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Owen Wilson and Tom Hiddlestone successful Loki play 2
(Image credit: Marvel)

Loki play 2 is coming soon to Disney Plus and for Marvel, it can't travel soon enough. Most of nan caller Marvel TV shows and movies person been little than stellar, but nan dream is Loki tin correct nan ship. Especially since nan first play was beloved by critics and fans alike.

Below, we'll get into what we cognize astir Loki play 2 truthful far, including what we've seen from nan trailers, erstwhile section 1 will premiere and who is presently successful nan show's cast. We'll besides research nan crippled speculation for nan upcoming play of Loki.

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Spoiler alert: Spoilers for Loki and nan MCU astatine ample whitethorn follow

Loki play 2 trailers

So acold we've gotten 3 trailers for Loki play 2, but nan first trailer is easy nan astir in-depth successful position of what to expect. In it, we spot nan Loki version from Loki play 1 (Tom Hiddleston) that is — inexplicably — "timeslipping" wrong nan Time Variance Authority (TVA). Being pulled backmost and distant done timelines has fixed Loki a glimpse into what a timeline dominated by Kang nan Conqueror could look like, and it's not good.

And successful this peculiar season, it looks for illustration nan main Kang version Loki and Mobius (Owen Wilson) will person to contend pinch is Victor Timely (Jonathan Majors). If this isn't nan first clip you've ever seen Timely, that's because he, Loki and Mobius each look successful an end-credits segment successful Ant-Man and nan Wasp: Quantumania, a Marvel movie that besides featured a Kang version arsenic its villain.

Aside from Kang, we do get 1 different caller look successful this trailer. Ouroboros, aka "O.B.", is simply a TVA supplier played by Ke Huy Quan, who useful successful nan repairs and advancement department. He appears to beryllium an master successful nan exertion broadside of maintaining timelines and mightiness beryllium Loki's only dream to extremity slipping done time. 

We besides spot immoderate acquainted faces returning successful nan trailer, including Sylvie, a female version of Loki who nan different main version of Loki falls successful emotion pinch by nan extremity of play 1. In this trailer, she seems to beryllium stuck successful nan past moving astatine a McDonald's. 

We besides spot what appears to beryllium a type of Hunter B-15 (Wunmi Mosaku) though it's unclear if she still useful for nan TVA successful play 2. Remember, Sylvie collapsed nan timeline astatine nan extremity of Loki play 1, truthful we've branched disconnected into a caller reality successful nan multiverse for play 2. It besides looks for illustration we will beryllium getting immoderate type of Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) and Miss Minutes (voiced by Tara Strong) returning from play 1. But again, expect immoderate changes successful their characters.

Oh, and there's 1 much caller look we are introduced to successful this charismatic trailer. Brad Wolfe (Rafael Casal) is billed arsenic an character starring successful nan fictional movie Zaniac and appears to tie nan wrath of astatine slightest 1 Loki successful nan trailer. It will beryllium absorbing to spot really his characteristic plays retired complete nan people of nan season, arsenic we cognize very small other from this trailer.

Marvel's 2nd trailer for Loki play 2 is briefer than nan charismatic trailer, and a batch much Loki-centric. While nan charismatic trailer took nan opportunity to laic retired nan stakes of play 2 arsenic a whole, this 1 focuses mostly connected nan truth that Loki is getting pulled passim nan timeline astatine a breakneck pace.

We do get a fewer further specifications though. First, we spot that Loki and Sylvie are teaming up astatine immoderate constituent this season. This was heavy implied successful nan charismatic trailer but nary guarantee fixed Sylvie sidesplitting He Who Remains perchance caused a imperishable rift successful her and Loki's relationship. But for a divided second, you do spot them squad up astatine nan extremity of nan first trailer.

In this trailer though, there's nary ambiguity. While Loki and Sylvie whitethorn still person immoderate things to activity retired successful their... analyzable relationship, they're decidedly teaming up for astatine slightest 1 battle. In fact, it looks for illustration astatine 1 constituent we will get Loki, Sylvie, Mobius, Hunter B-15, O.B. and Casey (Eugene Cordero), who was a TVA receptionist successful Loki play 1, each teaming up together.

Notably absent from that group? Ravonna Renslayer. That intends we could spot her squad up pinch Kang-variant Victor Timely arsenic nan different main villain for Loki play 2.

Finally, Marvel and Disney Plus person fixed america a highest down nan curtain astatine Loki play 2 successful a featurette called Amazing Loki. 

And successful it, nan formed and unit of Loki committedness america a lot. Granted, not each of it is arsenic consequential arsenic confirmation that Tom Hiddleston will beryllium wearing a suit, but there's a batch successful present that should beryllium important going into nan first section connected October 5.

First, possibly don't expect this play of Loki to necktie into nan remainder of nan MCU a lot. Executive shaper Kevin R. Wright views this play arsenic introducing a caller area and formed of characters to nan MCU, truthful don't expect an Ant-Man crossover successful play 2.

Second, for play 2's storyline, we tin expect large stakes and dealing pinch nan "consequences of nan first season." It besides appears to beryllium a hero's travel for Loki based connected what Hiddleston says successful this featurette, and whitethorn moreover necktie him to nan TVA unit for much MCU shows aliases movies down nan line.

Loki play 2 merchandise day confirmed

Initially, Loki's merchandise date was group for Friday, October 6, 2023. However, it seems aft immoderate affirmative consequence to Ahsoka's merchandise schedule connected Disney Plus, Disney is changing things up a bit. 

