iPhone 15 models are too similar — Apple needs to revamp its lineup for iPhone 16

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If you’re pre-ordering an iPhone 15 this weekend, you’ll get to take betwixt 4 different models. There’s nan modular iPhone 15, nan larger-screen iPhone 15 Plus, nan iPhone 15 Pro, and nan iPhone 15 Pro Max. This is nan 4th clip Apple has offered immoderate benignant of 4 exemplary line-up, and nan 2nd pinch these 4 exemplary types.

If you inquire me, it's astir clip Apple retired this circumstantial line-up successful favour of thing a small much … interesting. Because erstwhile it comes to differentiating nan different models of each iPhone generation, everything is starting to consciousness a small spot bland and familiar. And Apple needs to do a small much to make each caller iPhone version guidelines retired more.

iPhone 15 models are excessively similar

When it comes to nan iPhone 15, and erstwhile generations, nan main differences are betwixt nan modular iPhone 15 and nan iPhone 15 Pro. Both phones person a akin style and design, but nan Pro exemplary is wherever each nan latest and champion features are. There’s nan accustomed array of features for illustration nan telephoto lens, amended show technology, newer chips and truthful on.

The iPhone 15 Pro is $200 much than nan iPhone 15, and there’s nary mobility that you are getting thing for that money. Whether nan other money is worthy it is simply a matter of opinion, but you tin easy pin constituent nan ways nan Pro is amended than nan 15 without having to effort excessively hard.

When it comes to differentiating betwixt nan 15 and nan Plus, aliases nan Pro and nan Pro Max, things get a small spot harder. And therein lies nan problem of nan 4 exemplary line-up.

Think astir nan iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. aliases moreover nan iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. What precisely is it that makes nan Plus exemplary worthy buying compared to nan modular model? Really nan only differences betwixt nan 2 are surface and artillery size. So that other $100 you person to salary doesn’t really spell very far, and it whitethorn thief explicate why nan iPhone 14 Plus was truthful unpopular compared to nan different models.

We don’t cognize whether that will hap again pinch nan iPhone 15 Plus, but without nan beingness of a slayer feature, nan telephone faces each nan nonstop aforesaid hurdles arsenic its iPhone 14 counterpart. The iPhone 12 mini and 13 mini had nan aforesaid problem, but  but astatine slightest those phones had a little value tag to effort and entice group — nan Plus has nary specified luck.

The aforesaid tin beryllium said astir nan differences betwixt nan iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max — to a point. We had heard rumors earlier this twelvemonth that Apple was hoping to amended differentiate betwixt nan Pro and Pro Max models, presumably to effort and push group toward nan much costly option. But if that’s true, it doesn’t look to person happened this year.

The Pro Max is bigger and presumably has a bigger battery, which is ne'er a bad thing. Plus, there's nan caller “tetra prism” telephoto lens that offers 5x zoom and a 120mm focal length. The Pro Max besides starts pinch 256GB of retention arsenic modular  — but astatine nan disbursal of a higher value tag than past year.

Apple needs to make each iPhone 16 guidelines out

When nan differences betwixt each iPhone mostly amounts to a quality successful size, it’s almost arsenic though nan entreaty of getting 1 of nan much costly models is mislaid on nan way. What Apple really needs to do is to thief each iPhone guidelines retired connected its ain — and not conscionable successful narration to a smaller counterpart.

That’s going to beryllium particularly important if Apple does merchandise an iPhone Ultra adjacent year, arsenic has been rumored. If nan institution is struggling to differentiate betwixt nan Standard and Plus aliases Pro and Pro Max models past it’s going to person a difficult clip making nan iPhone Ultra a justifiable purchase. 

Assuming Apple doesn’t conscionable rebrand nan Pro Max, which had been rumored for nan iPhone 15 launch. There’s thing “Ultra” astir a telephone that only has a azygous exclusive characteristic — and not a peculiarly awesome 1 astatine that. Not compared to non iPhones connected nan market, anyway.

So erstwhile it comes to releasing nan iPhone 16, Apple needs to alteration tack. Rather than having what amounts to 2 chopped phones pinch a larger counterpart, it’s important that Apple makes each caller iPhone chopped capable that they’re worthy purchasing connected their ain merits.

Let’s opportunity we are getting an iPhone Ultra: if that’s nan case, past Apple needs to make judge that it is perfectly a no-holds barred, money-is-no-object benignant of iPhone. One that is going to costs a premium because Apple tin see nan kinds of features that you couldn’t warrant adding to cheaper models. 

A 4k show is simply a bully illustration of that, because nan prohibitive costs intends it isn’t worthy adding them to astir smartphones. A larger creation and artillery could perchance offset nan artillery drain specified a surface would people person — and that’s conscionable 1 illustration of what an iPhone Ultra could be.

As for nan rest? Well nan modular iPhone 16 would apt beryllium conscionable arsenic you’d expect. A basal iPhone that, while amended than nan iPhone 15, astir apt isn’t going to beryllium rather arsenic bully as, say, nan iPhone 15 Pro. Especially not now that Apple has doubled down nan generational disagreement betwixt chipsets.

In nan mediate is wherever things get a small much complex, and it each depends connected whether Apple wants to merchandise 3 iPhone 16s aliases four. Five iPhones is decidedly excessively much, and that intends nan iPhone 16 Plus is nan astir apt campaigner for nan chopping block. Primarily because it’s unpopular, but besides because it has nan slightest to offer.

The Pro tin apt support nan position quo successful comparison to nan iPhone 16. It whitethorn not person nan absolute pinnacle of Apple’s mobile technology, but it tin still person nan upgraded chips, cameras and show hardware that has already done specified a awesome occupation of trading Pro models for nan past fewer years. 

It’s besides rumored that nan iPhone 16 Pro whitethorn get a size summation adjacent year that should accommodate features for illustration the tetra prism telephoto lens. If this is nan lawsuit it should, astatine nan very least, thief visually differentiate nan Pro exemplary from nan regular iPhone 16.

It’s wholly up to Apple arsenic to whether it wants to support nan Pro Max around, if there’s besides an Ultra exemplary that whitethorn effort to bargain its thunder. Whatever happens pinch this model, it’s important that Apple does springiness it immoderate much exclusive features — whether that’s exclusive camera hardware, higher retention options, much RAM aliases different things of that nature.

Apple whitethorn moreover want to rebrand and ditch nan “Pro Max” moniker to thief nan telephone amended guidelines retired betwixt nan iPhone 16 Pro and Ultra. Let’s beryllium honest, iPhone 15 Pro Max is already benignant of a mouthful, and we could usage a sanction that rolls disconnected nan lingua a small better.

Bottom line 

While it’s still acold excessively early to opportunity really each iPhone will waste compared to nan rest, it feels for illustration Apple isn’t doing itself immoderate favors by not making them guidelines retired arsenic individual models. Obviously nan institution has a amended knowing of really and why group bargain iPhones than me, but it decidedly feels for illustration making nan 4 iPhones excessively akin is not nan measurement to go.

That’s particularly important erstwhile you see location whitethorn beryllium an iPhone Ultra connected nan way. iPhones waste successful monolithic numbers and that’s not going to alteration immoderate clip soon, but that doesn’t mean Apple can’t connection a much absorbing scope of phones for group each year. A small spot of diverseness ne'er wounded anyone.

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