How to Write a Blog Post: A Step-by-Step Guide [+ Free Blog Post Templates]

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If you’ve ever publication a blog post, you’ve consumed contented from a thought leader that is an master successful their industry. Chances are if nan blog station was written effectively, you came distant pinch adjuvant knowledge and a affirmative sentiment astir nan writer aliases marque that produced nan content. 6 Free Blog Post Templates

Anyone tin link pinch their assemblage done blogging and bask nan myriad benefits that blogging provides: integrated postulation from hunt engines, promotional contented for societal media, and nickname from a caller assemblage you haven’t tapped into yet.

If you’ve heard astir blogging but are a beginner and don’t cognize wherever to start, nan clip for excuses is over. Not only tin you create an SEO-friendly blog, but I’ll screen really to constitute and negociate your business's blog arsenic good arsenic supply adjuvant templates to simplify your blogging efforts.

Let's get started pinch an important question.

Blogging whitethorn mean different things depending connected your niche — truthful let’s statesman pinch this definition.

What is simply a blog post?

A blog station is immoderate article, news piece, aliases guideline that's published successful nan blog conception of a website. A blog station typically covers a circumstantial taxable aliases query, is acquisition successful nature, ranges from 600 to 2,000+ words, and contains different media types specified arsenic images, videos, infographics, and interactive charts.

Blog posts let you and your business to people insights, thoughts, and stories connected your website astir immoderate topic. They tin thief you boost marque awareness, credibility, conversions, and revenue. Most importantly, they tin thief you thrust postulation to your website.

But successful bid to statesman making posts for a blog — you person to study really to commencement one, first. Let’s dive in.

How to Start a Blog

  1. Understand your audience.
  2. Check retired your competition.
  3. Determine what topics you'll cover.
  4. Identify your unsocial angle.
  5. Name your blog.
  6. Create your blog domain.
  7. Choose a CMS and group up your blog.
  8. Customize nan look of your blog.
  9. Write your first blog post.

1. Understand your audience.

Before you commencement penning your blog post, make judge you person a clear knowing of your target audience. To do so, return nan pursuing steps.

Ask yourself exploratory questions.

To observe your audience, inquire questions like: Who are they? Are they for illustration me, aliases do I cognize personification for illustration them? What do they want to cognize about? What will resonate pinch them?

Jot down your notes successful a notepad aliases a document. This is nan clip to brainstorm assemblage attributes from scratch, nary matter really retired of near section they whitethorn feel. You should besides deliberation astir your audience's age, background, goals, and challenges astatine this stage.

Carry retired marketplace research.

Doing marketplace research sounds for illustration a large task, but successful truth, it tin beryllium arsenic elemental arsenic accessing a societal media level and browsing personification and blog profiles that lucifer pinch your imaginable audience.

Use market investigation tools to statesman uncovering much circumstantial accusation astir your assemblage — aliases to corroborate a hunch aliases a portion of accusation you already knew. For instance, if you wanted to create a blog astir work-from-home hacks, you tin make nan reasonable presumption that your assemblage will beryllium mostly Gen Zers and Millennials. But it’s important to corroborate this accusation done research.

Create general purchaser personas.

Once you’ve brainstormed and carried retired marketplace research, it’s clip to create general buyer personas. It’s important because what you cognize astir your purchaser personas and their interests will pass nan brainstorming process for blog posts.

For instance, if your readers are Millennials looking to commencement a business, you astir apt don't request to supply them pinch accusation astir getting started connected societal media — astir of them already person that down.

You might, however, want to springiness them accusation astir really to set their societal media attack (for illustration — from what whitethorn beryllium a casual, individual attack to a much business-savvy, networking-focused approach). That benignant of tweak is what helps you people contented astir nan topics your assemblage really wants and needs.

Don't person purchaser personas successful spot for your business? Here are a fewer resources to thief you get started:

  • Create Buyer Personas for Your Business [Free Template]
  • Guide: How to Create Detailed Buyer Personas for Your Business
  • [Free Tool] Make My Persona: Buyer Persona Generator

2. Check retired your competition.

What amended measurement to tie inspiration than to look astatine your well-established competition?

It’s worthy taking a look astatine popular, highly reviewed blogs because their strategy and execution is what sewage them to turn successful credibility. The intent of doing this isn’t to transcript these elements, but to summation amended penetration into what readers admit successful a value blog.

When you find a competitor’s blog, return nan pursuing steps:

Determine whether they’re really a nonstop competitor.

A blog’s audience, niche, and circumstantial slant find whether they're really your competitor. But nan astir important of these is their audience. If they service a wholly different nationalist than you, past they’re apt not a competitor. That is why it’s important to specify your purchaser personas earlier taking different steps successful nan blog creation process.

Look astatine nan blog’s branding, colour palette, and theme.

Once you find that they’re your competitor, it’s clip to return statement of their techniques truthful that you tin seizure a akin readership. Colors and themes play a immense domiciled successful whether you look for illustration portion of a niche — for instance, a blog astir eco-friendly products should apt usage earthy tones alternatively of bright, unnatural colors specified arsenic neon yellowish aliases pink.

Analyze nan reside and penning style of nan competition.

Take statement of your competition’s copywriting. Is it thing you consciousness for illustration you tin successfully emulate? Does it ringing existent to nan type of blog you’d for illustration to create? What do readers astir respond to? For most, creating a tech blog mightiness beryllium an fantabulous idea, but if journalistic, review-based penning doesn’t activity for you, past that mightiness not beryllium a bully fit. Be alert of what you tin feasibly execute aliases prosecute freelance writers.

3. Determine what topics you’ll cover.

Before you constitute anything, prime a taxable you’d for illustration to constitute about. The taxable tin beryllium beautiful wide to commencement arsenic you find your desired niche successful blogging.

Here are immoderate ways to take topics to cover.

Find retired which topics your competitors often cover.

One easy measurement to take topics for your blog is to simply study what different blogs are penning about. After you find your competitors, spell done their archive and class pages, and effort to find retired which topics they astir often people contented about. From there, you tin create a tentative database to research further. You mightiness find, for instance, that a competitor only covers surface-level accusation astir a subject. In your blog, you tin dive much profoundly and connection much worth to readers.

Choose topics you understand well.

No matter what type of blog you start, you want to guarantee you cognize nan taxable good capable to constitute authoritatively astir it. Rather than choosing a taxable you’ll request to investigation arsenic you write, deliberation astir those that travel astir people to you. What has your master acquisition been for illustration truthful far? What are your hobbies? What did you study successful college? These tin each springiness emergence to imaginable topics you tin screen successful depth.

Ensure nan topics are applicable to your readership.

