Keychron C3 Pro Is a $35 Gasket-Mounted Mechanical Keyboard

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It's an breathtaking action for keyboard enthusiasts and novices.

The Keychron C3 Pro mechanical keyboard connected a table pinch immoderate loose LEGO pieces.Keychron

Mechanical keyboard nerds thin to awkward distant from inexpensive gear. However, Keychron's latest mechanical keyboard could lead to a alteration of habits. The Keychron C3 Pro costs conscionable $35, but it offers premium typing feedback and acoustics done a double-mounted gasket construction. It besides uses durable shine-through double-shot ABS keycaps, it's sewage adjustable feet, and it comes pinch a prime of Keychron's reddish aliases brownish mechanical switches.

The C3 Pro uses a compact TKL layout—it's nan smaller and cheaper related to Keychron's C2 Pro (which is wide praised for its build quality). And, overmuch for illustration nan C2 Pro, nan C3 Pro contains a bevy of useful specs. Keychron C3 Pro's polling complaint clocks successful astatine 1,000 Hz, and n-key rollover is employed to decently registry simultaneous cardinal presses. You besides get package customization done nan industry-standard QMK/VIA, which is highly uncommon successful affordable keyboards. Of course, this keyboard requires a wired connection, which is to beryllium expected astatine $35.

Exploded position of Keychron C3 Pro.Keychron

However, Keychron's build value is nan large trading constituent here. Gasket-mounted keyboards thin to beryllium reasonably expensive, yet nan C3 Pro uses a double-mounted gasket chassis pinch a furniture of sound-absorbing foam. It should supply a very "expensive" typing acquisition pinch responsive beingness feedback and pleasant acoustics. Presumably, it doesn't person nan atrocious "pinging" sound that you'll find successful similarly-priced mechanical keyboards. We still haven't tested nan C3 Pro, truthful please dainty this arsenic an assumption.

This keyboard is illuminated pinch north-facing reddish LEDs, which radiance done nan legends of its double-shot ABS keycaps. Unfortunately, arsenic you whitethorn person already guessed, nan C3 Pro does not person hot-swappable switches (although nan larger C2 Pro does). The deficiency of hot-swappability is simply a disappointment, but Keychron notes that nan C3 Pro tin still beryllium a thrifty plaything for hobbyists aliases developers, arsenic it uses a "high-performance" ARM Cortex-M4 32-bit architecture pinch 256K Flash.

You tin purchase nan Keychron C3 Pro coming astatine Amazon for $35. It supports some Windows and macOS, and customers tin take betwixt reddish aliases brownish switches. I propose utilizing nan brownish switches if you want a tactile feel, which gives you other beingness feedback and tin forestall accidental cardinal presses erstwhile typing. The reddish switches person a smoother consequence and are awesome for high-paced gaming.

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