Is Valpak Worth It? The Answer May Surprise You

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In today’s message was 1 of those Valpak advertizing coupon envelopes. That sewage maine wondering – is Valpak worthy it?

valpak advertizing nonstop mail

Normally, I’d propulsion it consecutive into nan garbage.  After all, I’m not looking to remodel my room aliases get caller windows.

But today, arsenic I walked my message backmost to nan house, I took a 2nd look astatine nan Valpak and realized, “Hey, this is simply a awesome illustration of nonstop marketing!” I besides wondered really galore businesses were utilizing Valpak advertizing arsenic their direct trading strategies to pull caller imaginable customers to their products and services.

I had tons of questions astir really effective section coupons are, really overmuch Valpak advertizing costs.

In this article, I will springiness you an wide explanation and reappraisal of Valpak advertising.  I’ll reply nan astir communal questions mini business owners mightiness person astir utilizing Valpak arsenic portion of their paid advertizing strategy.Then you’ll get immoderate occurrence tips you tin usage that will drive ft postulation to your business.

What is Valpak?

Valpak is simply a nonstop trading institution champion known for printed coupons delivered to 38 cardinal homes.  A Valpak nonstop message run features typical offers and deals from businesses successful your area.

While they are champion known for sending coupons and reply cards successful nan mail,  they’ve precocious pinch exertion and connection mobile coupons and coupon codes pinch their mobile app.

If you’re a consumer, you tin sojourn and spot what deals are offered successful your area.  And if you’re a business, you tin cheque retired what deals your competitors are offering.

How Does Valpak Advertising Work?

valpak website advertizing  section

Valpak advertisingbcan beryllium an insanely inexpensive measurement to put your connection successful beforehand of tens of thousands of consumers successful your area — sometimes for arsenic small arsenic .02 per household.

You tin take from a assortment of printed marketing materials that include:

  • Direct Mail Coupons
  • Flyers
  • Brochure
  • Valpak PlusOne™
  • Standard Postcard

You tin besides administer your offers online utilizing their integer trading options. These include:

  • Website
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Display Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing

So, if nonstop trading is your game, you tin usage Valpak arsenic an all-in-one lead procreation resource.

Questions to Ask About Valpak Advertising

If you’re a mini business proprietor considering Valpak, you astir apt person tons of questions.  The champion point to do is jot them down and chat pinch your section Valpak income representative.  That’s precisely what I did.  I reached retired to Lynn Yoko, nan income head for nan Cleveland area.

How tin Valpak thief maine pinch a website?

If you’re 1 of nan millions of mini businesses without a website, Valpak tin thief you pinch that.

Their introductory connection is to creation and build a website that Valpak hosts connected a different platform.  This is an fantabulous prime if you person thing and don’t cognize wherever to begin.

If you already person a website that you are hosting pinch a web hosting company, Valpak tin still thief you.  They will supply you pinch a civilization quote.

Valpak websites are typically done successful WordPress, giving you entree to update your website for illustration upload photos, alteration play specials, etc.

What would a complete Valpak advertizing run look like?

Of course, each business’ run is unique.

One of nan champion things astir Valpak advertizing is that they creation campaigns based connected their client’s needs, budget, and early aspirations.  They tin tailor nan campaigns pinch nary wasted distribution astir ever-changing situations.

Do you thief nan business travel up pinch an offer?

Valpak has complete 50 years of acquisition moving pinch section businesses and a web of offices crossed nan state pinch a wide scope of expertise.  Valpak leverages this web to stock champion practices, layout design, and offers that consumers respond to best.

What type of creation thief do you offer?

Valpak’s St Petersburg works is afloat of knowledgeable schematic artists that creation ads crossed nan country.

As an advertiser, Valpak provides sample ads, templates, and ideas to reappraisal and thief you determine connected advertisement creation and offers.

What accusation does nan business proprietor person to person fresh earlier nan income conversation?

Your first speech pinch nan Valpak advertizing typical will beryllium “all astir you.”

Here is what you’ll request to cognize up of clip truthful that you tin get nan astir retired of your speech pinch nan Valpak income rep.

All of these questions require you to do immoderate study and reasoning up of time.  If you want to win pinch Valpak advertising, you request to make judge that you person done immoderate activity upfront.