You whitethorn find that you clasp heavy expertise successful various topics, but really applicable are they to nan assemblage you understood backmost successful measurement one? If you’re not serving their needs, past you’d beryllium shouting into a void — or, worse, attracting nan incorrect readership. For that reason, aft identifying nan topics you tin feasibly constitute about, inquire yourself whether those are subjects your assemblage would for illustration to explore.

Do preliminary keyword research.

Keyword research is nan process of searching for topics utilizing a keyword investigation tool, past determining whether location is request by looking astatine each topic’s (or keyword’s) hunt volume. If you recovered nan cleanable topics that are nan cleanable transverse betwixt your expertise and your reader’s needs, you’ve struck golden — but nan golden will person nary worth unless group are searching for those terms. Only past tin you seizure nan assemblage that is waiting retired there.

4. Identify your unsocial angle.

What position do you bring that makes you guidelines retired from nan crowd? This is cardinal to determining nan trajectory of your blog’s future, and location are galore avenues to take successful nan process.

Here’s really you tin find your unique trading proposition successful crowded blogging niches:

Write a master and individual bio.

Knowing your ain history and acquisition is basal to find your unsocial slant. To get started, write a master bio that explains, astatine length, who you are and which experiences astir pass your blogging efforts. While I could constitute a lengthy exposition astir my childhood, that history isn’t basal unless I’m launching a blog astir raising children.

What unsocial acquisition makes you a trusted master aliases thought leader connected nan topic? You tin usage your answers to that mobility to find your angle. Use this accusation to populate your “About me” page connected your blog and stock much astir yourself.

Determine nan typical problem you will lick for readers.

Your readers won’t spot you aliases return to you unless you actively thief them lick a problem. As you effort to find your angle, deliberation astir ways you tin thief your assemblage surmount challenges typically associated pinch nan topics you’ve chosen for your blog. For instance, if you’re creating a blog astir sustainability, past you mightiness thief readers study really they tin compost integrated materials successful their home.

Choose an editorial approach.

Will you stock your opinions connected trending debates? Teach your readers really to do something? Compare aliases stock original research? The editorial attack you take will successful portion beryllium informed by nan topics you screen connected your blog and nan problems you’re helping your readers solve. If your blog is astir trading trends and your extremity is to support marketers up-to-date connected nan latest changes, past your editorial attack should beryllium journalistic successful nature. This is only 1 illustration of really to take a technique.

5. Name your blog.

This is your opportunity to get imaginative and make a sanction that gives readers an thought of what to expect from your blog. Some tips connected how to take your blog name include:

Keep your blog sanction easy to opportunity and spell.

No request to get analyzable astatine each pinch your name, though it mightiness beryllium tempting, since location are truthful galore blogs retired there. While choosing a unsocial sanction is essential, it’s besides important to take 1 that is easy to memorize for readers. It should besides beryllium elemental to retrieve arsenic an URL (which will travel into play successful nan adjacent step).

Link your blog sanction to your marque message.

The much related your blog’s sanction is to nan topics you cover, nan better. For instance, DIY MFA is each astir writers doing their ain Master of Fine Arts successful penning astatine home. The brand’s connection is each astir delving heavy into one’s penning believe without needing a general degree. Try to do thing akin for your ain blog name: Alluding to your blog’s message, worth proposition, and covered topics successful 1 sweep.

Consider what your target assemblage is looking for.

Your blog sanction should necktie straight into what your readers want to achieve, learn, aliases solve. DIY MFA is astir writers who don’t person nan money for postgraduate school, but who still want to create their penning skills. The HubSpot Marketing blog is — you guessed it — astir trading trends and tips.

It’s okay if your blog sanction feels “too straightforward.” Straightforward names accurately pass what you’re astir and efficaciously pull nan correct audience.

If you still request much assistance, effort utilizing a blog sanction generator. One past tip: Make judge nan sanction you travel up pinch isn’t already taken, arsenic it could lessen your visibility and confuse readers looking for your content.

6. Create your blog domain.

A domain is simply a portion of nan web reside nomenclature personification would usage to find your website aliases a page of your website online.

Your blog‘s domain will look for illustration this: The sanction betwixt nan 2 periods is up to you, arsenic agelong arsenic this domain sanction doesn’t yet beryllium connected nan internet.

Want to create a subdomain for your blog? If you already ain a cooking business astatine, you mightiness create a blog that looks for illustration this: In different words, your blog's subdomain will unrecorded successful its ain conception of

Some CMS platforms connection subdomains arsenic a free service, wherever your blog lives connected nan CMS, alternatively than your business's website. For example, it mightiness look for illustration this: However, to create a subdomain that belongs to your institution website, registry nan subdomain pinch a website host.

Most website hosting services complaint very small to big an original domain — successful fact, website costs tin beryllium arsenic inexpensive arsenic $3 per period erstwhile you perpetrate to a 36-month term.

Pro Tip: You tin connect your civilization domain to free hosting pinch HubSpot’s free CMS aliases successful premium editions of CMS Hub. This includes entree to built-in information features and a contented transportation network.

Here are 5 different celebrated web hosting services to take from:

  • GoDaddy
  • HostGator
  • DreamHost
  • Bluehost
  • iPage

7. Choose a CMS and group up your blog.

A CMS (content guidance system) is simply a package exertion that allows users to build and support a website without having to codification it from scratch. CMS platforms tin negociate domains (where you create your website) and subdomains (where you create a webpage that connects to an existing website).

HubSpot customers host web content via CMS Hub. Another celebrated action is simply a self-hosted WordPress website connected a hosting tract specified arsenic WP Engine. Whether you create a domain aliases a subdomain to start your blog, you'll request to take a web hosting work aft you prime a CMS.

Pro Tip: You tin get started for free pinch HubSpot’s free blog maker. Our free CMS offers everything you request to get started– including hosting, a ocular editor, and hundreds of free and paid themes to take from.

8. Customize nan look of your blog.

Once you person your domain sanction group up, customize nan quality of your blog to bespeak nan taxable of nan contented you scheme connected creating and your brand.

For example, if you're penning astir sustainability and nan environment, greenish mightiness beryllium a colour to support successful mind while designing your blog.

we are wildness blog appearance

Image Source

If you already negociate a website and are penning nan first station for that existing website, guarantee nan article is accordant pinch nan website successful quality and taxable matter. Two ways to do this are including your:

  • Logo: This tin beryllium your business‘s sanction and logo — it will punctual blog readers of who’s publishing nan content. (How heavy you want to marque your blog, however, is up to you.)
  • “About” Page: You mightiness already person an “About” blurb describing yourself aliases your business. Your blog‘s "About" conception is an hold of this higher-level statement. Think of it arsenic your blog’s ngo statement, which serves to support your company's goals.

9. Write your first blog post.

Once you person your blog group up, nan only point missing is nan content. While nan creation and layout are nosy and functionally necessary, it's nan contented that will tie your readers successful and support them coming back. So really do you really spell astir penning 1 of these engaging and informational pieces?

