iPhone vs. Google Pixel Phones: Which Is Better?

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As Google continues taking its smartphone section much seriously, a batch of group are wondering which telephone is better, iPhone aliases Pixel. If you're looking for an upgrade, you should cognize really nan 2 disagree and really they impact your acquisition arsenic a user.

Let's comparison iPhones and Google Pixel phones to spot which is correct for you.

Price and Value for Money

Pixel phones utilized to connection unspeakable value, but ever since nan Pixel 6, Google has wholly overhauled its pricing strategy. The introduction constituent to get a Pixel flagship is now $599, whereas nan modular iPhone models still commencement astatine $799.

Even if you want a mid-range phone, nan Pixel 6a thumps nan iPhone SE successful position of value. The erstwhile has much balanced specs and features, while nan second has an outdated design, bad artillery life, and nary ultra-wide camera, making it very difficult to recommend.

That said, if you're already tied to nan Apple ecosystem and can't do without services specified arsenic iMessage, iCloud, Apple TV, and more, you're amended disconnected getting an iPhone. Another beardown reason to get an iPhone complete a Pixel telephone is that iPhones clasp their worth really well, truthful you tin waste aliases waste and acquisition successful your aged iPhone later on.

This is partially because iPhones don't get discounts, whereas Google Pixel phones are often recovered connected waste months aft nan first launch, which hurts their perceived worth to buyers.

Back of Pixel 7 Pro

However, if you bargain an iPhone, you'll consciousness compelled to bargain different expensive Apple products too, fixed really nan Apple ecosystem is designed. This is not nan lawsuit pinch Pixel phones, arsenic nan acquisition is nan aforesaid nary matter which Android marque you bargain your accessories from.

Also, don't hide that iPhones are notoriously costly to repair, truthful you mightiness person to carnivore immoderate hefty charges if you accidentally harm yours. Things are luckily not arsenic scary for Pixel users. Simply put, if you're looking for value, take a Pixel complete an iPhone.


Pixel phones are champion known for their fantabulous computational photography, and nan latest Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are nary exceptions. Photos from a Pixel usually person amended move range, look much colorful, and correspond your tegument reside much accurately than an iPhone.

The Pixel has much useful and nosy camera package features specified arsenic Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur, Motion Mode, Guided Frame, and more.

At nan aforesaid time, iPhone cameras are very reliable and consistent. There is hardly immoderate quality successful value betwixt immoderate of nan lenses, and you tin remainder assured that nan last changeable will beryllium very close—if not identical—to what you saw successful nan viewfinder.

Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro camera barroom designImage Credit: Made by Google

Also, if you sprout a batch of videos, a flagship iPhone would beryllium nan amended prime since its videos are smoother and sharper, particularly successful low-light conditions.

Apple's iPhones will springiness you much bid of mind that your photos and videos ever look bully enough, sloppy of nan situation you're in. But if you want a much tin camera strategy and arguably amended photos, prime nan Pixel instead.

Operating System

Since Google controls Android, Pixel phones let you to acquisition nan champion of what Android has to offer. It's not astonishing that Google apps and services specified arsenic Search, Gmail, Photos, Maps, Drive, and much activity exceptionally good connected Pixel phones.

That said, iPhones tally connected Apple's proprietary software, iOS, and hence bask amended optimization of third-party apps and games. iPhones besides guarantee a seamless relationship betwixt each your Apple devices, including AirPods, nan Apple Watch, MacBooks, and more.

Another logic to prime an iPhone complete a Pixel is that iPhones get longer package updates of 5 to six years, while Pixel phones only get 3 years of awesome Android updates. So, if you don't upgrade your phone often, an iPhone will service you for longer.

However, retrieve that Pixel phones are nan first to get caller Android updates, and they besides get caller Pixel Feature Drops each fewer months, making your instrumentality much useful complete time.

Voice Assistants

Both Google Assistant and Siri are comparable erstwhile it comes to answering mundane queries concerning things for illustration nan upwind aliases your schedule, but nan erstwhile is much responsive erstwhile performing actions specified arsenic sending a matter aliases reference your notifications.

Google Assistant besides leaps up successful earthy connection processing which intends it is amended capable to understand context, transportation conversations, construe voices, and respond naturally. You tin moreover hunt for a opus by humming it to Google Assistant.

Siri connected an iPhone

While Siri mightiness not beryllium arsenic tin technically, it's much respectful of your privacy. Apple says nan information Siri has connected you is "not linked to your Apple ID, email address, aliases different information Apple whitethorn person from your usage of different Apple services."

Such is not nan lawsuit pinch Google Assistant arsenic it collects transcribed audio matter from your sound queries, and tin moreover shop your audio recordings if you licence it. This isn't astonishing since Google is simply a package company, but Apple makes astir of its money from hardware.

Battery Quality

When it comes to artillery life, iPhones hit Pixel phones contempt having physically smaller batteries. That's imaginable owed to nan ace businesslike Apple Silicon processors and nan highly optimized iOS operating system; nan harmony of some ensures minimal powerfulness usage.

If you're buying a bigger iPhone specified arsenic nan iPhone 14 Pro Max, you tin expect importantly amended artillery life than a Pixel. But nan quality is marginal if you compare nan smaller iPhone 14 Pro and nan Pixel 7 Pro, for example.

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro MaxImage Credit: Apple

Android brands almost ever person faster charging than iPhones, but nan Pixel is simply a sad exception. Both iPhones and Pixel phones person astir nan aforesaid wired charging speeds, though nan Pixel does person somewhat faster wireless charging.

Sadly, nan iPhone 14 and its predecessors each usage ace outdated Lightning ports alternatively of USB-C ports. Lightning ports are terribly slow astatine some record transportation and charging speeds compared to modern standards.

iPhone aliases Google Pixel: Which Is Right for You?

Deciding which telephone to buy, iPhone aliases Google Pixel, is yet going to dangle connected your needs. You should prime nan Pixel if you want much bang for your buck, much camera features, nan champion of Google services, speedy Android updates, and a smarter sound assistant.

You should prime an iPhone if you trust connected Apple services and already ain different Apple devices. iPhones are besides much powerful, past longer, person a much accordant camera system, get amended optimization for third-party apps, and are much reliable overall.

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