  • What are your goals for Valpak advertising?: Yes, we already cognize you want much leads and customers, but you request to beryllium much specific.  Remember, you request to cognize really galore caller customers you request to beryllium profitable.  Then you request to summation that number to screen nan costs of nan Valpak advertising.
  • What promotions person you done successful nan past? What worked and what didn’t work. To reply this question, it’s a bully thought to propulsion immoderate erstwhile advertizing that you’ve done and person those results astatine hand.  This will prevention you valuable clip and money later.
  • Who is your perfect customer:  “Everyone” is not an answer!  Because Valpak advertizing is local, see wherever your perfect customers live, what neighborhoods.  What is their income level?  That’s not all; get arsenic overmuch accusation astir your perfect customers arsenic you can.
  • How will you way your advertising: There’s a bully chance you’re only pursuing nan calls that travel successful and possibly asking, “how did you perceive of us.”  Take immoderate clip to deliberation astir really you tin amended seizure customers that mightiness travel successful from Valpak.
  • How do you want to pass pinch your customers: If you’re nan 1 moving successful your business (such arsenic appliance repair), you astir apt wish prospects to spell to an email truthful that you aren’t fielding calls while working.  If you person personification to reply nan phone, past you tin return calls.  So, deliberation astir what will activity champion for your prospects and you.

Here are immoderate options you whitethorn travel distant with:

  • Direct Marketing:  Target circumstantial households and demographics aliases return your existent database of clients and scrub that database and quickly and affordably message to your existing customers thanking them for their business and springiness them an appreciation offer, aliases punctual them that it is clip to usage their services again.
  • Mobile Display:  to summation nan capacity of your Valpak advertizing by reaching consumers connected their mobile devices wherever they walk nan astir magnitude of time.
  • Digital Overlay: Capture each nan instrumentality screens wrong nan houses of nan zones that we mail, giving their Valpak connection further scope and frequency.
  • Facebook Social media program: A powerful measurement to scope consumers; if it makes sense, we tin put their Valpak advertisement beforehand and halfway connected Facebook wherever they tin prevention it, stock it, aliases inquire to beryllium contacted for much information.
  • PlusOne. This is simply a targeted 8.75 x 5.25 solo postcard merchandise that is mixed pinch Valpak’s targeted households.  PlusOne provides advertisers an further transmission to scope consumers successful nan mailbox connected their portion astatine a fraction of accepted targeted Solo Mail to summation consequence and ROI.

What if personification signs up for a year-long campaign, but isn’t happy? What is your “return” aliases cancellation policy?

There isn’t cancellation aliases return.  However, nan Valpak squad will activity pinch you editing and tweaking arsenic basal to get you nan champion results possible.

Now, you tin spot why it’s basal to get each of your goals, information, past trading activities, and results pulled together.  This tin prevention you thousands of dollars.

What steps does Valpak return to make judge that nan customer’s connection will person aliases activity pinch their audience?

Marketing and advertizing is simply a business that depends connected really quality beings enactment and respond to beryllium successful.  And quality beings are unpredictable.

Valpak doesn’t person a magic look for success.  They person much than 50 years of acquisition and expertise crossed nan United States that increases your likelihood of success.

The different constituent successful that occurrence is YOU, and really good prepared you are for nonstop marketing.

One basal constituent that will summation your occurrence has occurrence stories and testimonials connected manus to usage successful your Valpak campaign.  So if you’re short connected those, commencement collecting them now.

What information does Valpak cod regarding what types of campaigns are successful?

Valpak is immense connected search success.

They codification people advertizing to spot which of nan NTA’s (neighborhood waste and acquisition areas = 10,000 HH) are astir profitable and request adjusting.

Valpak will supply search URLs; they supply Call Tracking numbers pinch play reports truthful you tin perceive to nan calls and visually spot wherever your calls are coming from.  They besides connection integer reporting to look astatine views, click to call, click for directions, and conversions to your website.  This allows you to reappraisal your programs and summation ROI.

How overmuch does Valpak advertizing cost?

Valpak doesn’t people its pricing. So, if you’re looking for a Valpak price, you won’t find one. They spot each run arsenic comparatively unique, and they want to link pinch you and thief you create a run that will make nan champion results and nan highest ROI. Valpak provides a integer shape wherever you tin get successful touch pinch a salesperson to fig retired which services will beryllium champion for your business.