Writing Your First Blog Post

You’ve sewage nan method and applicable tidbits down — now it’s clip to constitute your very first blog post. And nope, this isn’t nan abstraction to present yourself and your caller blog (i.e. “Welcome to my blog! This is nan taxable I’ll beryllium covering. Here are my societal media handles. Will you please follow?”).

Start pinch “low-hanging fruit,” penning astir a highly circumstantial taxable that serves a mini conception of your target audience.

That seems unintuitive, right? If much group are searching for a word aliases a topic, that should mean much readers for you.

But that’s not true. If you take a wide and highly searched taxable that’s been covered by awesome competitors aliases much established brands, it’s improbable that your station will rank connected nan first page of hunt motor results pages (SERPs). Give your recently calved blog a chance by choosing a taxable that fewer bloggers person written about.

Let’s locomotion done this process.

1. Choose a taxable you’re passionate and knowledgeable about.

Before you constitute anything, prime a taxable for your blog post. The taxable tin beryllium beautiful wide to start. For example, if you're a institution that sells a CRM for small-to-enterprise businesses, your station mightiness beryllium astir nan value of utilizing a azygous package to support your marketing, sales, and work teams aligned.

Pro tip: You whitethorn not want to jump into a “how-to” article for your first blog post.


Your credibility hasn’t been established yet. Before school others really to do something, you’ll first want to show that you’re a leader successful your section and an charismatic source.

For instance, if you‘re a plumber penning your first post, you won’t yet constitute a station titled “How to Replace nan Piping System successful your Bathroom.” First, you’d constitute astir modern faucet setups, aliases show a peculiar occurrence communicative you had rescuing a faucet earlier it flooded a customer's house.

Here are 4 different types of blog posts you could commencement with:

  • List (“Listicle”): 5 ways to hole a leaky faucet
  • Curated Collection: 10 faucet and descend brands to see today
  • SlideShare Presentation: 5 types of faucets to switch your aged 1 (with pictures)
  • News Piece: New study shows X% of group don't switch their faucet often enough

If you're having problem coming up pinch taxable ideas, a bully topic brainstorming session should help. In nan station I’ve linked, my workfellow walks you done a adjuvant process for turning 1 thought into many. Similar to nan “leaky faucet” examples above, you would “iterate disconnected aged topics to travel up pinch unsocial and compelling caller topics.”

This tin beryllium done by:

  • Changing nan taxable scope
  • Adjusting your clip frame
  • Choosing a caller audience
  • Taking a positive/negative approach
  • Introducing a caller format

And if you’re still stuck, let’s return a look astatine immoderate first blog station thought examples.

First Blog Post Ideas

The Difference Between [Niche Topic] and [Niche Topic], Explained by a [Niche Expert]
  • The Difference Between SEM and SEO, Explained by a Marketing Expert
  • The Difference Between Sedans and Coupes, Explained by a Car Mechanic
  • The Difference Between Baking and Broiling, Explained by a Professional Baker
The 10 Best and Worst [Niche Tools] for [Niche Activity]
  • The 10 Best and Worst Writing Software for Fiction Writing
  • The 10 Best and Worst CRMs for Nurturing Prospects
  • The 10 Best and Worst Family Cars for Cross-Country Roadtrips
8 [Niche Activity] Common Mistakes (+ Ways to Fix Them)
  • 8 Non-Fiction Writing Common Mistakes (+ Ways to Fix Them)
  • 8 Salmon Broiling Common Mistakes (+ Ways to Fix Them)
  • 8 Car Maintenance Common Mistakes (+ Ways to Fix Them)
9 Proven Tips for [Niche Activity]
  • 9 Proven Tips for Checking Plumbing Problems nether Your Kitchen Sink
  • 9 Proven Tips for Writing a Non-Fiction Bestseller
  • 9 Proven Tips for Doing DIY Car Maintenance
Why We/I Switched from [Niche Tool] to [Niche Tool] (Comparison)
  • Why We Switched from Pipedrive to HubSpot (Comparison)
  • Why I Switched from Microsoft Word to Scrivener (Comparison)
  • Why We Switched from iMacs to Surface Studio (Comparison)
[Niche Tool] vs [Niche Tool]: Which [Tool] is Best for You?
  • Zendesk vs Freshcaller: Which Call Software is Best for You?
  • Air Fryer vs Convection Oven: Which One is Best for You?
  • Mazda Miata vs Toyota Supra: Which Sports Car is Best for You?
The Ultimate Roundup of [Niche Activity] Tips and Tricks
  • The Ultimate Roundup of Novel Writing Tips and Tricks
  • The Ultimate Roundup of Macaroon Baking Tips and Tricks
  • The Ultimate Roundup of Solo Traveling Tips and Tricks

Want immoderate existent examples of blog posts? See what your first blog station tin look for illustration based connected nan taxable you take and nan assemblage you're targeting.

2. Target a low-volume keyword to optimize around.

Finding a keyword pinch debased searches successful Google (I urge sticking to astir 10 to 150 monthly searches). These topics connection little title and should truthful let your caller blog station to rank much easily.

To take a topic, you tin either do a accepted brainstorming convention aliases transportation retired keyword research. I propose nan second because you tin really spot really galore group are looking for that topic.

Now, don’t beryllium intimidated by nan word “keyword research.” It’s not conscionable for marketers, but for caller bloggers, too. And it’s really easy to do.

To jumpstart your keyword research, first statesman by identifying nan wide taxable of your blog.

Say you’re a plumber. Your general, high-level taxable mightiness beryllium “plumbing” (67K monthly searches).

Next, put this word into a keyword investigation instrumentality specified as:

  • Ahrefs
  • Moz
  • Ubersuggest
  • Wordtracker

When you tally this word done nan tool, a database of related keywords will appear. Scan nan database and take 1 pinch a little hunt volume. For this example, we’ll usage “under descend plumbing” (1.4K monthly searches).

Run that keyword successful nan keyword investigation instrumentality again. Look astatine nan related keywords. Find 1 pinch a little hunt volume. Do that again.

For this example, we’ll settee connected “plumbing problems nether room sink” (10 monthly searches). That’s nan taxable for our first post.

TLDR; Choose a low-volume, low-competition keyword that will guarantee your first station ranks.

For much thief connected keyword research, present are much resources you tin use:

  • How to Do Keyword Research for SEO: A Beginner's Guide
  • How to Perform Keyword Research and Rank
  • Top Tools For Finding Long-Tail Keywords

3. Google nan word to understand your audience’s hunt intent.

You’ve sewage your taxable — now, you request to cheque that nan user’s hunt intent would beryllium fulfilled by a blog post.

What does that mean?

If personification is looking for “plumbing problems nether a room sink,” they mightiness beryllium looking for a tutorial, a diagram, an article, aliases a merchandise that tin hole nan issue. If they’re looking for nan first three, you’re bully — that tin beryllium covered successful a blog post. A product, however, is different, and your blog station won’t rank.

