iPhone 15 Pro owners report alignment defect between display and frame

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iPhone 15 Pro shown successful hand
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Launch time headaches are difficult to avoid, moreover for 1 of the champion smartphone manufacturers for illustration Apple. And nan iPhone 15 series is nary different. Following its Friday release, users discovered their fingerprints tin make nan iPhone 15 Pro's swanky caller titanium framework alteration color. Now immoderate iPhone 15 Pro users are reporting an alignment defect betwixt nan phone's show and nan framework edges.

Noted leaker MajinBuOfficial shared pictures of nan issues connected X (formerly Twitter) connected Friday. In summation to nan iPhone 15 Pro's coloring not being applied evenly, "the surface seems not to beryllium perfectly aligned pinch nan edges," they said. You tin spot successful nan shared pictures that nan surface juts retired a small past nan frame, thing that's absent from nan device's promotional images. 

In a follow-up tweet, MajinBuOfficial said an unnamed root astatine Foxconn, Apple's manufacturer, warned them "the first batch [of iPhone 15 Pros] is expected to person galore defective machines." 

It appears that immoderate units of nan iPhone 15 Pro are defective. The coloring was not applied evenly, moreover nan surface seems not to beryllium perfectly aligned pinch nan edges pic.twitter.com/krzhz4gv4fSeptember 22, 2023

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It seems a terrible capable rumor to warrant a replacement portion by Apple. As of now, Apple has yet to remark connected what users should do if their telephone has a misalignment defect aliases nan imaginable replacement of immoderate devices.

With nan color-changing problem, Apple already responded and said immoderate changes should beryllium temporary. According to an updated support document about cleaning your iPhone, you tin reconstruct nan original colour by “wiping your iPhone pinch a soft, somewhat damp, lint-free cloth.” The problem only affects nan metallic set astir nan extracurricular of your iPhone, since that’s nan only spot your fingers travel into beingness interaction pinch its titanium chassis.

To support it from changing colour successful nan first spot (and besides protect it from cracks and scratches), see investing successful 1 of the best iPhone 15 Pro Max cases, and enactment tuned for our apical lawsuit picks for nan iPhone 15 Pro. Then you shouldn't person to woody pinch immoderate unsightly fingerprints astir nan edges of your phone.

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