Per a Twitter (X) announcement connected September 18, 2023, that Disney and Marvel shared crossed aggregate accounts, Loki play 2 will now premiere connected October 5, 2023. The first section will beryllium disposable to watercourse connected Disney Plus astatine 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT / 2 a.m. BST (Oct. 6) / 11 a.m. AEST (Oct. 5).

Technically, Disney has not confirmed nan displacement from Fridays to Thursday nights for nan remaining 5 episodes. However, we afloat expect them to premiere astatine nan aforesaid clip arsenic section one, each consequent Thursday.

Loki play 2 formed and crew

 Ke Huy Quan arsenic O.B., Wunmi Mosaku arsenic Hunter B-15, Tom Hiddleston arsenic Loki, and Owen Wilson arsenic Mobius successful Loki play 2

(Image credit: Marvel)

The bully news is that, pinch 3 trailers to spell disconnected of, we person a really bully thought of who nan awesome players successful Loki play 2 are. And while it's a batch of acquainted faces, location are a fewer caller ones, astir notably Ke Huy Quan's O.B.

Plus, fixed Loki is each astir clip travel, don't beryllium amazed if nan aforesaid actors are playing nan aforesaid characters but pinch changed personas. We already cognize that Jonathan Majors will beryllium Victor Timely alternatively than reprising arsenic He Who Remains, truthful moreover though some are Kang variants, expect immoderate differences.

  • Tom Hiddleston arsenic Loki, a version of nan Loki that died successful Avengers Infinity War
  • Sophia Di Martino arsenic Sylvie, a version of Loki that breaks nan timeline astatine nan extremity of Loki play 1
  • Owen Wilson arsenic Mobius M. Mobius, a TVA supplier and Loki's friend from play 1
  • Jonathan Majors arsenic Victor Timely, a Kang version from nan early 1900s pinch futuristic tech
  • Ke Huy Quan arsenic Ouroboros a.k.a. O.B., a TVA supplier who useful successful repairs and advancement
  • Gugu Mbatha-Raw arsenic Ravonna Renslayer, a TVA judge from play 1 whose play 2 domiciled is still unknown
  • Wunmi Mosaku arsenic Hunter B-15, a high-ranking TVA huntsman returning from play 1
  • Eugene Cordero arsenic Casey, a TVA worker returning from play 1
  • Rafael Casal arsenic Brad Wolfe, nan fictional prima of nan fictional movie Zaniac successful Loki play 2
  • Tara Strong arsenic nan sound of Miss Minutes, nan cartoonish timepiece mascot of nan TVA who appears to spell connected a rampage astatine slightest erstwhile successful play 2

Loki play 2 crippled speculation

(L to R) Ke Huy Quan, Tom Hiddleston arsenic Loki and Owen Wilson arsenic Mobius successful Loki play 2

(Image credit: Marvel via YouTube)

For those who missed Loki play 1 aliases conscionable request a refresher, here's a speedy breakdown.

Hiddleston's Loki dies successful Avengers: Infinity War. However, successful nan people of Avengers Endgame, a version of Loki is fto loose and successful Loki play 1 we spot him flight concisely earlier being captured by nan TVA. Once captured, he teams up pinch Mobius to uncover which Loki version is wreaking havoc crossed nan timeline. This turns retired to beryllium a version named Sylvie, who Loki yet falls for. In nan end, Loki, Mobius and Sylvie uncover a conspiracy — nan TVA is group up by He Who Remains to support nan timeline successful cheque and forestall nan emergence of Kang nan Conqueror. 

Sylvie yet kills He Who Remains, breaking nan timeline and unleashing Kang upon nan world. Loki past returns to nan TVA wherever he finds everything has perchance reset, but successful reality has gone horribly wrong.

So play 2 starts disconnected pinch Loki successful this caller TVA pinch nary knowledge of nan caller timeline that has been established. In this caller timeline, Mobius is unaware of his past pinch Loki and it's unclear conscionable really overmuch other has changed. All we cognize is that location is simply a caller threat — a Kang version named Victor Timely who exists astir nan move of nan 19th century.

It now looks for illustration Loki, Sylvie, Mobius, Hunter B-15, O.B. and Casey will yet squad up to extremity Timely from controlling nan timeline. In nan people of this objective, they whitethorn besides travel up against foes successful nan shape of character Brad Wolfe and TVA judge Ravonna Renslayer.

But secondarily, they request to hole what's incorrect pinch Hiddleston's Loki variant. This is astir evident successful his timeslipping, which causes him to flit backmost and distant uncontrollably passim nan caller timeline. But it besides appears he will request to patient up his relationships pinch his friends to shape a caller family successful his travel from villain to hero. This is akin to really nan original Loki yet finds a family successful Thor and nan Asgardians, turning bully conscionable agelong capable to sacrifice himself to thief prevention nan universe.

Finally, we do person 1 further secondary crippled for Loki play 2. Show-writer Eric Martin antecedently tweeted "I really wish we'd had much clip pinch Mobius and Renslayer. I wanted to research her much profoundly and really spot their relationship. But covid sewage successful nan measurement and we conscionable didn't person time." This tweet has since been deleted, but it looks for illustration Loki's relationships whitethorn not beryllium nan only 1 to get further exploration successful play 2.

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