How do you double-check hunt intent?

Google nan word and look astatine nan results. If different articles and blog posts rank for that term, you’re bully to go. If you only find merchandise pages aliases listicles from awesome publications, past find a caller taxable to screen successful your first post.

Consider nan word “under descend plumbing bathroom” (30 monthly searches). It seemed for illustration a cleanable fresh because it had debased monthly searches.

Upon Googling nan term, I recovered merchandise carousels, merchandise pages from Home Depot and Lowes, and guides written by awesome publications. (You’ll besides want to debar topics that person been covered by awesome publications, astatine slightest for now.)

TLDR; Before penning your first blog station astir a low-volume topic, double-check nan personification intent by Googling nan keyword. Also, don’t hide to return a look astatine who’s written astir that taxable truthful far. If you spot a awesome brand, see penning astir different topic.

4. Find questions and position related to that topic.

You’ve sewage a highly unsocial taxable that’s been covered by conscionable a fewer group truthful far. It’s clip to soma it retired by covering related aliases adjacent topics.

Use nan pursuing tools:

  • Answer nan Public: When you spot your keyword into this tool, it will springiness you a database of questions related to that term.
  • Google: Google is your champion friend. Search for nan word and look nether “People besides ask” and “People besides hunt for.” Be judge to touch upon those topics successful nan post.

You tin besides usage these keyword investigation devices we mentioned supra successful measurement one.

5. Come up pinch a moving title.

You mightiness travel up pinch a fewer different moving titles — successful different words, iterations of approaching that taxable to thief you attraction your writing.

For example, you whitethorn determine to constrictive your taxable to “Tools for Fixing Leaky Faucets” aliases “Common Causes of Leaky Faucets.” A moving title is circumstantial and will guideline your station truthful you tin commencement writing.

Let's return a existent station arsenic an example: "How to Choose a Solid Topic for Your Next Blog Post."

Appropriate, right? The topic, successful this case, was astir apt “blogging.” Then nan moving title whitethorn person been thing like, “The Process for Selecting a Blog Post Topic.” And nan last title ended up being “How to Choose a Solid Topic for Your Next Blog Post.”

See that improvement from topic, to moving title, to last title? Even though nan moving title whitethorn not extremity up being nan last title (more connected that successful a moment), it still provides capable accusation truthful you tin attraction your blog station connected thing much circumstantial than a generic, overwhelming topic.

6. Create an outline.

Sometimes, blog posts tin person an overwhelming magnitude of accusation — for nan scholar and nan writer. The instrumentality is to shape nan info successful a measurement truthful readers aren‘t intimidated by magnitude aliases magnitude of content. This statement tin return aggregate forms — sections, lists, tips — whatever’s astir appropriate. But it must beryllium organized!

Featured Resource: 6 Free Blog Post Templates

blog station template

Download These Templates for Free

Let's return a look astatine nan post, "How to Use Snapchat: A Detailed Look Into HubSpot’s Snapchat Strategy." There‘s a batch of contented successful nan piece, truthful it’s surgery up into a fewer sections utilizing descriptive headers. The awesome sections are separated into subsections that spell into much detail, making nan contented easier to read.

To complete this step, each you really request to do is outline your post. This way, earlier you commencement writing, you'll cognize which points you want to screen and nan champion bid to do so. And to make things moreover easier, you can download and usage our free blog station templates, which are pre-organized for six of nan astir communal blogs. Just capable successful nan blanks!

7. Write an intro (and make it captivating).

We've written much specifically astir penning captivating introductions successful nan station "How to Write an Introduction," but let's review, shall we?

First, drawback nan reader‘s attention. If you suffer nan scholar successful nan first fewer paragraphs — aliases moreover sentences — of nan introduction, they’ll extremity reference (even earlier they've fixed your station a adjacent shake). You tin do this successful a number of ways: show a communicative aliases a joke, beryllium empathetic, aliases grip nan scholar pinch an absorbing truth aliases statistic.

Then, picture nan intent of your station and explicate really it will reside a problem nan scholar whitethorn beryllium experiencing. This will springiness nan scholar a logic to proceed reference and show them really nan station will thief them amended their activity aliases lives.

Here‘s an illustration of an intro I deliberation does a bully occupation of attracting a reader’s attraction correct away:

“Blink. Blink. Blink. It's nan dreaded cursor-on-a-blank-screen acquisition that each writers — amateur aliases professional, aspiring aliases knowledgeable — cognize and dread. And of each times for it to occur, it seems to plague america nan astir erstwhile trying to constitute an introduction.”

8. Build retired each conception of your outline.

The adjacent measurement — but not nan past — is really penning nan content. We can't hide astir that, of course.

Now that you person your outline aliases template, you're fresh to capable successful nan blanks. Use your outline arsenic a guideline and grow connected each points arsenic needed. Write astir what you already know, and if necessary, behaviour further investigation to stitchery much information, examples, and information to backmost up your points, while providing due attribution erstwhile incorporating outer sources. When you do, ever effort to find meticulous and compelling data to usage successful your post.

If you‘re having problem stringing sentences together, you’re not alone. Finding your “flow” tin beryllium challenging for a batch of folks. Luckily, location are a ton of devices you tin thin connected to thief you amended your writing. Here are a fewer to get you started:

  • Power Thesaurus: Stuck connected a word? Power Thesaurus is simply a crowdsourced instrumentality that provides users pinch a number of replacement connection choices from a organization of writers.
  • ZenPen: If you're having problem staying focused, cheque retired this distraction-free penning tool. ZenPen creates a minimalist “writing zone” designed to thief you get words down without having to fuss pinch formatting correct away.
  • Cliché Finder: Feeling for illustration your penning mightiness beryllium coming disconnected a small cheesy? Identify instances wherever you tin beryllium much circumstantial utilizing this useful cliché tool.

You tin besides mention to our complete database of devices for improving your penning skills. And if you're looking for much direction, nan pursuing resources are chock-full of valuable penning advice:

  • Copywriting 101: 6 Traits of Excellent Copy Readers Will Remember
  • How to Write Compelling Copy: 7 Tips for Writing Content That Converts
  • How to Write With Clarity: 9 Tips for Simplifying Your Message
  • The Kurt Vonnegut Guide to Great Copywriting: 8 Rules That Apply to Anyone
  • Your Blog Posts Are Boring: 9 Tips for Making Your Writing More Interesting

9. Publish and beforehand your first station immoderate measurement you can.

As a caller blogger, you apt don’t person a societal media pursuing yet. Thankfully, you don’t request a immense pursuing earlier you tin create a promotion strategy.

