I have no clue how Tecno managed to fit an RTX GPU inside this tiny liquid-cooled PC, but I love it

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The Tecno MegaMini G1 compact gaming PC.
(Image credit: Future)

I precocious attended IFA 2023 successful Berlin, and arsenic astatine immoderate bully tech expo location was plentifulness of weird and awesome worldly to see. But I’m a machine nerd astatine heart, and 1 of nan champion things – by my ain individual metric – astatine nan show was this ridiculously mini liquid-cooled gaming PC.

Tecno is simply a Shenzhen, China-based tech institution that presently operates virtually everyplace isolated from nan United States, though that really ought to change. I saw immoderate beautiful nifty hardware connected its guidelines astatine IFA, but nan item for maine was nan MegaMini G1 gaming desktop – a liquid-cooled conception PC pinch a ridiculously mini footprint.

According to nan spec expanse I was shown, nan MegaMini G1 features an Intel Core i9-13900H, 16GB of DDR5 RAM, a 1TB SSD, and an RTX 4050 – not precisely nan best graphics card you tin bargain correct now, but it still boggles my mind that Tecno was capable to fresh each that wrong this device. The lawsuit is conscionable 13 quadrate centimeters astatine nan guidelines and 25 centimeters tall, making it massively smaller than my erstwhile favourite compact PC, nan Corsair One.

With that level of grunt (if anything, I’d opportunity nan i9 processor is somewhat overkill for nan remainder of nan build), you request superior cooling, and nan MegaMini offers this successful nan shape of a built-in liquid loop pinch a azygous ample fan. It looks fantastic; nan cooling tubes are webbed successful addressable LED sleeves that displacement pinch RGB lighting to mimic nan travel of coolant. Combined pinch its coagulated metallic casing and further LEDs connected nan instrumentality and pump block, it’s possibly 1 of nan best-looking compact PCs I’ve ever seen.

Little container of wonders

I didn’t get nonstop pricing specifications connected nan MegaMini G1 (since it’s still successful nan improvement phase), but it’s improbable to beryllium super-expensive; while Tecno isn’t a fund brand, it operates chiefly successful nan Asian, South American, and Eastern European markets, wherever affordability is often vital.

With nan correct pricing, this dinky Windows gaming desktop could beryllium worthy of opinionated among nan best computers retired location – though it does person fierce title successful nan mini machine space, acknowledgment to Apple’s powerful 2023 upgrade of nan Mac mini.

The Tecno MegaMini G1 compact gaming PC.

The MegaMini G1 has a coagulated larboard action too, pinch 2 USB-Cs, 2 Ethernet ports, and six USB-A ports. (Image credit: Future)

As for whether nan MegaMini G1 will beryllium disposable successful North America, nan Tecno squad wasn’t capable to springiness maine a definitive reply – but it should beryllium noted that you tin already bargain some Tecno products (including wireless routers and earbuds) connected Amazon successful nan US. It looks for illustration nan marque is testing nan waters successful nan American marketplace correct now, and I’m hopeful we’ll spot much of its products aboveground crossed nan Atlantic.

I opportunity this because not only was I impressed pinch nan sheer compact standard of nan G1, but Tecno’s Megabook S1 – a sleek laptop that wouldn’t look retired of spot among nan best ultrabooks. The company’s thinnest laptop yet, a typical version of nan S1 was connected show astatine IFA, featuring a pearlescent decorativeness pinch hidden branding that glows nether UV light. Pointless? Maybe. Cool? You bet.

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