LG Black Friday TV sale — 5 deals I recommend based on our testing

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LG C3 OLED TV showing The Batman pinch Black Friday woody tag
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For years, LG OLED TVs person been nan aureate modular of televisions. Unfortunately, they've besides been immoderate of nan astir costly successful immoderate fixed surface size.

Thanks to immoderate early Black Friday TV deals, though, a caller LG TV doesn't person to costs its weight successful golden — location are plentifulness of awesome deals that shave hundreds disconnected nan costs of a caller TV.

So wherever should you commencement looking? Check retired nan LG C3 OLED and LG G3 OLED, nan newest models for 2023 that are among nan best OLED TVs we've tested. They connection immoderate of nan champion image capacity of immoderate TV, and acknowledgment to immoderate early deals they're priced to move.

Instead of conscionable rounding up immoderate ol' LG TV, however, I've tried to find champion deals connected nan TVs that person passed our rigorous testing protocols. Not only will these TVs connection an unthinkable value, but they'll present a image capacity you're going to love.

  • LG 48" A2 4K OLED TV: was $1,299 now $549 @ Best Buy
  • LG 55" B2 4K OLED TV: was $1,099 now $996 @ Amazon
  • LG 55" C3 4K OLED: was $1,899 now $1,296 @ Amazon
  • LG 65" G3 OLED 4K TV: was $3,299 now $2,296 @ Amazon
  • LG G2 77" 4K OLED TV: was $3,299 now $2,999 @ Best Buy

Best early Black Friday LG TV deals

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