A promotion strategy is your maestro scheme for really you create, post, and prosecute pinch your societal media content. It helps you return advantage of societal and integer technologies to stock your business, aliases successful this case, your content. Having a coagulated promotional strategy offers your assemblage from different trading channels much ways to find your blog posts.

Here are much blog station promotion resources:

  • 12 Tried-and-True Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts
  • 10 Sites You Can Use for Free Blog Promotion
  • 9 Link Building Email Outreach Templates That Actually Work
  • Inbound Link Building 101: 34 Ways to Build Backlinks for SEO
  • 11 Creative (But 100% White Hat!) Ways to Earn Backlinks

What makes a bully blog post?

Before you constitute a blog, make judge you cognize nan answers to questions like, “Why would personification support reference this full blog post?” and “What makes our assemblage travel backmost for more?”

To start, a bully blog station is absorbing and educational. Blogs should reply questions and thief readers resoluteness a situation they're experiencing — and you person to do truthful successful an absorbing way.

It‘s not capable conscionable to reply someone’s questions — you besides person to supply actionable steps while being engaging. For instance, your preamble should hook nan scholar and make them want to proceed reference your post. Then, usage examples to support your readers willing successful what you person to say.

Remember, a bully blog station is absorbing to publication and provides acquisition contented to assemblage members.

Want to study really to use blogging and different forms of contented trading to your business?

Check retired HubSpot Academy's free contented trading course.

Now, let's dive into immoderate formatting guidelines to usage earlier you people your blog posts.

Blog Format Guidelines

  1. Include H2s to put ideas.
  2. Center your Images.
  3. Add alt text.
  4. Keep your sentences clear and concise.
  5. Use media pinch purpose.

1. Include H2s to put ideas.

When you statesman typing your blog content, it’s important that you disagreement paragraphs into sections that make it easier for nan scholar to find what they need.

If you’re conscionable starting out, past attraction connected nan overarching H2s you want to talk about, and you’ll beryllium capable to branch disconnected into subheaders and much people arsenic you continue.

2. Center your images.

This is simply a elemental believe that tin thief your contented look much master pinch small effort. Centering your images keeps nan reader’s attraction drawn to nan taxable — not searching for elsewhere.

Centering besides looks amended erstwhile translating from PC to mobile devices. As formatting transitions to mini screens aliases windows, a centered image will stay nan focal point.

3. Add alt text.

So those images you centered earlier, make judge you person descriptive alt matter for them, too.

Image alt text allows hunt engines, for illustration Google, to crawl and rank your blog station amended than pages lacking nan element. It besides leads readers to your blog station if nan keywords included are what they searched for successful nan first place.

Besides SERP features, image alt matter is beneficial to readers by providing much accessibility. Image alt matter allows group to amended visualize images erstwhile they can’t spot them, and pinch assistive technology, tin beryllium auditorily publication aloud for group to enjoy.

4. Keep your sentences short and concise.

When you statesman moving connected nan assemblage of your blog post, make judge readers tin intelligibly understand what you’re trying to accomplish.

You shouldn’t consciousness unit to elongate your station pinch unnecessary details, and chances are that if you support it concise, readers will deduce much worth from your work.

5. Use media pinch a purpose.

Break up nan monotony of your blog station pinch immoderate multimedia contented wherever seen fit.

Your scholar will bask visiting a blog page pinch images, videos, polls, audio aliases slideshows arsenic opposed to a page of achromatic and achromatic text.

It besides makes it much interactive and improves your on-page hunt motor optimization (SEO).

Now, do you want immoderate existent examples of blog posts? See what your first blog station tin look for illustration based connected nan taxable you take and nan assemblage you're targeting.

Blog Post Examples

  1. List-Based Post
  2. Thought Leadership Post
  3. Curated Collection Post
  4. SlideShare Presentation
  5. Newsjacking Post
  6. Infographic Post
  7. How-to Post
  8. Guest Post

1. List-Based Blog Post

List-Based Post Example: 17 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid successful 2021, According to HubSpot Bloggers

list based blog station example

List-based posts are sometimes called “listicles,” a operation of nan words “list” and “article.” These are articles that present accusation successful nan shape of a list. A listicle uses sub-headers to break down nan blog station into individual pieces, helping readers skim and digest your contented much easily.

As you tin spot successful nan illustration from our blog, listicles tin connection various tips and methods for solving a problem.

2. Thought Leadership Post

Example: How HubSpot's Customers Are Shaping nan Next Normal

thought activity blog station example

Thought activity posts let you to stock your expertise connected a peculiar taxable matter and stock firsthand knowledge pinch your readers.

These pieces — which tin beryllium written successful nan first person, for illustration nan station shown supra — thief you build spot pinch your assemblage truthful group return your blog earnestly arsenic you proceed to constitute for it.

3. Curated Collection Post

Example: 8 Examples of Evolution successful Action

An illustration blog blog station featuring a curated collection

Curated collections are a typical type of listicle blog post. Rather than sharing tips aliases methods for doing something, this type of blog station shares a database of existent examples that each person thing successful communal successful bid to beryllium a larger point.

In nan illustration station above, Listverse shares 8 existent examples of improvement successful action among 8 different animals — starting pinch nan peppered moth.

4. Slide Presentation

Example: The HubSpot Culture Code

Example slides presentation, HubSpot Culture Code

HubSpot Slides is simply a position instrumentality that helps publishers package a batch of accusation into easy shareable slides. Think of it for illustration a PowerPoint, but for nan web. With this successful mind, SlideShare blog posts thief you beforehand your SlideShare truthful that it tin make a dependable watercourse of visitors.

Unlike blogs, descent decks don't often rank good connected hunt engines, truthful they request a level for getting their connection retired location to nan group who are looking for it. By embedding and summarizing your SlideShare connected a blog post, you tin stock a awesome woody of accusation and springiness it a chance to rank connected Google astatine nan aforesaid time.

Need immoderate slideshow ideas? In nan illustration above, we turned our company's “Culture Code” into a slides position that anyone tin look done and return lessons from, and past promoted it successful a blog post.

5. Newsjacking Post

Example: Ivy Goes Mobile With New App for Designers

An illustration of a newsjacking blog post

“Newsjacking” is simply a nickname for “hijacking” your blog to break important news related to your industry. Therefore, nan newsjack station is simply a type of article whose sole intent is to garner consumers' attraction and, while offering them timeless master advice, beryllium your blog is simply a trusted assets for learning astir nan large things that hap successful your industry.

The newsjack illustration supra was published by Houzz, a location decor merchant and interior creation resource, astir a caller mobile app that was launched conscionable for interior designers. Houzz didn‘t motorboat nan app, but nan news of its launching is nary little important to Houzz’s audience.

6. Infographic Post

Example: The Key Benefits of Studying Online [Infographic]

An illustration from an infographic blog postThe infographic station serves a akin intent arsenic nan SlideShare station — nan 4th example, explained supra — successful that it conveys accusation for which plain blog transcript mightiness not beryllium nan champion format.

