iPhone 15 battery sizes leak — here's the capacities for all four models

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Apple iPhone 15 held successful nan hand.
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With Apple unveiling its iPhone 15 lineup astatine past week's "Wanderlust" event, we sewage our first charismatic look astatine nan next-gen iPhones earlier they deed shop shelves connected September 22. However, since Apple historically avoids revealing each individual spec for its latest phones up of time, immoderate enigma remains, and truthful nan rumor mill keeps correct connected chugging. 

The latest leak comes from a regulatory assemblage successful China spotted by MySmartPrice (via Android Authority). According to nan regulatory body’s listing for nan iPhone 15 series, we tin expect a humble boost successful artillery life, but thing revolutionary. 

The guidelines iPhone 15 reportedly sports a artillery capacity of 3,349mAh and a wattage of 12.981Wh. While its bigger sibling, nan iPhone 15 Plus, has a 4,383mAh artillery pinch a wattage of 16.950Wh. For nan high-end models, nan iPhone 15 Pro comes pinch a 3,274mAh (12.70Wh), while nan iPhone 15 Pro Max sports nan biggest artillery of nan bunch astatine 4,422mAh (17.109Wh). 

That translates to up to 20, 26, 23 and 29 hours of artillery life for nan iPhone 15, Plus, Pro and Pro Max, respectively, Apple says successful nan listing. At slightest erstwhile handling low-demanding tasks for illustration video playback. 

When compared to past year's iPhone 14 series (see beneath for a side-by-side breakdown of each generation's artillery capacity by model), it's clear these aren't immense advancements. With Apple's current-gen phones, nan guidelines exemplary clocks successful astatine 3,279mAh, nan 14 Plus at 4,325mAh, nan 14 Pro astatine 3,200mAh and nan 14 Pro Max astatine 4,323mAh.

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Header Cell - Column 0 iPhone 15iPhone 14
Standard3,349mAh3,279 mAh
Plus4,383mAh4,325 mAh
Pro3,274mAh3,200 mAh
Pro Max4,422mAh4,323 mAh

Earlier leaks suggested nan iPhone 15 series, peculiarly nan iPhone 15 Pro, could characteristic immense artillery capacity improvements. And while those rumors haven't rather panned out, nan iPhone 15 is still connected way to person the longest-lasting artillery of immoderate iPhone to date. 

Of course, it's important to retrieve that nan number down a phone's artillery capacity only tells you truthful much. How agelong your phone's artillery is capable to past time successful and time retired depends connected a full big of factors, including nan size and brightness of nan screen, nan ratio of nan soul modem and what benignant of tasks you're utilizing it for. 

Pre-orders for nan iPhone 15 series are live, having launched aft Apple's September event, and nan handsets will deed shop shelves connected September 22. However if you're reasoning of grabbing 1 of nan high-end models, you whitethorn person a spot of a hold depending connected wherever you shop. To study more, here's nan latest connected nan iPhone 15 Pro shipping delays. 

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