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Philips Hue Gradient LED Lightstrip (Resident Evil 4)
(Image credit: Future /Capcom)

I emotion OLED show tech almost arsenic overmuch arsenic I adore my 18-month-old puppy. It’s a borderline unhealthy obsession, but astatine slightest my caller LG G3 OLED TV doesn’t make maine scoop poop connected a regular basis. Here astatine Tom’s Guide, we complaint this unthinkable surface arsenic nan best TV you tin presently buy, truthful really successful nan bluish hellhole do you amended connected it?! 

With nan Philips Hue Gradient LightStrip, that’s how.

I don’t attraction if this makes maine a wince-inducing, stepping cliché: arsenic a hardcore PC and console gamer, I emotion LED lighting. Like a moth to a flame, my obsessive eyeballs can’t defy nan allure of ambient colors being projected onto nan wall down my beloved OLED. 

Philips’ illuminating accessory has been connected nan marketplace for a fewer years now, and I’m presently utilizing nan 75-inch model. And bully news! Right now, nan Philips Hue Gradient LightStrip 75-inch is $260 astatine Amazon — down from its accustomed $300 database price. If you’re reference this successful Britain, you tin prime up nan smart lighting gizmo for £210 astatine Amazon UK, though sadly there’s nary discount astatine clip of writing. 

Like a moth to a flame, my obsessive eyeballs can’t defy nan allure of ambient colors being projected onto a wall"

I recognize astir group reference this astir apt won’t ain a 77-inch TV, truthful you’ll beryllium gladsome to cognize Philips besides makes 55- and 65-inch versions of its awesome lightstrip. Both sizes are presently discounted, too. The Philips Hue Gradient LightStrip 55-inch is $193 astatine Amazon (down from $250), while nan larger Philips Hue Gradient LightStrip 65-inch is $195 astatine Amazon (reduced from its accustomed $270 value tag).

I’ve been utilizing Philips’ astonishing wrap-around lighting portion for a mates of years now, and it’s a full game-changer for mounting nan ambiance of your intermezo area. Easily controllable via nan Hue App done either your tablet aliases smartphone, you tin move betwixt dozens of colour presets acknowledgment to its Hue Scene Gallery collection.

Depending connected what benignant of temper I’m in, I regularly switch betwixt a bunch of different go-to colour schemes. Living successful Scotland, wherever it’s often ‘dreek’ — aliases ‘dreary’ for my transatlantic chums — I often move to upbeat patterns for illustration nan agleam and cheery ‘Miami’ scene.

Scream team 

Philips Hue Gradient LED Lightstrip (Scream 6)

(Image credit: Future / Paramount Pictures)

In crisp contrast, if I’m watching 1 of nan best scary movies connected Netflix correct now, I mightiness find myself flicking to nan ‘Chinatown’ strategy to bathe my lounge successful humor reddish hues. I really opted for this preset erstwhile watching nan ‘not arsenic bad arsenic I expected it to be’ Scream 6 recently, and nan sinister tones that emanated from nan backmost of my TV really complimented nan stabby vibes. 

If you want to return things to nan adjacent level, you tin besides brace nan Hue Gradient pinch nan company’s clever sync box. The Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box is $250 astatine Amazon, and it fundamentally acts arsenic a fancy HDMI splitter that lets you link up to 4 devices, beryllium it a PS5, Xbox Series X aliases 1 of nan best 4K Blu-ray players. 

When it comes to watching movies aliases playing games, I’ve recovered nan knockout combo of nan Gradient LightStrip and its optional sync container to beryllium transformative. Mimicking nan colors of immoderate action is occurring connected my screen, it raises my immersion levels successful immoderate contented I’m viewing / playing each clip I alteration nan feature.

Cleverly, you tin group nan sync container to either Video, Music aliases Game mode, to guarantee you’re getting nan astir people paired up lighting acquisition to lucifer immoderate mean you find yourself chilling retired to. 

Philips Hue Gradient LED Lightstrip (Street Fighter 6)

(Image credit: Future / Capcom)

The second mode changes its colors astir often / aggressively to support up pinch nan fast-paced action and predominant flashes of colour you’ll spot in, say, a vibrant Street Fighter 6 bout.

If you find these accompanying ray shows to beryllium a small excessively dazzling, fret not — you tin instantly reside down nan wave and brightness of these screen-matching effects pinch nan Hue Sync app. Like Hue Play, it’s an easy to navigate portion of package that's a breeze to power moreover erstwhile hopping betwixt 4 different devices, arsenic I often do connected a nightly basis.

I started this portion doubling down connected my OLED obsession, but nan Hue Gradient LightStrip useful pinch immoderate modern TV, whether that beryllium a bog modular LCD show aliases a somewhat fancier mini-LED panel. Thanks to nan adhesive integrative mounts it comes with, installing this pupil-tanning instrumentality is fundamentally idiot-proof, too.

Looking for a small other colour successful your life? Then nan Philips Hue Gradient LightStrip is nan measurement to go. It’s nan perfect, vibe-setting companion to my TV, and I perfectly emotion it.

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