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Watch Irvine Welsh's Crime play 2 for much action from DI Ray Lennox and his squad (pictured)
(Image credit: ITV)

Adapted by nan writer from his ain novel, Irvine Welsh’s Crime debuted to acclaim successful 2021. It’s yet backmost pinch a 2nd season, pinch DI Ray Lennox (Dougray Scott) returning to activity cleanable and fresh to lick a troubling caller case.

Want to travel Lennox and his team? Read connected and we'll show you really to watch Irvine Welsh’s Crime play 2 from anyplace pinch a VPN, perchance for FREE.

Stream Irvine Welsh’s Crime play 2 online – TV schedule, dates

Crime play 2 debuts connected ITVX, ITV’s on-demand streaming service, from Thursday, September 21.
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Dark, raw, and astatine times grimly funny, Crime bagged lead prima Dougray Scott an International Emmy Award for his portrayal of nan emotionally vulnerable detective, and “avenging angel” grappling pinch addiction and individual trauma, and wished to guidelines retired Edinburgh’s abusive low-lives.

Season 1 followed DI Ray Lennox and DS Amanda Drummond (Joanna Vanderham) arsenic they investigated a slayer dubbed Mr Confectioner and his relationship to 13-year-old Britney Hamil's disappearance. This play finds Lennox connected nan way of nan perpetrator of an onslaught connected a workfellow and its nexus to a gruesome attempted execution connected a high-ranking constitution figure.

Irvine Welsh describes nan show's sophomore play arsenic “much stronger than nan first”, exploring nan "story arcs and individual adventures" of a wider scope of characters. Such vividly drawn individuals see caller unit personnel DI Tommy Stark (David Elliot), a "narcissistic misogynist", and Lauren Fairchild (Rebecca Root), a criminology professor from Lennox's past.

Read our guideline beneath for really to watch Irvine Welsh’s Crime play 2 online and FREE from anyplace successful nan world.

How to watch Irvine Welsh’s Crime play 2 online FREE

Crime play 2 will debut via on-demand level ITVX from Thursday, September 21. It’s free to watch and, for illustration nan show's first season, is comprised of six episodes successful total.

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How to watch Irvine Welsh’s Crime play 2 pinch a VPN

A VPN, aliases virtual backstage network, makes it look arsenic if you're surfing nan web from your location country, alternatively than nan state you're in. That intends you tin entree nan streaming services you usually watch, moreover erstwhile you're travelling aliases don't unrecorded successful nan service's "home" state to statesman with.

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Using a VPN is incredibly simple.

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2. Choose nan location you wish to link to in nan VPN app. For lawsuit if you're successful nan U.S. and want to position a U.K. service, you'd prime U.K. from nan list.

3. Sit backmost and bask nan action. Head to ITVX aliases different work and watch nan show.

How to watch Irvine Welsh’s Crime play 2 astir nan world

How to watch Irvine Welsh’s Crime play 2 online successful nan U.S.

how to watch Irvine Welsh’s Crime play 2 — U.S. flag

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No U.S. merchandise day has been announced yet unfortunately. However, successful amended news, Crime play 1 has been picked up erstwhile again by BritBox, truthful viewers tin expect to spot Crime play 2 added to nan streaming work successful nan coming months.

If you're a Brit presently overseas presently successful nan U.S., you tin still link to ITVX and watercourse nan latest play of Irvine Welsh’s Crime today. Simply download a VPN specified as ExpressVPN to entree your accustomed streaming services from anywhere.

How to watch Irvine Welsh’s Crime play 2 online successful nan U.K.

how to watch Irvine Welsh’s Crime play 2 successful nan U.K. — British flag

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

U.K. fans of nan returning crime play tin watch play 2 of Irvine Welsh’s Crime connected ITVX, ITV’s free on-demand service. The caller play arrives connected Thursday, September 21. Episodes will besides beryllium broadcast unrecorded connected ITV astatine immoderate constituent successful nan adjacent future.

If you're not successful nan U.K. but person a valid U.K. TV license, you tin still watch Irvine Welsh’s Crime play 2 by utilizing 1 of nan champion VPN services, specified as ExpressVPN.

How to watch Irvine Welsh’s Crime play 2 online successful Canada

 unrecorded watercourse nan Masters play online successful Canada

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

There’s nary merchandise day successful yet successful nan Great White North for play 2 of Irvine Welsh’s Crime. However, we do cognize that BritBox has acquired nan 2nd play for streaming successful Canada and beyond, truthful we’d expect episodes to get successful nan coming months. Keep an oculus connected this abstraction for immoderate caller information.

Traveling retired of nan country? You mightiness want to return nan opportunity to download a VPN service, specified as ExpressVPN, truthful that you tin log into nan aforesaid services you’d bask backmost home.

How to watch Irvine Welsh’s Crime play 2 online successful Australia

how to watch Irvine Welsh's Crime play 2 successful Australia — Australia flag

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

No merchandise day has been announced yet for Crime play 2 successful Australia. But erstwhile it does arrive, it will beryllium disposable via celebrated anglophile streaming work BritBox. A subscription is AU$8.99 a period aft your free trial, and you tin watercourse nan full of play 1 present now.

Irvine Welsh’s Crime play 2 cast

Emmy-winner Dougray Scott is backmost arsenic nan troubled DI Ray Lennox, reuniting pinch Joanna Vanderham's recently promoted DI Amanda Drummond to analyse a disturbing caller case.

See beneath for nan Crime play 2 formed list:

  • Dougray Scott arsenic DI Ray Lennox
  • Joanna Vanderham arsenic DI Amanda Drummond
  • Ken Stott arsenic Detective Chief Superintendent Bob Toal
  • Sarah McCardie arsenic DS Gillian Glover
  • Gabriel Scott arsenic Fraser Ross
  • Angela Griffin arsenic Trudi Love
  • Rebecca Root arsenic Lauren Fairchild
  • John Simm arsenic Gareth Horsborough
  • Derek Riddell arsenic Richie Gulliver
  • David Elliot arsenic DI Tommy Stark
  • Laura Fraser arsenic Sally Hart

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