Hyperx Vision S Webcam Review: Stellar Low-Light Performance Highlights This Premium Webcam

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HyperX’s latest webcam makes it easy to watercourse successful immoderate lighting condition.

Key Takeaways

  • The HyperX Vision S Webcam offers premium build quality, stellar low-light performance, and awesome autofocus, making it a awesome summation to immoderate location agency aliases streaming setup.
  • The webcam's magnetic privateness screen is easy to usage while its all-metal building gives it a premium feel.
  • The NGENUITY package whitethorn person immoderate issues, but erstwhile nan settings are configured, it's improbable that it will beryllium utilized frequently. The webcam is compatible pinch awesome seizure package and video conferencing platforms, making it suitable for some Windows and macOS users.

While there's nary cleanable webcam, you'll find that galore require you to make much sacrifices than you'd astir apt want to. The HyperX Vision S goes against nan atom successful this respect to connection a well-rounded solution, if you’re up for its $200 premium price. Delivering a coagulated build quality, stellar low-light performance, awesome autofocus, and Windows Hello support, it packs a punch successful nan features department. Add to that a 4K30/1080p60 HDR sensor alongside a magnetic privateness screen and detachable USB-C cable, and you've sewage a webcam that would beryllium a awesome summation to immoderate location agency aliases streaming setup.

HyperX Vision S Webcam
HyperX Vision S Webcam

The HyperX Vision S Webcam is geared toward streamers, delivering a premium characteristic group each around. With stellar low-light capacity and a autochthonal 4K resolution, this webcam could go a go-to for Twitch streamers and at-home workers alike.

Resolution 3840x2160

Wide Angle Lens 90

Connection USB-C

Mounting Monitor, 1/4-20

Compatibility Windows/macOS

Brand HyperX

Integrated Lighting No

Frames per second 30


  • Fantastic debased ray performance
  • Detachable USB-C cable
  • Native 4K resolution


  • Software could usage immoderate work
  • On nan pricier broadside for a webcam

The Vision S Is Made for High-End Setups

The HyperX Vision S Webcam container and componentsSergio Rodriguez / How-To Geek

Right distant erstwhile pulling nan HyperX Vision S Webcam retired of nan box, I was pleasantly amazed by nan heft of it and really it felt successful nan hand. The all-metal build of nan camera itself feels premium and worthy of its value tag, while nan equine that goes connected your machine feels sturdy. It was a bully touch to spot that there’s a 1/4-20 thread connected nan guidelines of nan equine excessively if you’d for illustration to screw it to thing for illustration a ringing light aliases tripod.

I instantly noticed that nan USB-C cablegram is removable! My desktop only has a azygous USB-C larboard connected nan rear, truthful moreover though I've loved my Logitech StreamCam for a fewer years now, that cam was taking up my only port. It's beautiful awesome that nan HyperX Vision S Webcam includes a USB-C to USB-A cablegram successful nan box, and nan cablegram is removable. You tin adhd a longer cord, switch it for a different one, aliases conscionable person much flexibility.

Rear of nan HyperX Vision S Webcam pinch nan plug inSergio Rodriguez / How-To Geek

When I first plugged nan HyperX Vision S into my desktop, I instantly group retired to comparison it to my existent streaming webcam pinch nan Logitech StreamCam. At first, nan Vision S didn’t look arsenic crisp arsenic nan StreamCam, but aft really comparing nan two, and putting a spot much into nan segment (RGB lights, look light, etc.) nan Vision S really does travel retired connected top. However, its low-light capacity is what really sealed nan woody for me.

Let’s look it. Many streaming setups are acheronian by quality to fto nan RGB lights radiance successful your room. As such, there’s a existent anticipation that your look mightiness not person arsenic overmuch ray connected it arsenic you’d like. This is typically a downfall for astir webcams, arsenic nan sensors are truthful mini that low-light capacity isn’t each that great. But nan Vision S blew maine distant pinch really it handled nan small ray successful my agency setting. With my show and 1 barroom ray connected nan wall it looked for illustration nan full room was lit up viewing it done nan Vision S. Comparatively, nan Logitech StreamCam looked astir for illustration what I would expect a webcam to look for illustration pinch small disposable light: washed out, grainy, and dull.

The Magnetic Privacy Cover Is a Nice Touch For Mixed-Use Spaces

The HyperX Vision S Webcam pinch nan magnetic lens headdress onSergio Rodriguez / How-To Geek

After reference immoderate different reviews of nan Vision S, I was worried that nan magnetic privateness screen mightiness beryllium difficult to use. Maybe it would beryllium difficult to connect aliases detach, align, aliases something? Well, aft utilizing nan webcam, nan privateness screen is arsenic easy arsenic you’d expect. The screen tin sometimes clasp connected a small tighter than I expected, meaning I had to usage a small much unit to propulsion it off, but it attached nan first time, each time. Your privateness is unafraid astatine each times erstwhile nan camera isn’t successful use. The screen is made of metallic giving it a premium consciousness and a hefty weight for its size.