For example, erstwhile you're looking to stock a batch of statistical accusation (without boring aliases confusing your readers), building this information into a well-designed, even engaging infographic tin support your readers engaged pinch your content. It besides helps readers retrieve nan accusation agelong aft they time off your website.

7. How-to Post

Example: How to Write a Blog Post: A Step-by-Step Guide

For this example, you request not look immoderate further than nan blog station you‘re reference correct now! How-to guides for illustration this 1 thief lick a problem for your readers. They’re for illustration a cookbook for your industry, stepping your assemblage done a task measurement by measurement to amended their literacy connected nan subject.

The much posts for illustration this you create, nan much equipped your readers will beryllium to activity pinch you and put successful nan services you offer.

8. Guest Post

Example: Your Bookmarkable Guide to Social Media Image Sizes successful 2021 [Infographic]

Example of a impermanent blog postGuest posts are a type of blog station that you tin usage to see different voices connected your blog. For example, if you want to get an extracurricular expert's sentiment connected a topic, a impermanent station is cleanable for that.

Additionally, these posts springiness your blog assortment successful taxable and viewpoint. If your customer has a problem you can't solve, a impermanent station is simply a awesome solution.

If you statesman accepting impermanent posts, group up editorial guidelines to guarantee they're up to nan aforesaid standards arsenic your posts.

So we’ve gone done nan different types of blog posts you tin make, but really do you consistently make value blog posts that your viewers will enjoy?

How to Write a Blog Post Graphic

How to Write a Blog Post

  1. Draw from your purchaser personas and what you cognize astir your audience.
  2. Pull from your contented strategy and/or brainstormed topics.
  3. Identify what's missing from nan existing discourse.
  4. Choose what type of blog station you're writing.
  5. Generate a fewer different titles and take nan champion one.
  6. Create your outline and designate keyword-rich H2s and H3s.
  7. Write your blog post!
  8. Proofread your post.
  9. Add images and different media elements to support your ideas.
  10. Upload your station into your CMS.
  11. Determine a conversion way (what you want your assemblage to do next).
  12. Add calls to action to guideline your assemblage to return action.
  13. Link to different applicable blog posts wrong your content.
  14. Optimize for on-page SEO.
  15. Publish and beforehand nan blog post.
  16. Track nan capacity of nan blog station complete time.

1. Draw from your purchaser personas and what you cognize astir your audience.

Before you commencement penning your blog post, make judge you person a clear knowing of your target audience.

Ask questions like: What do they want to cognize about? What will resonate pinch them?

This is wherever nan process of creating purchaser personas comes successful handy. Consider what you cognize astir your purchaser personas and their interests while you're coming up pinch a taxable for your blog post.

For instance, if your readers are millennials looking to commencement a business, you astir apt don't request to supply them pinch accusation astir getting started successful societal media — astir of them already person that down.

You might, however, want to springiness them accusation astir really to set their societal media attack (for illustration — from what whitethorn beryllium a casual, individual attack to a much business-savvy, networking-focused approach). That benignant of tweak is what helps you people contented astir nan topics your assemblage really wants and needs.

If you haven’t developed purchaser personas yet, I’ve recovered that it’s easiest to get started by gathering nan accusation you already person astir your assemblage and looking for trends. Sending retired feedback surveys and interviewing followers tin besides beryllium helpful.

Does your blog pull a circumstantial property group? Does your assemblage unrecorded successful a definite region? How do readers typically observe your content? Finding answers to these questions tin thief you get a amended thought of who your purchaser persona is.

Don't person purchaser personas successful spot for your business? Here are a fewer resources to thief you get started:

  • Create Buyer Personas for Your Business [Free Template]
  • Guide: How to Create Detailed Buyer Personas for Your Business
  • [Free Tool] Make My Persona: Buyer Persona Generator

2. Pull from your contented strategy and/or brainstormed topics.

If you already person a pre-existing portfolio to look backmost on, it would use you to propulsion from those brainstormed post ideas aliases erstwhile contented strategy.

One point that’s been adjuvant for maine is specifically looking astatine contented capacity information erstwhile brainstorming ideas. In doing this, I’ve discovered which topics thin to resonate pinch my assemblage (and which ones don’t) and created contented astir them.

By focusing connected your halfway blog topics, aliases clusters, you tin found yourself arsenic a thought leader, summation nan spot of your audience, rank amended connected hunt engines, and pull caller readers.

3. Identify what’s missing from nan existing discourse.

Fill successful nan gaps of nan existing sermon successful nan taxable of your choosing.

You want to meet a request that hasn’t already been met successful your taxable cluster. Otherwise, you tally nan consequence of penning contented for topics that are already over-saturated.

It’s difficult to hit saturated hunt queries erstwhile you’re trying to rank against precocious authority publications — but not intolerable if your contented is answering nan queries nan title hasn’t.

To observe what’s missing wrong a topic, I behaviour a competitive analysis to spot what my competitors connection successful their contented and really I tin make my blog station better. Here are immoderate things to look retired for:

  • Unanswered personification queries
  • Content depth
  • Content freshness
  • Media richness
  • User experience

If your competitors are lacking successful immoderate of these areas, you tin usage that to your advantage and attraction connected them erstwhile penning your blog post.

Another measurement to differentiate your blog is by offering original data, quotes, aliases perspectives. Some of my champion performing posts person travel from getting a unsocial quote from an manufacture expert.

4. Choose what type of blog station you’re writing.

There are respective types of blog posts you tin create, and they each person different formats to follow.

Six of nan astir common formats include:

  • The List-Based Post
  • The “What Is” Post
  • The Pillar Page Post (“Ultimate Guide”)
  • The Newsjacking Post
  • The Infographic Post
  • The “How-To” Post

Save clip and download six blog station templates for free.

5. Generate a fewer different titles and take nan champion one.

Your blog title should show readers what to expect, yet it should time off them wanting to cognize much — confusing, right?

This is why erstwhile you’re coming up pinch a blog station title that you should brainstorm aggregate ones alternatively of conscionable one. I find it adjuvant to stock these titles pinch a mates coworkers to get their feedback and spot which 1 is astir engaging to them.

I’ve besides enlisted nan thief of ChatGPT to make sample blog station titles by inputting a punctual like, “Write a database of blog titles astir [topic].” Even if it doesn’t springiness you precisely what you want, it tin still get ideas flowing.

6. Create your outline and designate keyword-rich H2s and H3s.

When outlining, you request to halfway your main ideas pinch keyword-rich H2s and H3s. These are going to beryllium your headers and subheaders that readers typically hunt for, and nan accusation that Google crawls erstwhile indexing and ranking content.

