Keyboard or Mouse Works in BIOS but Not in Windows [5+ Fixes]

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By Amy | Follow | Last Updated September 19, 2023

While utilizing nan computer, you whitethorn find a unusual denotation “keyboard aliases rodent works successful BIOS but not successful Windows”. What to do to usage nan keyboard and rodent normally? Here, MiniTool Partition Wizard collects immoderate disposable solutions to nan issue.

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Before you effort nan methods illustrated successful nan post, effort nan pursuing methods to hole “keyboard or mouse works in BIOS but not in Windows” issue.

  • Disconnect and past reconnect nan keyboard aliases mouse
  • Drain residual charge
  • Test nan rodent connected different computer
  • Replace nan USB rodent pinch nan PS/2 larboard mouse

Method 1: Turn connected USB Legacy Support

The USB Legacy Support characteristic allows you to usage USB rodent during nan strategy startup. Hence, you tin alteration USB Legacy Support if keyboard aliases rodent useful successful BIOS but not successful Windows. Here’s really to do that.

Step 1: Enter nan BIOS setup surface of your computer. Since your rodent aliases keyboard can’t activity successful Windows, you request to cognize really to participate BIOS without keyboard and mouse. Here is 1 disposable method.

After turning disconnected nan computer, unfastened its lawsuit and spot if it has a Reset CMOS fastener which is usually an I/O achromatic move branded arsenic CLR, CLEAR, Clear CMOS adjacent nan battery. Depending connected nan creation of nan button, toggle nan move connected aliases off, aliases property and clasp it for a fewer seconds. Then move connected your machine to unfastened nan BIOS.

Step 2: Find a conception called USB Configuration, Peripherals, Legacy USB, aliases thing on nan aforesaid lines.


The title varies according to nan circumstantial motherboard manufacturers because they person different BIOS schemes.

Step 3: Enable nan USB Legacy Support and deed F10 to corroborate nan operation.

Step 4: Press Esc aliases nan Exit action to time off BIOS.

According to personification reports, enabling USB options is 1 of nan astir effective ways to lick keyboard and rodent activity successful BIOS, not Windows. You tin person a effort excessively by pursuing nan steps below.

Step 1: Enter nan BIOS without keyboard and rodent pinch nan instructions above.

Step 2: Locate nan USB options.

Step 3: Enable nan USB keyboard and rodent simulator aliases immoderate different options that sounds similar.

Step 4: Restart nan machine and cheque if nan rodent only useful successful BIOS but stops moving connected Windows 10 still.

Method 3: Disable nan Intel Integrated Sensor Solution Driver

The Intel Integrated Sensor Solution driver manages nan rotation power usability of nan Gyroscope, Accelerometer, and eCompass sensor successful supported devices. However, it sometimes causes keyboard and rodent activity successful BIOS, not Windows. Then should disable nan driver to get free of nan issue.

Step 1: Right-click connected nan Windows icon and past click Device Manager connected nan elevated menu.

Step 2: In nan Device Manager window, find and grow nan System Devices category.

Step 3: Find and right-click connected nan Intel Integrated Sensor Solutions driver, and past click Disable driver.


In nan prompted window, click Yes to corroborate nan operation.

Step 4: Then restart your machine and cheque if keyboard/mouse only useful successful BIOS, not Windows.

Method 4: Roll Back aliases Reinstall nan Keyboard aliases Mouse Driver

Step 1: Open nan Device Manager.

Step 2: Expand nan Keyboard aliases Mice and different pointing devices category.

Step 3: Right-click connected your keyboard aliases rodent driver and click Properties.

tap connected nan Update driver option

Step 4: In nan adjacent window, take Roll Back Driver. Then travel nan on-screen instructions to complete nan operation.

Roll Back Driver

Step 5: Check if nan “keyboard aliases rodent useful successful BIOS but not successful Windows” is solved.

Method 5: Perform Startup Repair

If nan supra methods don’t work, effort performing a startup repair. It mightiness hole nan “keyboard/mouse only useful successful BIOS, not Windows” issue.

Step 1: Boot your machine into nan Windows Recovery Environment.

Step 2: Tap Troubleshoot > Advanced Options.

Step 3: On nan Advanced options menu, click Startup Repair.

Step 4: Follow nan prompted instructions to decorativeness nan operation.

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