I tried the iPhone 15 Pro's new spatial video feature, and it will be the Vision Pro's killer app

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Apple Vision Pro
(Image credit: Future / Lance Ulanoff)

I’ve had precisely 2 Apple Visio Pro experiences: 1 six months ago, connected nan time Apple announced its mixed reality headset, and nan different conscionable a fewer hours ago. And wherever pinch nan first acquisition I felt for illustration I was swimming crossed nan aboveground of nan headset’s capabilities, coming I consciousness for illustration I’m qualified arsenic a Vision Pro diver. I mean, really other americium I expected to consciousness aft not only experiencing spatial video connected nan Vision Pro, but besides shooting this shape of video for nan headset pinch a modular iPhone 15 Pro?

By now, you astir apt cognize that iOS 17.2, which Apple released coming arsenic a nationalist beta, will beryllium nan first clip astir of america will summation acquisition pinch spatial video. Granted, initially it will only beryllium half nan experience. Your iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will, pinch nan iOS 17 update, adhd a caller videography action that you tin toggle nether Camera Formats successful Settings. Once nan Vision Pro ships, sometime adjacent year, nan format will move connected automatically for Vision Pro owners who person connected nan mixed reality instrumentality to their iCloud accounts.

I sewage a sneak peek astatine not only nan caller iPhone 15 Pro capabilities, but astatine what nan life-like contented looks for illustration viewed connected a $3,499 Apple Vision Pro headset – and I now recognize that spatial video could beryllium nan Vision Pro’s slayer app.

A captious iPhone creation tweak

Apple Vision Pro spatial video

(Image credit: Apple)

To understand really Apple has been playing nan agelong crippled pinch its merchandise development, you request only look astatine your iPhone 15 Pro aliases iPhone 15 Pro Max, wherever you’ll find a subtle creation and functional alteration that you apt missed, but which is evidently each astir nan still unreleased Vision Pro. It turns retired Apple designed nan iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max pinch nan Vision Pro's spatial needs successful mind, taking nan 13mm ultrawide camera and moving it from its position (on nan iPhone 14 Pro) diagonally other nan 48MP main camera to nan spot vertically beneath pinch nan main camera, which connected nan 14 Pro was occupied by nan telephoto camera; nan telephoto camera moves to nan ultrawide's aged slot.

By repositioning these 2 lenses, Apple makes it imaginable to sprout stereoscopic aliases spatial video, but only erstwhile you clasp nan iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max successful scenery mode.

It is not, I learned, conscionable a matter of signaling video done some lenses astatine erstwhile and shooting somewhat different angles of nan aforesaid segment to create nan virtual 3D effect. Since nan 13mm ultrawide camera shoots a overmuch larger frame, Apple’s computational photography must harvest and standard nan ultrawide video to lucifer nan frames coming from nan main camera.

To simplify matters, Apple is only capturing 2 1080p/30fps video streams successful HEVC (high-efficiency video coding) format. Owing to nan dual stream, nan record size is simply a spot larger, creating a 130MB record for astir 1 infinitesimal of video.

Even though these spatial files are ostensibly a caller media format, they will look for illustration immoderate different 2D video record connected your iPhone aliases Mac. However, location will beryllium limits. You tin trim 1 of these videos, but you can’t use immoderate different edits, lest you break nan cleanable synchronization betwixt nan 2 streams.

The shoot

Apple Vision Pro spatial video

Spatial video seizure arrives connected nan iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max pinch nan iOS 17.2 nationalist beta update, which anyone tin download coming (you person to alteration your settings to judge beta updates). Note that you'll only beryllium shooting horizontal spatial video (Image credit: Apple)

For my test, I utilized a modular iPhone 15 Pro moving nan iOS 17 developer beta. We had already enabled Spatial Video for Apple Vision Pro nether Settings successful Camera/Formats. In nan camera app's video seizure mode, I could prime a mini icon that, naturally, looks conscionable for illustration nan Vision Pro to sprout successful Spatial Video mode.

