I test TVs for a living and this is the Black Friday TV deal I'm recommending to my friends

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Hisense U8K Mini-LED TV displaying a landscape
(Image credit: Future)

I've had nan awesome pleasance of reviewing (and editing) a TON of TV reviews this year, but 1 of them has stuck retired successful mind a spot further than nan remainder — and it's presently connected waste for Black Friday.

The TV I'm talking astir is nan Hisense U8K, 1 of nan best TVs of 2023 and on waste this week for $896 aft a $500 discount connected Amazon. It's nan TV that I'm going to urge to friends and family shopping for Black Friday TV deals.

As I said successful my Hisense U8K review, I loved this TV's awesome brightness and vibrant colors. The U8K's deficiency of colour banding issues and improved processor make it a awesome upgrade complete past year's U8H and it has a raft of improved specs.

In our tests, nan Hisense U8K deed a highest brightness of 1788.313369 nits successful a 10% model putting it connected par pinch astir of nan high-end TVs from Samsung. Its 99.8301% sum of nan Rec. 709 colour gamut was besides impressive, though its Delta-E people of 4.4614 is acold from nan champion we've seen for colour accuracy. Still, nan Hisense U8K delivered awesome image capacity for a wide assortment of content, it looked awesome successful conditions pinch a batch of ambient ray and its 4K upscaling capabilities are beardown acknowledgment to its improved processor. 

Equipped pinch a 2.1.2 speaker system, nan Hisense U8K besides provided a bully audio experience. Music, sound effects and speech sounded chopped and clear, and nan sound sewage large capable to capable a room. If you're superior astir audio though, you'll astir apt want to adhd 1 of nan best soundbars.

I besides for illustration nan Hisense U8K arsenic a gaming TV. The U8K has a refresh complaint of up to 144Hz, HDMI 2.1 support pinch eARC arsenic good arsenic ALLM and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro. Plus, we measured a debased lag clip of 13.2ms.

The Hisense U8K is an fantabulous TV, and now's a awesome clip to prime 1 up acknowledgment to this large discount. If you're looking for much options, cheque retired our TV deals coverage.

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