iPhone 15 setup bug confirmed by Apple — here’s how to fix the problem

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iPhone 15 devices are landing successful user's hands from today, letting iPhone owners upgrade to nan latest and champion type of Apple’s smartphone. Unfortunately that acquisition is being marred for some, pinch Apple confirming location is simply a bug that could messiness up nan set-up process — leaving affected phones successful an update loop.

You’ll cognize if this happens to you, because your iPhone will beryllium stuck successful nan footwear surface — which is nan Apple logo connected a achromatic background. It sounds for illustration this bug is related to iOS 17, pinch Apple confirming that iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro devices moving nan caller package tin beryllium affected. However it whitethorn besides impact anyone mounting up an older instrumentality and trying to transportation information from an iPhone already moving iOS 17.

Thankfully location is simply a measurement to hole nan problem. According to Apple you request to put nan instrumentality into DFU mode and reconstruct it utilizing a computer.

The process for doing this is simply a batch simpler than it sounds, pinch nan first shape being to link nan iPhone to a PC aliases Mac pinch a cablegram — USB-C aliases Lightning depending connected which iPhone you have. From location you request to property and clasp nan volume down and broadside buttons. Keep clasp of those buttons until nan iPhone reboots.

According to Apple you request to put nan instrumentality into DFU mode and reconstruct it utilizing a computer.

The surface will past show an image of a laptop and a cable, which is your punctual to plug nan telephone successful if you haven’t already. Once connected your telephone will beryllium visible successful Finder (MacOS) aliases iTunes (Windows) — pinch nan action to reconstruct aliases update. Hitting Restore will reset nan phone.

Once your telephone has been reset, you tin restart nan setup process. iPhone 15 owners whitethorn find that this includes an further package update that you didn’t get before, which should person fixed nan update loop bug.

Older models don’t person this hole yet, and Apple’s proposal is to transportation your information utilizing an iCloud Backup instead. Be judge to cheque retired our guideline connected how to backmost up your iPhone, to guarantee that each information is transferred onto nan instrumentality successful question. You’ll beryllium fixed nan action to transportation your information during nan setup process, and beryllium judge to pat nan From iCloud Backup option.

Once your telephone is group up and fresh to go, you tin bask each nan caller features and upgrades connected offer. Here are 9 iOS 17 features you should effort first, and thief familiarize yourself pinch nan software.

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