Hyperx’s Ngenuity Software Could Use Some Work

HyperX NGENUITY Software Vision S Webcam

On nan surface, nan NGENUITY package is simple. Select nan webcam, tweak nan preferences, and you’ll beryllium bully to go. However, I noticed that location were immoderate issues pinch nan package and I would, reasonably often, person to discontinue it and re-launch it to get nan camera to admit its power again. For example, erstwhile trying to get nan positioning correct wrong nan camera, it would often conscionable extremity moving nan crop, and I’d person to re-launch nan software. Other times, I was trying to get nan achromatic equilibrium correct (manually), and erstwhile I’d spell backmost successful to alteration it, nan changes wouldn’t bespeak successful nan camera visually. I’d person to restart nan package to get it to work—not ideal. But, erstwhile you get your settings configured, you’ll apt not beryllium utilizing nan NGENUITY package much, truthful that’s a plus.

The Hyperx Vision S Webcam Works With Basically Any Capture Software

This should beryllium a given, but it’s thing I want to constituent retired You’ll find that nan HyperX Vision S webcam is compatible pinch each awesome seizure software, including OBS, StreamLabs, and others. It’s besides compatible pinch Teams, Discord, Zoom, and different video conferencing platforms truthful you tin remainder assured that it’ll usability precisely really you request it connected some Windows and macOS.

Stellar Low- And No-Light Performance Makes This an Ideal Streaming Camera

If I could get nan Vision S's low-light capacity connected my DSLR, I’d beryllium happy. It's great. With very small ambient ray successful nan room—only nan glow of my 27-inch show and a wall light—the segment was lit almost perfectly. It was a small overcompensating successful nan shadows successful nan background, but overall, it looked fantastic. I’d person nary problems gathering pinch co-workers, doing a occupation interview, aliases moreover streaming pinch it as-is erstwhile I had hardly immoderate ray successful nan room.

However, erstwhile I turned connected my ringing ray astatine my table and added immoderate RGB ambient lighting successful nan background, things went to nan adjacent level. The perfect measurement to usage nan webcam, successful my opinion, is pinch an overhead ray off, immoderate soft beforehand lighting from down your show onto your face, and accent lighting successful nan background. If you person a setup for illustration this, I deliberation you’ll beryllium very impressed pinch nan Vision S camera overall.

HyperX Vision S Webcam progressive pinch ray onSergio Rodriguez / How-To Geek

In nan aforesaid realm arsenic low-light capacity is autofocus, which this camera excels astatine moreover erstwhile nan room is dim. I’ve had zero issues pinch nan autofocus, arsenic it’s easy capable to support way of my look and guarantee that I enactment bully and sharp. There’s an action for manual focus, which could travel successful useful if you’re utilizing nan Vision S arsenic a top-down camera to grounds a desk, arsenic you’d beryllium capable to guarantee that everything stays successful attraction moreover if your hands move around.

Windows Hello Integration Is a Nice Touch

Something I wasn’t expecting to find connected this camera, but is simply a very bully addition, is support for Windows Hello. My Logitech StreamCam doesn’t person this functionality, truthful successful my mind, that conscionable wasn’t coming successful streaming cameras. While Windows Hello will require you to support nan privateness lens disconnected (or propulsion it disconnected to function), having nan expertise to usage it is rather bully and handy. As my agency is successful a abstracted room of nan location wherever I’m only successful location to work, I’d apt not person nan privateness screen connected much, allowing maine to return advantage of Windows Hello look nickname alternatively of inputting a PIN into my machine each clip I want to unlock 1Password or log into nan computer.

Should You Buy nan Hyperx Vision S Webcam?

Front position of nan HyperX Vision S WebcamSergio Rodriguez / How-To Geek

I deliberation nan purchasing determination really comes down to 1 main question: do you need a webcam this expensive? Coming successful astatine $200, nan HyperX Vision S is costly among webcams, but it besides offers a beautiful awesome acquisition each around. While thing for illustration nan Logitech StreamCam tin beryllium picked up for astir $100, nan image falls isolated arsenic soon arsenic nan lights spell out. And, pinch nary Windows Hello integration, you’d beryllium typing your password successful each nan time.

With awesome 4K30 and 1080p60 HDR performance, awesome low-light capabilities, Windows Hello integration, and an all-metal build, nan Vision S seems for illustration nan correct worth for its $200 value tag. If you’re looking for a solid, premium webcam for a higher-end gaming and streaming setup, past it’s difficult to spell incorrect pinch nan HyperX Vision S. Though, I do dream HyperX useful connected nan NGENUITY package successful early updates to make it a spot much soft and easier to use.

Webcams person travel a agelong measurement successful nan past fewer years. Where we utilized to beryllium stuck astatine 720p30 (if that), we now person 1080p60, and moreover immoderate cameras pushing 4K60. The HyperX Vision S webcam doesn’t rather extremity nan scales astatine nan highest extremity of nan market, but it does connection immoderate beautiful compelling features arsenic your primary, mundane option. Whether you’re looking to watercourse connected Twitch aliases YouTube, grounds full-length YouTube videos, aliases conscionable return Zoom meetings, nan HyperX Vision S does a beautiful stellar job, beating retired competing streaming cameras successful nan value section hands-down.

HyperX Vision S Webcam
HyperX Vision S Webcam

The HyperX Vision S Webcam is geared toward streamers, delivering a premium characteristic group each around. With stellar low-light capacity and a autochthonal 4K resolution, this webcam could go a go-to for Twitch streamers and at-home workers alike.

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