iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 Are Now Available

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The updates present a slew of caller features, moreover for six-year-old devices.

The iOS logo complete 2 iPhones.Andrew Heinzman / How-To Geek

Today marks nan motorboat of iOS 17 and iPadOS 17. These long-awaited updates adhd respective features to nan iPhone and iPad, including StandBy Mode, improved AirDrop sharing, a Journal app, and personalized full-screen calling cards. Unfortunately, immoderate of nan features introduced successful iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 won't beryllium disposable until later this year. If your iPhone aliases iPad doesn't update automatically, you tin trigger a manual update by opening Settings, tapping "General," and selecting "Software Update."

Before we get into nan details, let's talk compatibility. All iPhones that were compatible pinch iOS 16 are compatible pinch iOS 17, pinch nan only exceptions being nan original iPhone X, nan iPhone 8, and nan iPhone 8 Plus. The iPadOS 17 update is supported by each iPads moving iPadOS16, prevention for nan first-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro and nan 5th-generation iPad. As always, Apple's semipermanent merchandise support is awesome — immoderate of nan devices eligible for iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 are complete six years old.

What's New successful iOS 17

The iOS 17 introduces a scope of improvements to calls and messages. You tin now time off FaceTime video aliases audio voicemails, nonstop caller animated reactions, move thing into a sticker, and bask a much streamlined Messages apps interface (for GIFs, reactions, and truthful on). Voice to matter dictation besides gets a boost successful accuracy, autocorrect gets a instrumentality learning overhaul that won't censor curse words, and Apple is introducing personalized Contact Posters—images aliases memoji that are linked to your Apple relationship and show up connected different peoples' iPhones erstwhile you telephone them.

Screenshot of Messages app successful iOS 17Apple

This update besides unlocks StandBy Mode, a smart display-like interface that activates erstwhile your iPhone is placed horizontally connected a MagSafe charger. Plus, immoderate location surface widgets are now interactive (the Apple Music widget now has playback controls, for example). Apple is moreover throwing successful immoderate cool accessibility features, specified arsenic a customizable Assistive Access personification interface for those pinch cognitive disabilities, Live Speech text-to-voice for users pinch reside disorders, and a voice-cloning tool intended for those who are astatine consequence of processing a reside disorder.

Later this year, nan iOS 17 update will summation immoderate further features, including collaborative Apple Music playlists and a dedicated Journal app. Apple will besides amended AirDrop pinch caller long-range capabilities (so you tin locomotion distant from personification erstwhile sending a file), positive a NameDrop characteristic that lets you stock interaction info by tapping 2 iPhones together.

What's New successful iPadOS 17

With iPadOS 17, you tin yet build civilization fastener screens connected your iPad. You besides summation caller interactive widgets that tin pin anyplace connected your fastener surface aliases location screen, positive Apple TV connectivity for FaceTime calls, autochthonal support for PDF record editing, and nan preamble of nan Health app (which has been connected nan iPhone for years). Stage Manager connected iPad besides gets a boost pinch support for outer displays and enhanced resizeability for windows, while nan Freeform app gains a fistful of caller tools, specified arsenic a ruler (which was someway overlooked successful nan original release).

iPadOS 17 civilization lockscreensApple

An upgraded autocorrect instrumentality is portion of nan iPadOS 17 experience, conscionable arsenic it is connected iOS 17. And Safari gets immoderate enhancements successful iPadOS 17. You tin now fastener backstage tabs pinch Face ID aliases Touch ID, for instance, and a caller profiles characteristic allows you to abstracted different instances of tab groups, browsing history, and preferences.

Interestingly, nan iPadOS 17 update adds support for outer USB webcams. This whitethorn make nan iPad a much effective distant activity solution, though arsenic 9to5Mac notes, it besides opens nan doorway to immoderate imaginative ideas, specified arsenic utilizing a 25-year-old Game Boy Camera pinch nan iPad.

How to Update Your iPhone aliases iPad

If your iPhone aliases iPad doesn't person automatic updates, aliases if you aren't notified of an update, you'll request to trigger 1 manually. Thankfully, installing iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 is an easy task. Simply unfastened Settings connected your iPhone aliases iPad and prime "General." Then, navigate to "Software Update." You should spot nan iOS aliases iPadOS 17 logo pinch a short mentation of caller features. Tap nan "Download and Install" fastener to statesman downloading nan information for nan update—this will not statesman nan installation process, it will only get things fresh for you.

Once your instrumentality has vanished downloading nan latest package update, it will punctual you to instal nan update. Just pat nan notification asking you to instal this update (or navigate backmost to nan "Software Update" page successful your Settings) to footwear things off. Note that installation whitethorn hap automatically while you're dormant if you neglect to instal nan update yourself.

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