I usage keyword research tools, for illustration Ahrefs and Semrush, to find nan champion words for my blog post. To find nan correct keywords, I attraction connected nan pursuing elements:

  • Relevance to taxable and hunt intent
  • How charismatic my blog is connected nan topic
  • The magnitude of hunt postulation my blog could gain

Remember, your outline should service arsenic a guideline to make penning your blog station easier, truthful make judge you see each nan important points you want to talk and shape them successful a logical flow.

7. Write your blog post!

I already told you really to build retired your outline earlier successful nan post, truthful we'll quickly spell complete nan main points erstwhile more.

You‘ve already outlined your main headings and subheadings, truthful now’s nan clip to adhd nan body.

Write astir what you already know, and if necessary, behaviour further investigation to stitchery much information, examples, and information to backmost up your points, while providing due attribution erstwhile incorporating outer sources. When you do, ever effort to find meticulous and compelling data to usage successful your post.

This is besides your opportunity to show characteristic successful your writing. Blog posts don‘t person to beryllium strictly informational, they tin beryllium filled pinch absorbing anecdotes and moreover joke if it serves a intent successful expressing your ideas. It besides factors into creating and maintaining your blog’s brand voice.

Don‘t beryllium discouraged if you’re having problem stringing sentences together, you're not alone. Finding your “flow” tin beryllium challenging, but location are galore devices to easiness nan process.

8. Proofread your post.

The editing process is an important portion of blogging — don't place it. I thin to self-edit while I write, but it’s basal to get a 2nd brace of eyes connected your station earlier publishing.

Consider enlisting nan thief of The Ultimate Editing Checklist and inquire a grammar-conscious co-worker to transcript edit and proofread your post. I besides really bask free grammar checkers, for illustration Grammarly, to thief proofread while I’m writing.

If you're looking to brushwood up connected your self-editing skills, move to these adjuvant posts for immoderate tips and tricks to get you started:

  • How to Become a (Better) Editor: 13 Editorial Tips
  • How to Become a More Efficient Editor: 12 Ways to Speed Up nan Editorial Process
  • 10 Simple Edits That'll Instantly Improve Any Piece of Writing

9. Add images and different media elements to support your ideas.

When you're vanished checking for grammar, displacement your attraction to adding different elements to nan blog station than text. There’s overmuch much to making a bully blog station than copy, here’s immoderate pursuing elements to adhd successful support of your ideas:

Featured Image

Choose a visually appealing and applicable image for your post. As societal networks dainty contented pinch images much prominently, visuals are much responsible than ever for nan occurrence of your blog content.

An illustration of a featured image connected a blog post

For thief selecting an image for your post, publication "How to Select nan Perfect Image for Your Next Blog Post" and salary adjacent attraction to nan conception astir copyright law.

Visual Appearance

No 1 likes an unattractive blog post. And it‘s not conscionable pictures that make a station visually appealing — it’s nan formatting and statement of nan post, too.

In a well-formatted and visually-appealing blog post, you'll announcement that header and sub-headers are utilized to break up ample blocks of matter — and those headers are styled consistently.

Here's an illustration of what that looks like:

Visual quality illustration successful a blog post

Screenshots should ever person a similar, defined separator truthful they don‘t look arsenic if they’re floating successful abstraction — that style should enactment accordant from station to post.

Maintaining this consistency makes your contented look much master and easier connected nan eyes.

Topics and Tags

Tags are specific, public-facing keywords that picture a post. They besides let readers to browse for much contented successful nan aforesaid class connected your blog. Refrain from adding a laundry database of tags to each post. Instead, put immoderate thought into a blog tagging strategy.

Think of tags arsenic “topics” aliases “categories,” and take 10-20 tags that correspond each nan main topics you want to screen connected your blog. Then instrumentality to those.

10. Upload your station into your CMS.

You filled retired your blog station pinch each nan optimized contented you can, now is nan clip to people it successful your contented guidance system.

I besides usage this measurement arsenic an opportunity to double cheque my station for immoderate errors that were perchance missed during nan proofreading process. It’s particularly important to preview your station earlier publishing to make judge location aren’t immoderate formatting issues.

You tin opt to station your contented immediately, prevention it arsenic a draft, aliases schedule erstwhile you want it to beryllium posted unrecorded successful lawsuit you adhere to a posting schedule.

11. Determine a conversion way (what you want your assemblage to do next).

A conversion path is simply a process by which an anonymous website visitant becomes a known lead. It sounds elemental enough, but creating an effective conversion way requires a clear knowing of your target assemblage and their needs.

Having a conversion way is important because erstwhile you stock your contented connected nan web, you should person an thought of what your assemblage should do next, aliases successful different words, supply them pinch a way forward.

The HubSpot Flywheel exemplary is simply a awesome illustration of this arsenic it shows really our statement gains and maintains leads.

HubSpot Flywheel Model

12. Add calls to action to guideline your assemblage to return action.

Call to action (CTA) are a portion of a webpage, advertisement, aliases portion of contented that encourages nan assemblage to do something. You tin adhd them to your blog station to guideline your scholar pinch “next steps” aliases a conversion path.

Different types of telephone to actions see asking readers to:

  • Subscribe to your newsletter to spot erstwhile you people much content.
  • Join an online organization successful your blog domain.
  • Learn much astir a taxable pinch downloadable content.
  • Try thing for free aliases discount to person readers to customers.

To get a amended thought of really to make a CTA that readers want to click, we person a full database of effective call to action examples for you to cheque out.

13. Link to different applicable blog posts wrong your content.

When you’re completing your blog post, you should nexus applicable contented passim it. An effective measurement to do this is to nexus wrong nan aforesaid contented cluster.

One point I do to make uncovering applicable links easier is going to my hunt browser and typing “ keyword.” By doing this, you tin find each nan posts you person published connected that topic.

Keeping applicable contented passim your station tin supply your readers pinch much adjuvant information, and perchance boost hunt motor rankings pinch corresponding longtail keywords.

But we’ll talk much astir really to amended your ranking successful nan adjacent step.

14. Optimize for on-page SEO.

After you decorativeness writing, spell backmost and optimize nan on-page elements of your post.

Don‘t obsess complete really galore keywords to include. If location are opportunities to incorporated keywords you’re targeting, and it won‘t effect scholar experience, do it. If you tin make your URL shorter and much keyword-friendly, spell for it. But don’t cram keywords aliases sprout for immoderate arbitrary keyword density — Google's smarter than that!

Here's a small blog SEO reminder astir what you should reappraisal and optimize:

Write your meta description.

Meta descriptions are nan descriptions beneath nan post‘s page title connected Google’s hunt results pages. They supply searchers pinch a short summary of nan station earlier clicking into it. They are ideally betwixt 150-160 characters and commencement pinch a verb, specified arsenic “Learn,” “Read,” aliases “Discover.”