People Love to Save Money With Coupons

Valpak runs a investigation study regularly conscionable to spot really their marketplace engages pinch their coupons.

I person to admit that nan results were surprising.

Check this out!

research astir Valpak audiences

“The readership study confirmed that Valpak continues to message to a highly engaged audience. Among nan households that person Valpak, nine retired of 10 (92%) opened and looked done nan letter cover and 82% looked astatine each letter cover insert.

The Valpak advertizing assemblage isn’t conscionable looking astatine nan inserts, they’re utilizing them too. Of nan households that opened their envelopes, 54% utilized Valpak coupons erstwhile a period aliases much frequently. 71% group speech 1-4 coupons they intend to stock aliases usage successful nan future.”

That’s impressive.

And, if I were a imaginable Valpak advertiser, I’d beryllium pensive astir nan watercourse of customers calling successful and begging to do business pinch me.

There are a mates of cardinal phrases successful this investigation you request to salary attraction to :

54% utilized nan coupons — I’d want to cognize what industries and coupons were astir often redeemed.  Is it restaurants, lipid changes, aliases immoderate merchandise aliases work consumed much frequently, aliases is it much durable specified arsenic windows aliases blinds?

Then location are nan 1-4 coupons they are mounting speech to usage successful nan early — does that happen?  I’m not sure.

When evaluating immoderate data, don’t conscionable return it astatine look value; make judge you understand wherever nan information came from- who did they ask, are those group your customers?

The Website is simply a Marketplace for Business Owners and Customers

Of course, you’ll want to cheque retired nan website first. If you click connected nan Google-sponsored ad, you’ll get this:

valpak advertizing get accusation from website

I accidentally gave them support to usage my location truthful erstwhile I click connected I spot this:

valpak registry to get coupons connected website

If you want to get much accusation connected ADVERTISING, you should click connected nan ad.  If you’re a user who wants to get section coupons, past licence them to spot nan section zip codes, and you’ll get entree to tons of deals from section businesses.

Don’t interest if you make nan aforesaid correction I did, conscionable scroll to nan bottommost of nan page and click connected “advertising” successful nan footer.  That will return you wherever you want to be.

valpak website footer

The Direct Mail and Advertising Page looks for illustration this:

valpak advertizing integer marketing

Real Valpak Reviews from Business Owners

I wanted to cognize what existent Valpak customers thought astir their acquisition and asked around.

I said pinch Jesse Silkoff, Co-Founder and President, MyRoofingPal. Jesse was looking for a measurement to pull caller customers to his institution which helps customers find a section roofing contractor aliases repair company.

valpak customer reviews

What made you see utilizing nonstop mail?

Jesse was disillusioned by email marketing. “My unfastened rates were terrible, truthful I assumed astir group weren’t bothering to publication ads and conscionable deleted them immediately.”

Valpak is beautiful good known, has fantabulous reach, and group spot location will beryllium thing valuable inside.

So, what were your results?

While it did bring successful a fewer customers, Jesse didn’t consciousness for illustration he sewage nan benignant of return he was expecting.

He paid astir $400 to scope $20,000 households.  His telephone to action was a QR codification on pinch a website URL.  The nexus and nan QR codification sewage astir 5,000 hits (that’s not bad), but he only sewage astir $100 successful subscription fees.

What would you do differently?

After it was each said and done, Jesse would person created much of an irresistible offer.  He didn’t consciousness for illustration group really understood nan worth of nan service.

Is Valpak Worth It?

When you deliberation astir nonstop trading pinch Valpak, it tin beryllium highly tempting to judge that each you person to do is nonstop retired galore coupons, and customers will travel pouring in.

That’s not nan norm.  Any nonstop trading run is only arsenic successful arsenic what you put into it.  The amended you cognize your circumstantial audience, nan problem they are trying to solve, and really you thief them lick that problem, nan much successful you will be.

There are thousands of mini businesses that count connected Valpak to provender them caller customers.  Otherwise, they wouldn’t still beryllium successful business.

After analyzing nan customer feedback I saw online and getting accusation from Valpak, it’s clear that you play an basal domiciled successful your success.

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