iPhone 15’s USB-C specs open up new possibilities for Apple diehards

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iPhone 14 Pro connected near and USB-C and Lightning cables connected nan correct
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During nan iPhone 15 motorboat event, Apple revealed nan handset’s caller USB-C larboard would person a neat statement trick: You tin usage it to complaint accessories for illustration your AirPods aliases Apple Watch.

The specifications of nan relationship weren’t revealed astatine nan time, but Apple has now put up a support page covering charging speeds and a fewer different absorbing details. The agelong and short of it is that iPhone users are astir to bask a batch much flexibility.

First up, that charging speed. The caller larboard supports USB Power Delivery astatine up to 4.5 watts, and Apple says this is “to complaint your AirPods, Apple Watch, aliases different mini device.” 

But fixed nan aged Lightning larboard only put retired astir 0.3 watts, this could beryllium a large woody for accessory makers. 9to5Mac suggests this could unfastened nan doorway to Bus-powered USB-C difficult drives being straight connectable, for example, and Apple does specifically mention nan expertise to grounds ProRes video straight to outer retention connected nan Pro models. 

Support for ample outer retention could beryllium particularly useful pinch nan improved information transportation rates that nan iPhone 15 Pro offers. The aforesaid support archive states that their ports are USB 3.2 Gen 2, offering speeds of up to 10Gbits per 2nd pinch a USB 3.1 cablegram (this sadly doesn't see nan 1 successful nan box, which is USB 2). 

Finally, but possibly astir intriguingly, Apple says nan iPhone 15 uses nan DisplayPort protocol for output to bigger screens, offering up to 4K solution pinch HDR astatine 60fps. 

While this will sound for illustration aged news to Android users, it’s a large woody for iPhone, arsenic nan erstwhile solution required a $49 Lightning adapter, and moreover past you were constricted to 1080p video output. This will again request a USB 3.1 cable, though Apple suggests you usage “the cablegram included pinch nan display” if you don’t fancy paying for different one. 

If you for illustration to output to a TV, alternatively than a monitor, past Apple recommends its $69 USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter, which offers nan aforesaid 4K solution and 60Hz refresh complaint and includes support for HDR10 and Dolby Vision content.

With nan iPhone’s compatibility pinch Bluetooth controllers and nan A17 Pro chipset apparently offering a large leap guardant for mobile games, nan imaginable for gamers could beryllium sizeable. 

We’re conscionable nether a week distant from nan iPhone 15 reaching early adopters’ hands, pinch nan handsets releasing connected Friday, September 22. Look retired for our reviews of each 4 models very soon.

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