While meta descriptions nary longer facet into Google‘s keyword ranking algorithm, they springiness searchers a snapshot of what they’ll get from reference nan station and thief amended your clickthrough complaint from search.

Optimize your page title and headers.

Most blogging software uses your station title arsenic your page title, which is nan astir important on-page SEO constituent astatine your disposal. But if you've followed our look truthful far, you should already person a moving title that will people see keywords aliases phrases your target assemblage is willing in.

Don‘t over-complicate your title by trying to fresh successful keywords wherever they don’t people belong. With that said, if location are clear opportunities to adhd keywords you‘re targeting to your station title and headers, consciousness free to return them. Also, effort to support your headlines short — ideally, nether 65 characters — truthful they don’t get truncated successful nan hunt motor results.

Consider anchor matter champion practices arsenic you interlink to different pages.

Anchor matter is nan connection aliases words that nexus to different page — either connected your website aliases connected different website. Carefully prime which keywords you want to nexus to different pages connected your tract because hunt engines return that into information erstwhile ranking your page for definite keywords.

It‘s besides important to see which pages you nexus to. Consider linking pages that you want to rank for a circumstantial keyword. You could extremity up getting it to rank connected Google’s first page of results alternatively of its 2nd page — and that isn’t mini potatoes!

Write alt matter for each of your images.

Alt matter conveys nan “why” of an image arsenic it relates to nan contented of your blog station to Google. By adding alt matter correlating to nan taxable clusters and keywords of nan post, Google tin amended nonstop users’ searches to you.

Check that each images are compressed for page speed.

When Google crawls different websites, a page’s load velocity holds weight successful page ranking. Make judge nan images you see passim nan page aren’t unnecessarily ample to shorten nan long it takes to load.

Use apps for illustration Squoosh to minimize nan size of your images without losing nan quality.

Ensure that your blog station is mobile friendly.

More than 60% of integrated visits are carried retired connected a mobile device. As such, having a website pinch a responsive design is critical. In summation to making judge your website‘s visitors (including your blog’s visitors) person nan champion acquisition possible, optimizing for mobile will people your website immoderate SEO points.

15. Publish and beforehand nan blog post.

Share your station crossed each nan trading channels successful your repertoire. The further nan reach, nan much of a anticipation that readers will find it.

Channels to grow your blog station promotion strategy include:

  • Social Media Marketing: Sharing your contented connected nan astir celebrated societal media networks for illustration Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc.
  • Email Marketing: Sharing nan newest station pinch your email subscribers to find.
  • Boosted Posts aliases Paid Ads: Allocating fund toward advertisement connected hunt engines inorganically.
  • Word of Mouth Marketing: Actively influencing group to publication your contented organically.

16. Track nan capacity of nan blog station complete time.

Your station is published for nan world to see, make judge you’re keeping an oculus connected its capacity complete clip truthful you tin spot if your blog station strategy is moving good capable for your goals.

Here are immoderate blog KPIs I for illustration to support way of:

  • Total postulation per post
  • Average CTR
  • Average SERP position
  • Traffic root breakdown
  • Number of hunt queries per post
  • Average comments per post
  • Social shares per post
  • New blog leads
  • Conversion rate

There’s a plethora of website postulation study tools that you tin return advantage of to amended understand your audience’s behaviour connected your blog posts.

Quick Blog Writing Tips

If you’re emotion stuck arsenic a caller writer, don’t springiness up. It gets easier pinch practice. Whether you’re struggling pinch writer's artifact aliases wanting immoderate ways to adhd extent to your content, present are immoderate speedy tips I compiled to thief return your blog penning to nan adjacent level:

If you don’t cognize wherever to start, commencement by telling a story.

When you’re facing writer’s block, commencement pinch what you know. Not only will sharing individual anecdotes thief you get ideas flowing, but it tin besides support your readers engaged pinch what you’re saying.

Stories tin simplify analyzable concepts and make your contented much relatable. Plus, they adhd a quality touch and thief group nan reside for nan remainder of your blog post.

Include absorbing quotes aliases facts for accent connected nan subject.

When you backmost up your ideas pinch unique, master quotes aliases stock facts from reliable sources, it shows that your blog station is well-researched and trustworthy.

If you don’t cognize wherever to commencement pinch uncovering quotes, deliberation astir nan group you cognize and their expertise. For example, I’m fortunate capable to person incredibly knowledgeable coworkers present astatine HubSpot that I tin scope retired to if I request a quote.

I’ve besides reached retired to connections connected LinkedIn to spot if they tin supply a quote aliases cognize personification who can. HARO tin besides beryllium a awesome assets if you request a quote successful a pinch.

Make your contented skimmable; break it into digestible chunks.

There’s thing that turns readers disconnected much than opening an article and seeing a ample wall of text. Think astir it: astir net users person a short attraction span and thin to skim done contented alternatively than reference each word.

That’s why I urge breaking up your blog station into smaller chunks to make it much digestible. You tin do this by utilizing subheadings (H2s, H3s, H4s, etc.), slug points, and short paragraphs.

Not only does breaking up your contented make your blog station much visually appealing, it besides helps readers quickly find nan accusation they’re looking for without getting mislaid successful a oversea of text.

Paint a afloat image pinch images, graphics aliases video.

Aside from artistic appeal, visuals tin thief convey analyzable ideas successful an easier measurement and thief readers retrieve nan accusation you share.

I urge reference done your blog station and putting yourself successful your reader’s shoes. Is location thing you wrote astir that would beryllium amended explained pinch nan support of an image aliases graphic?

For instance, whenever I constitute astir nan pros and cons of something, I for illustration to create a schematic that shows those pros and cons successful a side-by-side comparison.

I besides look astatine hunt engines results erstwhile determining what images to adhd to my post. Does nan SERP for nan keyword you’re targeting person an image pack? See if you tin adhd successful images and optimize them pinch alt matter to summation nan chances of appearing successful those results.

Each condemnation should convey a azygous idea.

Keep it simple, stupid. There’s nary logic to constitute overly analyzable sentences that confuse your readers. Instead, opt to convey your connection successful a elemental and accessible manner. At nan extremity of nan day, readers conscionable want to find nan answers they’re looking for, and penning successful a straightforward mode tin efficaciously meet this need.

I for illustration to usage nan Hemingway App to make judge that my penning doesn’t get excessively dense.

Use progressive voice.

Although your penning should captivate nan reader, you should debar overwhelming them pinch fluff. Using progressive sound tin thief support your penning clear, concise, and energetic while still getting your constituent across.

For example, alternatively of saying thing for illustration “the merchandise was loved by customers,” constitute “customers loved nan product.”

Ready to blog?

Blogging tin thief you build marque awareness, go a thought-leader and master successful your industry, pull qualified leads, and boost conversions. Follow nan steps and tips we covered supra to statesman publishing and enhancing your blog today.

Editor's note: This station was primitively published successful October 2013 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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