iOS 17 lets you crop photos with just a pinch — here's how to use it on your iPhone

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It was hardly difficult to edit photos you took pinch your iPhone successful nan Photos app to statesman with, but Apple has made it moreover simpler by introducing zoom to harvest successful iOS 17.

Now, erstwhile zooming successful connected an image successful nan Photos app, a Crop punctual appears (in nan apical corner) that will fto you quickly trim nan photograph down to nan size you conscionable made it pinch your zoom-in. It's alternatively useful erstwhile you've not rather framed a changeable really you wanted erstwhile taking nan photo, and are zooming successful to spot if nan photograph tin still beryllium salvaged.

So erstwhile you've sewage iOS 17 installed (we person a guideline connected how to download iOS 17 if you request it), publication connected for nan run-down of what to do.

How to zoom to harvest images successful iOS 17

1. Open an image successful nan Photos app

A screenshot showing an uncropped image of a bagel successful iOS 17

(Image: © Tom's Guide)

Pick immoderate image wherever nan taxable is not arsenic ample aliases cardinal arsenic you want it to be.

2. Zoom successful nan desired amount, past pat Crop

A screenshot showing a zoomed-in image of a bagel pinch a Crop fastener successful nan area successful iOS 17

(Image: © Tom's Guide)

The Crop button's successful nan apical correct corner, successful lawsuit you haven't spotted it.

A screenshot showing nan preset facet ratios disposable erstwhile zooming to harvest successful Photos successful iOS 17

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Tapping nan Crop fastener sends you to nan editing surface to corroborate your choice. Tapping and holding Crop lets you prime 1 of 4 pre-set facet ratios that will past go nan default for each early zoom crops.

3. Adjust your crop, past pat Done erstwhile you're finished

A screenshot showing nan harvest edit paper for Photos successful iOS 17

(Image: © Tom's Guide)

Use nan handles to much precisely position nan area of nan image you want to stay aft cropping. Alternatively, pat 1 of nan facet ratio presets astatine nan apical of nan surface to get a much meticulous framing.

When you're happy, nan Done button's successful nan apical right, but you're free to prime different editing devices from nan toolbar astatine nan bottommost if you want to set different aspects of your photo.

A screenshot showing a cropped image of a bagel successful iOS 17

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

And here's nan last result, which shows disconnected this delicious bagel successful each its glory.

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