iOS and iPadOS 17 Review Extras: eBook, Special Editions of MacStories Weekly and AppStories+, and Two New Obsidian Plugins

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Today, Federico published his iOS and iPadOS 17 review. As successful past years, we’re releasing a wide assortment of perks exclusively for Club MacStories members passim nan week, including an eBook type of nan review, a typical ‘making of’ version of MacStories Weekly, a behind-the-scenes AppStories+ segment, and 2 caller Club-exclusive Obsidian plugins.

Club-Wide Perks

The Club-wide extras this twelvemonth are:

  • An eBook type of Federico’s iOS and iPadOS 17 review
  • A typical version of MacStories Weekly featuring:
    • Federico’s yearly in-depth look astatine nan making of nan review
    • A typical impermanent file by Michael Steeber, who created nan beautiful 3D iPhone and iPad renders you’ll find passim Federico’s review

The eBook

iOS and iPadOS 17: The MacStories Review. The eBook type of Federico’s reappraisal is afloat interactive, complete pinch each nan images and videos. The reappraisal is simply a awesome publication connected nan web, wherever you tin bask its opening animation and typical navigation features, but nan eBook is an fantabulous alternative, particularly for sitting backmost pinch your iPad and Apple Books, wherever you tin return notes and item passages.

Also (because we are asked this a lot), if you publication nan eBooks successful Apple Books and want to zoom successful to get a adjacent look astatine immoderate of nan screenshots, double-tap images connected iOS devices (or double-click connected nan Mac) to unfastened a full-sized version.

Federico’s iOS and iPadOS 17 reappraisal is disposable now arsenic a free download exclusively for members of Club MacStories who tin entree them from their personnel downloads page.

MacStories Weekly

In Friday’s version of MacStories Weekly, Federico will stock his yearly ‘Making Of’ story. This year’s reappraisal includes immoderate fascinating refinements to past year’s workflow related to Obsidian. In his column, Federico will explicate nan shortcuts, Obsidian plugins, apps, and different devices that helped him propulsion together this year’s reappraisal connected a compressed clip schedule.

MacStories Weekly will besides characteristic a typical file by Michael Steeber, who designed nan screen animation creation and different artwork passim Federico’s reappraisal that brings nan marquee features of iOS and iPadOS 17 to life.

You tin publication much on Club MacStories here and motion up utilizing nan buttons below.

Club MacStories+ and Club Premier Perks

We’ve sewage exclusive perks for Club MacStories+ and Club Premier members, too.


First, we released an extended type of AppStories coming that is disposable now, covering Federico’s iOS and iPadOS 17 reappraisal workflow. As always, AppStories+ is besides ad-free, released 1 time early astir weeks, and delivered successful high-bitrate audio. for Club Premier members and AppStories+ subscribers.

Two Obsidian Plugins

Like past year, Federico and my son, Finn, person teamed up again this twelvemonth to nutrient 2 Obsidian plugins conscionable for Club MacStories+ and Club Premier members. Both plugins will beryllium disposable later this week.

  • Backlinker is simply a powerful plugin that allows you to unfastened each backlinks to a archive arsenic abstracted tabs pinch a azygous command. The plugin besides includes precocious options for filtering backlinks based connected nan document’s title.
  • Image Inserter is simply a ace accelerated measurement to insert images successful Obsidian pinch nan autochthonal image picker connected Apple platforms aliases by pasting an image from nan clipboard.
  • To bask these Club MacStories+ aliases Club Premier perks, subordinate Club MacStories+, which starts astatine $10/month, aliases take nan champion worth by subscribing to Club Premier, which starts astatine $12/month.

Club Premier adds AppStories+, nan extended, ad-free type of our flagship podcast, to a agelong database of different perks for illustration our Discord community, exclusive columns from Federico and John, precocious web hunt and filtering of Club content, and tons more.

You tin publication much about Club MacStories+ and Club Premier, past motion up aliases upgrade your relationship utilizing nan buttons below:

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Today’s iOS and iPadOS 17 reappraisal is nan culmination of a batch of activity by Federico. Every year, we effort to make it other typical for readers of nan tract and Club members who want moreover much of nan iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS sum that we’re known for. Thanks arsenic ever for reference MacStories, and a typical acknowledgment to our Club members who thief america proceed to do what we love.

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