JLab's alarmingly affordable high-end buds are stacked with next-gen features

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JLab Epic Lab earbuds
(Image credit: JLab)

Audio marque JLab has launched, what it calls, “its astir premium existent wireless” earbuds, and looking astatine nan specs, that connection isn’t full hyperbole.

Dubbed nan JLab Epic Lab Edition, these earbuds athletics a “hybrid dual-driver design”. One speaker is for pumping retired “rich bass and debased frequencies” while nan different supports nan Knowles Preferred Listening Response Curve – aliases nan Knowles Curve for short. Without getting excessively heavy successful nan weeds, nan second expands nan treble sound floor plan allowing for amended high-frequency output. The institution states this operation results successful a “well-balanced and crystal-clear” audio acquisition that isn’t imaginable connected earbuds pinch a azygous driver. Consumers will beryllium capable to bask detailed, Hi-Res sound connected their smartphones acknowledgment to this hardware. On Android, this will beryllium delivered done nan LDAC codec ensuring CD-quality audio, while connected iOS, it’ll beryllium done AAC (Advanced Audio Codec). 

Notable features

When it comes to features, nan JLab Epic Lab earbuds are stacked. They travel pinch Smart Active Noise Cancelation (ANC) to automatically set really overmuch biology sound is blocked. For example, a noisy situation could consequence successful much powerful sound cancelation while a much quiet spot tones it down. This tin beryllium adjuvant successful extending artillery life. Normally, nan earbuds person an complete 56-hour artillery life, but pinch ANC activated, nan number drops down to astir 36 hours.

What’s absorbing astir this instrumentality is it comes pinch a small USB-C dongle giving your smartphone nan expertise to support Bluetooth LE. If you’re not familiar, Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) is simply a wireless modular tin of enhancing audio via improved bitrates [and] little latency betwixt nan earbuds and source. It tin moreover present longer artillery life. This tech deed nan segment past year, however, location aren't galore smartphone models that connection first-party support for it.  

JLab Epic Lab earbuds pinch USB-C dongle

(Image credit: JLab)

Be alert not each telephone will beryllium compatible pinch nan dongle. The institution states it has connected its charismatic website a database detailing each azygous exemplary that useful pinch nan peripheral. However, erstwhile we checked, location was nothing. In our correspondence pinch JLab, we learned nan add-on does so activity connected nan iPhone 15. This is each we cognize astatine nan moment. We reached retired to nan marque for much details. This communicative will beryllium updated astatine a later time.


Other notable features connected nan Epic Lab earbuds see support for spatial audio done Dolby Atmos arsenic good arsenic Windows Sonic, and Google Fast Pair for speedy connectivity, positive a guidance standing of IP55 to protect against sweat and dust. Also, nan charging lawsuit accepts wireless charging. 

You tin acquisition nan brace disconnected JLab’s website successful Black only for $199.99/£199.99/$249.99 AUD. Around mid-November, an update will get connected nan JLab app adding “a preset to nan Knowles Curve” alongside nan expertise to move betwixt nan brand’s Signature Sound and Bass Boost profiles.

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