iPhone Volume Buttons Not Working? Try These 7 Fixes

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A surgery measurement fastener is often unexpected and tin beryllium annoying to woody with. After all, we don't recognize really overmuch we usage it until it nary longer works. Not being capable to move your measurement down erstwhile an annoying video plays aliases your opus is excessively large tin besides beryllium embarrassing.

If your iPhone buttons aren't moving properly, you should hole them arsenic soon arsenic possible. Luckily, location are plentifulness of solutions, and you tin do galore of them yourself.

1. Make Sure Your iPhone's Volume Buttons Are Enabled

Some mightiness not beryllium alert of this, but location is simply a mounting that turns your iPhone's measurement buttons connected and off. This mounting is already enabled by default connected each devices, but it's imaginable personification tin move it disconnected without realizing it.

iphone alteration measurement button

To cheque this, caput to Settings > Sounds & Haptics and toggle connected Change pinch Buttons. If this isn't enabled, this could beryllium why your measurement buttons aren't working. If it's already enabled, proceed to nan adjacent fix.

2. Remove Your iPhone From Its Case

iPhone successful a leather case

iPhones are expensive, truthful it's apt that astir of you usage a lawsuit to protect them. In immoderate instances, your lawsuit tin interfere pinch your measurement buttons. This is particularly existent pinch cases that person layers aliases person built-in surface protectors.

Simply region your iPhone lawsuit and springiness your measurement buttons different try. If they activity now, you'll request to get a caller case. After all, you astir apt want to support your iPhone protected.

It's besides imaginable that prolonged usage of a lawsuit tin origin your measurement buttons to get dirty. If that's nan case, proceed to nan adjacent step.

3. Clean Your iPhone's Volume Buttons Using Alcohol

iPhone Ring/Silent switch

We usage our phones truthful overmuch that ungraded and grime tin sometimes get nether nan buttons, particularly erstwhile not utilizing a case. So, property down connected your buttons a fewer times to cheque if your buttons are stuck. You mightiness request to cleanable them if they're stuck aliases don't look to click down.

To cleanable your measurement buttons, return a fabric swab and dip it successful isopropyl alcohol. The champion action for cleaning electronics is 99 percent isopropyl alcohol, arsenic it dries quickly and doesn't incorporate overmuch water. It besides removes ungraded and grime by breaking up oils.

Use nan fabric swab to cleanable astir your measurement fastener nan champion you can. If you tin push down connected nan buttons, doing truthful mightiness thief you cleanable it better. There's nary request to overdo it pinch nan alcohol, arsenic it doesn't return overmuch to work.

After cleaning, hold a fewer minutes for nan intoxicant to dry. If your measurement buttons are moving now, great! If they are only moving a spot better, that's a motion that they are still dirty, and you should support cleaning them. It's worthy cleaning your full iPhone if it's dirty.

4. Reset aliases Restore Your iPhone

Sometimes, firmware updates tin alteration really nan buttons connected our phones work. This is particularly existent for older iPhone models. If you precocious updated your iPhone and nan measurement buttons stopped working, effort restarting your iPhone by turning it disconnected and connected again.

If that doesn't help, you mightiness request to reset your device. This intends backing up your iPhone and erasing each nan contented settings. A afloat reset mightiness besides activity if your measurement fastener stops moving aft an app download aliases a jailbreak attempt.

To do this, first, you'll request to back up your iPhone. Then, spell to Settings > General > Transfer aliases Reset iPhone > Erase All Content and Settings.

iphone erase settings

This will swipe your telephone cleanable and fundamentally make it for illustration new. Before restoring a backup, spell into nan instrumentality and trial nan measurement buttons. If they work, reconstruct your backup.

In immoderate cases, restoring your backup mightiness make them not activity again. If that's nan case, it mightiness person been an app you tried to download, aliases your backup could beryllium corrupted. Sadly, this intends starting from scratch unless you person an older backup you tin effort restoring.

5. Update Your iPhone

Not updating your iPhone tin besides origin issues pinch your iPhone's measurement buttons. Outdated iPhones mightiness not activity pinch nan latest apps, and nan measurement controls mightiness not activity correctly arsenic a result.

There's besides a anticipation that a erstwhile Apple update you installed is buggy, and updating again could hole nan problem. To beryllium safe, effort updating your iPhone to spot if it resolves nan issue.

You tin update it by heading to Settings > General > Software Update. Here, you tin spot if a caller iOS type is available. If you're utilizing a beta type of iOS, it mightiness beryllium clip to move backmost to nan unchangeable nationalist build and study this rumor to Apple.

6. Control Your iPhone's Volume Without Using Volume Buttons.

iphone surface measurement control

If you usage apps for illustration Spotify, you tin power nan measurement wrong nan app without a beingness button. If each other fails, location are still ways to power your measurement without utilizing nan buttons. The easiest measurement is to usage nan Control Center.

You tin unfastened nan Control Center and set your measurement by swiping down from nan top-right area of your iPhone. If your iPhone has a Home button, you'll request to swipe up from nan bottommost of nan surface instead.

iphone power sheet measurement control

If you person AirPods, you tin say, "Hey Siri, move up nan volume." Other Bluetooth headphones typically person built-in measurement controls, which you tin usage arsenic well. This intends that you won't person to support going to your telephone erstwhile you want to alteration nan volume.

Control nan Volume With AssistiveTouch

If you're looking for different measurement to power nan volume, see utilizing AssistiveTouch. You tin group nan AssistiveTouch fastener to unfastened a paper to power your measurement connected nan surface aliases person it either move up aliases down erstwhile tapped.

To usage it, spell to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > AssistiveTouch. Here, you tin group your instrumentality to move nan measurement down pinch 1 pat and move it up pinch 2 taps.

assistive touch iphone

7. Get Your Volume Buttons Repaired

If cleaning your buttons and resetting your iPhone doesn't hole nan measurement buttons, you astir apt request to get nan buttons repaired. This is particularly existent if you precocious damaged your iPhone aliases exposed it to water.

If your iPhone is nether warranty, make an Apple Store assignment astatine a Genius Bar, and your repair will astir apt beryllium free. Otherwise, you will request to salary for a repair retired of pocket.

So, adjacent clip you upgrade your iPhone, see learning much astir the AppleCare+ extended warranty and spot if it's worthy it truthful you won't get caught pinch a costly repair again.

While repairing your iPhone's measurement buttons retired of pouch tin beryllium expensive, it's cheaper than buying a caller phone. But if you don't want to salary this price, possibly it's time to upgrade your iPhone.

Will Apple Discontinue nan Volume Button?

Considering Apple has discontinued nan Home button, headphone jack, and Ring/Silent switch, it's logical to presume that 1 time nan measurement buttons mightiness vanish too. For now, nan measurement buttons remain—even nan iPhone 15 models person measurement buttons.

While they don't break often, it's bothersome if they do. Luckily, nan solutions mentioned supra will hole your iPhone measurement buttons successful astir cases, and you'll beryllium capable to alteration your measurement again successful nary time.

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