When I selected that, nan telephone guided maine to rotate nan telephone 90 degrees truthful it was successful scenery predisposition (the Vision Pro icon rotates arsenic soon arsenic you pat it). I besides noticed that nan image level tool, which is optional for each formats, is connected by default erstwhile you usage spatial video. This is because spatial videos are champion erstwhile changeable level. In fact, shooting them successful situations wherever you cognize you mightiness not beryllium capable to support nan telephone level, for illustration an action shot, could beryllium a bad idea. Mostly this is astir what it will consciousness for illustration to watch nan vanished merchandise successful nan Vision Pro headset – tons of activity successful a 3D video a fewer centimeters from your look mightiness induce discomfort.

Apple Vision Pro Spatial Video

Here's really you alteration spatial video successful nan latest iOS 17.2 nationalist beta. (Image credit: Future)

Similarly, I recovered that it’s champion to support betwixt 3 and 8 feet from your subject, truthful they don’t extremity up appearing for illustration giants successful nan last spatial video.

I changeable a mates of short spatial videos of a female preparing sushi. I tried to put nan sushi successful nan foreground and her successful nan inheritance to springiness nan segment immoderate depth. Nothing astir shooting nan video felt different from immoderate others I’ve shot, though I astir apt overthought it a spot arsenic I was trying to create a brace of absorbing spatial videos.

Even though nan iPhone is jumping done a bunch of computational hoops to create Spatial Video retired of what you shoot, you should beryllium capable to play nan video backmost instantly. We handed complete our phones and then, a fewer minutes later, we were fresh to position our videos successful nan Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro Spatial Video

Note nan caller spatial video control. (Image credit: Future)

Hello, my aged friend

While I was worried that aft each these months, I wouldn’t retrieve really to usage nan Vision Pro, it really only took maine a infinitesimal aliases 2 to reorient myself to its postulation of gaze, gesture, and Digital Crown-based controls. It remains a stunningly intuitive portion of bleeding-edge tech. I still needed to manus complete my glasses for a medicine measurement truthful we could make judge Apple inserted nan correct Zeiss lenses (you don’t deterioration glasses erstwhile utilizing nan headset). It’s a reminder that, dissimilar an iPhone, nan Vision Pro will beryllium a somewhat bespoke experience.

For this 2nd deterioration session, I did not person nan optional over-the-head strap, which meant that, for nan first time, I felt nan afloat weight of nan headgear. I did my champion to set nan headband utilizing a power knob adjacent nan backmost of nan headset while being observant not to over-tighten it, but I’m not judge I ever recovered that saccharine spot (note to self: get nan other headband erstwhile you do yet get to reappraisal 1 of these headsets).

Apple Vision Pro spatial video

(Image credit: Apple)

There were immoderate caller controls since I past tried nan Vision Pro – for example, I could now resize windows by looking complete astatine nan separator of a model and past by virtually pinching and pulling nan achromatic curve that appears correct beneath it. I sewage this connected nan 2nd try, and past it became 2nd nature.

I yet sewage a bully look astatine nan Vision Pro Photos app, which was easy to navigate utilizing my regard and digit taps – you pinch and propulsion pinch either manus to swipe done photos and galleries. I usually kept my hands successful aliases adjacent my thigh erstwhile performing these gestures. I looked astatine photos changeable pinch nan iPhone 15 Pro astatine 24MP and 48 MP. It was nosy to zoom into those photos, truthful they filled my section of view, and past pinch and resistance to move astir nan images and spot immoderate of nan exquisite item in, for instance, nan lace connected a reddish dress.

I sewage a look astatine immoderate unthinkable view shots, including 1 from Monument Valley successful Arizona and different from Iceland, which featured a stiff waterfall, and which virtually wrapped each nan measurement astir me. As I noted successful my original Vision Pro experience, there’s yet a logic to return panoramic photos pinch your iPhone.

