Leaked render reveals Samsung Galaxy S23 FE color options

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Samsung Galaxy S23 review
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While we didn’t get a Galaxy S22 FE past year, don't deliberation Samsung's fixed up connected nan "Fan Edition" of its flagship smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S23 FE has agelong been rumored to beryllium successful nan works, and now a recently leaked render has revealed nan colour options it'll travel in.

The render, from MSPowerUser via SamMobile, shows Samsung's upcoming mid-range telephone successful 4 shades: achromatic graphite, pearl white, a alternatively heavy purple, and a ray oliva green. You tin return a look astatine nan colors below, shown disconnected successful what appears to beryllium an charismatic promotional image from Samsung itself. It's almost identical to nan colors we saw pinch nan past "Fan Edition" telephone Samsung put out, the Galaxy S21 FE, pinch nan only quality being nan trading attached to them.

Galaxy S23 FE promotional worldly featuring nan phone's colour options

(Image credit: MSPowerUser)

As you would expect for a telephone billed arsenic a "Fan Edition," nan Galaxy S23 FE looks near-identical to the Samsung Galaxy S23 it's inspired by. Based connected this latest leak, nan 2 whitethorn stock a colour palette arsenic well, arsenic nan modular S23 besides comes successful black, white, greenish and lavender. Though Samsung offers nan S23 successful 2 shades of greenish alternatively than one: a darker wood greenish and a lime green. 

The render besides shows a very akin creation to nan Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus, corroborating a erstwhile nexus that revealed the specs and creation of nan S23 FE. The upcoming instrumentality is said to person a 3 traffic-light camera array connected nan back, conscionable for illustration nan modular S23, arsenic good arsenic a 6.3-inch surface pinch Full HD+ resolution, 8GB RAM, a 4,370mAh artillery and either 128GB aliases 256GB of soul storage. As for what's moving nan show, it’s rumored to travel pinch either past year’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 aliases nan Exynos 2200 processor. 

While there's nary charismatic connection connected erstwhile nan S23 will beryllium released, noted leaker Yogesh Brar predicts it'll motorboat successful “late September,” which would put it location betwixt the iPhone 15 and Google Pixel 8 in nan upcoming merchandise schedule.  

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