iOS 17 available today — here’s how to download

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iOS 17 is out, giving iPhone users nan chance to update their telephone pinch Apple's latest software. If you're getting an iPhone 15 erstwhile those caller devices get successful stores this Friday (September 22), you needn't interest astir upgrading — each iPhone 15 exemplary ships pinch iOS 17 pre-installed. But for nan remainder of us, it's a matter of downloading and installing iOS 17 connected our existent phone.

Of course, nan first measurement is to make judge that your iPhone is tin of moving iOS 17. The package update useful connected nan iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max models that came retired successful 2018, positive immoderate iPhone released aft those models. Of nan iPhones that could tally iOS 16, only nan iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and nan iPhone X can't make nan leap to iOS 17.

Before downloading and installing iOS 17, we propose you backup your iPhone, creating an archived backup. That way, if nan update goes sour, you tin ever revert to your backed-up copy.

With each of that retired of nan way, present are each nan steps to download and instal iOS 17 onto your iPhone.

1. Check for nan iOS 17 update

How to download and instal ios 17

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Launch nan Settings app and select General. Tap connected Software Update and past select Upgrade to iOS 17.

2. Download iOS 17

How to download and instal ios 17

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On nan consequent page containing iOS 17's merchandise notes, tap Download and Install. You'll beryllium prompted to enter your passcode and past you'll request to agree to Apple's position and conditions.

3. Install iOS 17

How to download and instal ios 17

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iOS 17 will statesman downloading onto your iPhone, pinch a position barroom showing nan progress. This is simply a reasonably sizable upgrade truthful it's going to return immoderate clip to download. We propose you support your telephone plugged into a charger during this process. When nan download is done, you'll beryllium prompted to instal nan update. After Apple verifies nan update, your telephone will restart and instal nan update.

Once your telephone restarts, you'll beryllium prompted to participate your passcode. From that constituent forward, you're moving iOS 17.

As our iOS 17 review found, this isn't arsenic large an upgrade arsenic caller iOS updates, but location are a number of small changes that adhd up to immoderate large improvements. Among nan highlights to iOS 17 are Live Voicemail that shows a transcript of incoming calls connected your fastener screen, a StandBy mode that turns your idle telephone into a smart surface and updates to nan Messages, Maps, Safari and Health apps.

We've recovered nan 9 iOS 17 features you should effort out erstwhile you instal nan upgrade. We've besides sewage tips connected how to group up StandBy mode and how to create a Contact Poster. 

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