I tried a 30-minute animal flow exercise routine every day for a week — here's my results

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If you haven’t heard of animal travel before, this type of bodyweight training schooled maine connected what it intends to workout without weights, utilizing conscionable your assemblage and nan crushed beneath you. 

Like nan best calisthenics workouts, animal travel combines bodyweight movements performed connected nan floor, but arsenic nan sanction suggests, successful series aliases travel alternatively than sets and reps. Think spot training meets yoga. And it nicely bridges nan spread betwixt those who bask lifting weights and others who for illustration restorative exercises.

I wanted to find retired what a week of animal travel could do for my assemblage and whether aliases not it could reignite my emotion for bodyweight exercise. So, I blocked retired 30 minutes a time for 1 week. Here are my results.

What is animal flow?

According to Animal Flow, nan floor-based style of bodyweight training uses animal poses, crawling, transitions and a continuous travel of activity to create “sequences of motion.” The extremity is to activity connected and amended respective areas of fitness.

You tin group animal travel into nan “Six Components” that dress up nan AF strategy and tin beryllium “mixed and matched” to shape your workout. These are:

  • Wrist mobilizations: hole nan wrists for exercise
  • Activations: aftermath up nan muscles and bring conscious consciousness to nan assemblage fresh for movement
  • Form-specific stretches (FSS): promote flexibility, mobility and “strength done motion”
  • Traveling forms: animal locomotive movements that mimic animals and their variations
  • Switches and transitions: move movements that tin nexus together to shape combinations of exercises
  • Flows: exercises linked together to shape a series aliases workout.

Within each component, you’ll find various moves, stretches aliases activation exercises designed to springiness you a coagulated grounding successful animal flow. Once nan basics and foundations are laid down, you tin build and accommodate utilizing nan animal travel room and various transitions.  

I tried a 30-minute animal travel workout regular each time for a week — here’s my verdict 

Here’s really my seven-day research went. 

I started slow

Saying you want to effort animal travel is for illustration saying you want to commencement weightlifting. You don’t conscionable prime up a dense weight and pump retired bicep curls aliases deadlifts. You statesman astatine nan opening and build from nan crushed up. 

Animal travel is for illustration an creation form, truthful alternatively than jumping aimlessly into an precocious YouTube class, I focused my attraction connected nan basics, adopting a 30-minute animal travel beginner class, which I stuck to passim nan 7 days. My only extremity was to study immoderate progression betwixt my first and past convention and really it made maine feel.

You tin cheque retired nan video beneath to effort it for yourself.

We worked done nan modular wrist mobilizations — I get dodgy wrists during workouts, truthful this was euphony to my ears — followed by introductory movements recovered successful drills, past moving into a beginner flow.

I learned loads

I’ve seen animal travel but ne'er taken nan clip to understand it. It’s nan meaning of functional training, improving nan value and scope of your activity and really you interact pinch your assemblage passim nan day. 

But I didn’t recognize really overmuch building and progression it involves. Animal travel intends to consciously link nan body, activity and mind (no easy feat) to amended balance, coordination, mobility, flexibility, scope of mobility and proprioception and build strength, power, stableness and endurance.

A study by Animal Flow and Dr. Jeffrey Buxton recovered that quadrupedal activity training (QMT) shows improved functional movement, scope of motion, stabilization and elasticity markers erstwhile regularly performing an animal travel routine. Who knew? Not me.  

I recovered it insanely tiring

I wasn’t expecting to find animal travel truthful challenging. It takes a batch of power to power your assemblage done a scope of mobility you’re not utilized to — particularly erstwhile each activity requires complete control.

My first people introduced 4 level 1 movements — nan loaded beast, beforehand measurement through, underswitch and jumping broadside footwear done — but nan full programme includes astir 75 movements ranging from beginner to advanced. Meaning there’s nary extremity to what you tin do.

I sewage wiped retired aft nan first day, and though this improved passim nan week, I still recovered nan regular challenging by time seven.

I felt amazing

By time seven, I felt incredible. I noticed amended mobility, elasticity and little stiffness successful nan mornings, which translated to amended activity value during my CrossFit workouts. My hips and hamstrings were much open, my halfway felt beardown and I moreover noticed somewhat amended posture. 

Granted, a week won’t alteration your life, but I couldn’t judge really overmuch much successful tune I felt pinch my assemblage aft conscionable 7 days of practice.

I recovered it ace nosy and meditative

I’ve ever loved school mobility classes, and I promote (nag) my clients to see them play successful their programs. Increasing mobility and elasticity helps safeguard your assemblage from wounded and amended posture and shape during exercise.

I couldn’t judge really overmuch nosy I had learning this regular and really quickly nan 30-minute people flew by. I besides felt calmer. Curious, I did immoderate digging. Various studies show that nan gentle quality of repetitive activity tin bring you to mindfulness. 

And rhythmic motions, for illustration animal flow, tin beryllium therapeutic connected nan tense system, helping to physically and mentally crushed you. One study moreover recovered improvements successful cognitive usability and moving representation pursuing meditative movement. 

I’ve already committed to adding 1 animal travel regular to my workout programme each week, and I’m keen to study and create arsenic galore moves arsenic possible. Besides, you tin do it anywhere, anytime, without instrumentality — you’ll conscionable request immoderate patience! 

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