type network.Protocol-handler.expose.magnet in a hunt box, and you'll astir apt not find immoderate preferences matching it.
  3. Click nan plus icon astatine nan correct extremity of nan drawstring to adhd it.
    adding a caller penchant successful firefox precocious penchant settings
  4. Click connected nan toggle icon "" to alteration nan penchant worth to false.
    changing nan worth of recently created penchant to mendacious successful firefox

7. Install an Extension successful Microsoft Edge

Edge doesn't person a built-in mounting to change protocol handling. So, you request to instal an hold to do that. To instal it, travel nan steps below:

  1. Go to nan Microsoft Edge Add-ons page and hunt Magnet linker.
  2. Once you person located it, click nan Get button to instal it.

Please statement that while nan only reappraisal for this instrumentality has 1 star, I person tested it, and it does work. The adjacent clip you usage Edge to unfastened a magnet link, it will admit your magnet link.

8. Whitelist Your Browser and Torrent Client From Your Security Software

If nary of nan supra fixes works, and you still person problems opening magnet links, past it is apt that your information package is blocking your browser from prompting nan torrent customer to unfastened magnet links. To norm retired this possibility, you must whitelist your browser and torrent customer successful nan information suite.

If you're moving Windows, mention to our guideline connected how to let apps done nan Microsoft Defender firewall.

When magnet links extremity responding to clicks, we are forced to usage nan modular method of downloading torrent files to instal them. Hopefully, you now intelligibly understand what tin origin magnet links to extremity moving and imaginable solutions you tin employment to resoluteness nan issue.

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