Head spatial

Apple Vision Pro spatial video

This spatial video segment was 1 of nan astir effective. Those bubbles appeared to float correct by my look (Image credit: Apple)

Inside nan Vision Pro Photos app is simply a caller media class called Spatial. This is wherever I viewed immoderate canned spatial videos and, finally, nan brace of spatial videos I changeable connected nan iPhone 15 Pro. There was nan campfire segment I saw during my WWDC 2023 experience, a day celebration, an friendly segment of a family camping, different of a family cooking successful a kitchen, and, my favorite, a mother and kid playing pinch bubbles.

You tin position these spatial videos successful a model aliases full-screen, wherever nan edges blend pinch either your passthrough position aliases your immersive situation (a caller situation is Joshua Tree) that replaces your existent world pinch a 360-degree wraparound image. In nan bubble video, nan bubbles appeared to beryllium floating some successful nan segment and person to my face; I had nan impulse to scope retired and touch them.

In nan room scene, wherever nan family is sitting astir a room land eating and nan begetter is successful nan inheritance cooking, nan 3D effect initially makes nan begetter look for illustration a mini man. When he turned and moved person to his family, nan overseas effect disappeared.

It’s not clear really spatial video changeable connected iPhone 15 Pro is handling focal points, and if it’s defaulting to a agelong extent of section aliases utilizing thing different for nan 3D effect. You can, by tapping your iPhone's surface during a spatial video shoot, group nan attraction constituent but you can't alteration this successful editing.

My 2 short videos were impressive, if I do opportunity truthful myself. During nan shoot, I did my champion to put 1 portion of sushi nan cook held up to maine successful nan foreground, and successful nan last result, I sewage precisely nan effect I was hoping for. The extent is interesting, and not overbearing aliases jarring. Instead, nan segment looks precisely arsenic I retrieve it, complete pinch that lifelike depth. That’s not imaginable pinch accepted videography.

What I did not do was guidelines up and move person to nan spatial videos. Equally, these are not videos you tin measurement into and move around. You're still only grabbing 2 somewhat different videos to create nan illusion of depth.

In lawsuit you’re wondering, nan audio is captured too, and this sounded perfectly normal. I didn't announcement immoderate benignant of spatial effect, but these videos were not changeable pinch audio sources that spanned nan region of a room.

Apple Vision Pro example

In this sample provided by Apple, you tin spot really nan candle fume appears to float toward you – it's a trippier effect erstwhile you're wearing nan Vision Pro headset (Image credit: Apple)

What’s next?

Because you’ll person spatial video shooting capabilities erstwhile you instal nan iOS 17.2 nationalist beta you could beryllium shooting a batch of spatial video betwixt now and erstwhile Apple yet starts trading nan Vision Pro to consumers. These videos will look perfectly normal – but ideate having a room of spatial video to swipe done erstwhile you do yet bargain nan Vision Pro. That, and nan truth that your panoramas will look stunning connected nan device, whitethorn yet beryllium nan logic you bargain Apple's headset.

Naturally, nan large stumbling facet present is price. Apple plans connected charging $3,499 (around £2,800 / AU$5,300) for nan Vision Pro, not including nan caput strap accessory, which arsenic mentioned, you’ll astir apt need. That intends that while millions whitethorn ain iPhone 15 Pros and beryllium capable to sprout spatial video, a precious fewer will beryllium capable to watch them connected a Vision Pro.

Perhaps Apple will make nan Vision Pro portion of 1 of its financing plans, truthful that group tin salary it disconnected pinch a monthly fee. There mightiness besides beryllium discounts if you bargain an iPhone 15 Pro. Maybe not. Whatever Apple does, spatial video whitethorn make nan astir compelling lawsuit yet for, if not owning a Vision Pro, past astatine slightest wishing you did.

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